Trump administration and media misdirection

The Trump propaganda mill has remained in full swing despite the election already having happened. Nothing is more demonstrable of this than cable news' "coverage" of Trump's so-called deals with Carrier Corp., Ford, SoftBank and a few other large companies. It was utterly inadequate and failed entirely to demonstrate how Trump and his proxies deceived… Continue reading Trump administration and media misdirection


Morning Joe, Trump

As I've reported in previous blogs, the mainstream media seems to subtly bolster Donald Trump, which is of course contrary to popular opinion which blanket asserts that the mainstream Midtown and D.C. media is squarely against Trump. One of the key specific indications of this was leaked off-air audio from Morning Joe during the primaries… Continue reading Morning Joe, Trump

Sidestream Media: The Backstory

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 12/10/16 Much is made today of the "mainstream/liberal/establishment media" epitomized by media giants such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Politico, and sometimes the Washington Post. However, relatively little analysis is dedicated to other major media blocs, all of which despite the assertion that… Continue reading Sidestream Media: The Backstory

Wikileaks and Assange

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 10/24/16 Wikileaks' with their continual publication of Clinton/Democrat camp has become an increasingly important component of the Trump media complex, which, as I've explained in previous posts, is intimately connected to numerous high impact right-wing political circles (such as the CNP, John Birch Society proteges) and, in… Continue reading Wikileaks and Assange

The ‘political outsider’ deception

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 9/20/16 A recurrence throughout American presidential history has been the promotion of bogus 'political/Washington outsiders' by hidden powers whose purpose is to restore confidence in the American federal government among a certain large sector of the population, do certain things (be they executive or legislative) that an… Continue reading The ‘political outsider’ deception

Trump shills in the media

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 8/2/16 One of the most fascinating and seldom discussed aspects of the Trump campaign/phenomenon is the use of Trump camp proxies, shills, and surrogates in both the mainstream and alternative media in plainsight. However, before getting to the use of these proxies specifically, it's important to preface… Continue reading Trump shills in the media

Mike Pence

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 7/19/16 Donald Trump's recent tendency towards playing ball and collaborating with establishment Republicans has only been accentuated by his choice of three vice presidential finalists - Mike Pence, Christie, and Newt Gingrich -- two solid mid-level establishment operatives (Pence & Christie) and one a dyed in the… Continue reading Mike Pence

Brussels attack

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 3/27/16 As with the Paris attacks, the recent Brussels attack was likely a false flag (i.e. had a government/government contractor black operations component). Currently, we have nothing as suggestive of a false flag as say the built, white men reported in the shooting of a cafe by… Continue reading Brussels attack

Antonin Scalia assassinated?

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 2/18/16 The alternative media is currently reeling over the evidence of a tremendous cover-up surrounding the death of Antonin Scalia at Cibolo Ranch in Western Texas, a hunting resort frequented by elitists which like other resorts of its type is likely a breeding ground for conspiracy. Certainly,… Continue reading Antonin Scalia assassinated?

Election update: Democrats

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 1/28/16 In the past month or so, more action has occurred on the Democratic side of the race than has occurred on the GOP side. On the surface of the race, self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders has surged from the 30% support level he had held steady at… Continue reading Election update: Democrats