Trump administration and media misdirection

The Trump propaganda mill has remained in full swing despite the election already having happened. Nothing is more demonstrable of this than cable news’ “coverage” of Trump’s so-called deals with Carrier Corp., Ford, SoftBank and a few other large companies. It was utterly inadequate and failed entirely to demonstrate how Trump and his proxies deceived and lied to the American people regarding the details of the deals, i.e. that they were more or less payoffs/subsidies (meaning decreased allocative efficiency) and did not result in nearly as many “jobs saved” as Trump and his team claimed (and in the case of SoftBank was enabled by funds from Saudi Arabia, a country Trump is supposedly intent on punishing). [1] A few major mainstream print outlets did dissect and pull apart each deal, but a message isn’t transmitted to the vast majority of the country unless it’s reiterated constantly on mainstream cable news and social media – it must be a drumbeat.

The next act in the theater was “pissgate,” which demonstrated again (remember pizzagate?) the sheer gullibility of the alt-right after the vast majority of them embraced a version of events whereby 4chan originated the “intelligence” memos as an elaborate hoax based on the claims of a person who declared after the fact to have written the memos and photos/screencaps of completely fabricated excerpts from the document (apparently none of them thought to actually read the document just to be sure esoteric 4chan references were actually present in the document). Of course many labeled pissgate a sophisticated intelligence/deep state-backed black bag hit job on Trump, but this clearly wasn’t the case. Firstly, the scandal blew over fairly quickly – real deep state influence in the media takes the form of narratives that are drummed into the American people over the course of years (such as Trump being a “political outsider”), not one-off scandals that have no long-run effect on the rate of support for a given politician. If someone really wanted to blow the lid of a scandal that would put Trump in the ground they would get in touch with Les Wexner, who likely has Trump having sex with underage girls on tape.

Secondly, the memos originated from two private intelligence/opposition research firms – one an American firm which originally conducted the research and the second a British firm hired by the first firm to write up a plausible sounding narrative about Trump’s relationship with Russia largely using facts that could be summarized by anyone who regularly follows current events. Neither one of the companies appears to have deep state connections (Orbis, the British firm, was co-founded by a retired MI6 agent who had a long but ultimately unexceptional career). The only major unique fact presented in the memos was the “golden showers” bit, which was clearly the main piece of information the memos intended to transmit. Personally, I think the golden showers allegation is likely mostly true – firstly, it fits Trump’s pattern of previous sexual behavior (and if Trump himself wasn’t involved in the behavior what would germophobia have to do with it?) and secondly, nothing else in the memo seems to have been an outright fabrication or fiction – so why should golden showers be, especially given the fact that it was clearly the selling point of the memo?

Pictured above: 4chan’s insane unfounded rendition of pissgate events (photo credit: NY Post)

As for other contents of the document, such as Russia’s cultivation of Trump as a potential intelligence asset, they are somewhat believable as well given Trump’s long history and established ties with the Russian-Jewish mafia and other Eastern European interests through people like Felix Sater, Mikhail Fridman, Sam Kislin, etc. [2] It’s not entirely implausible that Russian intelligence may have had their eye on Trump long before his 2016 run given his previous bouts in politics (Obama birth certificate, potential presidential and governorship candidacies, etc.). Despite this, the media narrative that Trump is more or less a Russian plant and that Russia swayed the election is false. The supposed evidence of Russian hacking into DNC servers is weak and inconclusive – Cyrillic text files, known Russian or Ukrainian cryptographic keys, etc. could very easily have been planted in the server logs by someone who knew what they were doing. And, if this truly were the work of sophisticated hackers deployed or hired by Russia, the NSA would surely be able to provide evidence and detailed analysis of the exfiltration and how the stolen data was routed and be able to present it in a roundabout way without compromising their own methods. Some have speculated that the Russian hacking narrative is being spun to escalate war with Russia, but I think it has rather been a way of covering up insider leaks, which if exposed would undermine Trump’s status as an outsider.

From left to right: Trump, Tevfik Arif and Felix Sater (photo credit: WaPo)

As is typical with every administration, there are key handlers placed in unassuming, low profile positions throughout the administration there to ensure that the global elites’ and military-defense establishment’s agendas are upheld and to make sure the president and his inner circle don’t buck the establishment on important issues – Trump will require careful handling in regards to foreign policy and trade/commerce, two issues which he, at least on the surface, appears to diverge from the establishment on (however, Trump is fully on board with the establishment as it relates to domestic policy, surveillance, police state, internet regulation, assertion of American dominance, etc.). Neoconservative CNP member and former UN ambassador John Bolton will likely become the Deputy Secretary of State (who is typically hands-on and behind the scenes as opposed to the secretary) , following in the footsteps of a long line of foreign policy handlers – Warren Christopher, Strobe Talbott, and Richard Armitage among others. CFR president Richard Haass is the backup if Bolton is blocked in confirmation hearings. K.T. McFarland is deputy national security advisor and is clearly in a position to handle sensitive issues that the incompetent Michael Flynn is unfit to. She was a former Kissinger NSC staffer and protege of Reagan defense secretary and Bechtel counsel Caspar Weinberger of Iran-Contra and SDI fame (in many ways Trump and his administration is a rebirth of New Right-CNP-John Birch-Reaganite neoconservatism in both ideology and personnel).

Of course, this isn’t to say that there aren’t establishment mainstays in high profile cabinet positions either. Wilbur Ross, former senior managing director Rothschild Inc. who, with Carl Icahn, engineered a deal whereby Trump was able to maintain control of his Atlantic City casinos after they were foreclosed upon, is now secretary of commerce. I should note that this is a fitting position for someone who has been highly involved in technology transfers to China and Russia. Bonesman, political paymaster and long-time Goldman Sachs partner Steve Mnuchin will be secretary of the treasury. Mnuchin, like Ross, has been involved in business dealings with Trump – his firm Dune Capital invested heavily in Trump hotels in Chicago and Hawaii. Interestingly enough, George Soros (a one-time business partner of Mnuchin’s) was also part of a consortium of investors into the Trump tower in Chicago that after completion of the tower effectively forgave Trump hundreds of millions in interest payments by allowing Trump to purchase the remaining portion of the loan at a drastically reduced price. [3, 4]

It’ll certainly be interesting to observe the administration’s maneuverings from this point on.


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Morning Joe, Trump

As I’ve reported in previous blogs, the mainstream media seems to subtly bolster Donald Trump, which is of course contrary to popular opinion which blanket asserts that the mainstream Midtown and D.C. media is squarely against Trump. One of the key specific indications of this was leaked off-air audio from Morning Joe during the primaries in which Scarborough and Brzezinski effectively collude with Trump by agreeing not to ask him any tough questions, after which Scarborough and Trump claim the agreement will increase Morning Joe’s ratings and make Trump look better. [1]

Just recently it was reported by the New York Times that Scarborough and Brzezinski attended Trump’s New Years Eve party at Mar-A-Lago. [2]

Scarborough & Brzezinski speaking with Trump at Mar-a-Lago

While Scarborough and (maybe) Brzezinski may not have broader conspiratorial motives in treating Trump favorably, this is still an indication that top executives at NBC, which is supposedly vehemently opposed to Trump and will stop at nothing to bring him down, while undoubtedly knowing about this behavior refuse to stop it or do anything about it. Given Trump’s connections to CNN’s Jeff Zucker (formerly of NBC) and top executives at Fox News, it makes sense that he would also maintain close ties with NBC’s management. It’s also of course an indication that all the phony “feuds” between Morning Joe and Trump are nothing more than theater, as if that weren’t already obvious enough to anyone paying attention.

[1] Leaked audio catches Mika and Joe chatting with Trump during break: ‘Nothing too hard, Mika’

[2] Mar-A-Lago, the future winter White House and home of the calmer Trump

Sidestream Media: The Backstory

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 12/10/16

Much is made today of the “mainstream/liberal/establishment media” epitomized by media giants such as CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Politico, and sometimes the Washington Post. However, relatively little analysis is dedicated to other major media blocs, all of which despite the assertion that the liberal media is the sole outlet for the establishment and elite, are subtly and quietly bolstered by elite and establishment factions themselves. The only greater media bloc of any significance to the public at large other than the liberal-centrist media is a nebulous and loosely related faction I label the “sidestream media”.

The sidestream media is composed of two relatively distinct parts – the mainstream right-wing media and the so-called alternative media (which despite for the most part rejecting being labeled is largely aligned with the American right-wing). The two pillars of the mainstream conservative media are Fox News and talk radio. Newsmax and similar conservative publications (such as American Spectator), which straddle the line between alternative and mainstream, play a supporting role. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Newsmax/Chris Ruddy and friends was an instrumental right-wing media agenda-setter and served as the model for future alternative GOP media operations, but since the Clinton and Bush II eras has lost significant pull.

The alternative media isn’t nearly as monolithic as the Fox News-conservative radio punditry nexus and is therefore a somewhat less accurate and useful categorization, but can still be analyzed. The most notable alternative outlets currently are Breitbart (for now – is gradually becoming mainstreamed), Alex Jones/Infowars, Drudge, WorldNetDaily, and Russia Today. The majority of these are unapologetically rightist in their politics, the major exception being Russia Today, which despite leaning slightly to the left politically, is more than willing to get into bed with the right-wing alternative media to push anti-government stories given their anti American establishment prerogative. Legitimate left-leaning alternative media outlets exist such as The Young Turks, Democracy Now, AlterNet, RawStory, SecularTalk, etc., but none have ever been able to even come close to the way that the right-wing alternative media has on occasion miraculously seized near complete control of the news cycle. Left-wing alternative media used to be much more influential during the heyday of Air America and HuffPo, but has since lost a considerable amount of influence. Currently, there is no disputing that the alternative media is largely dominated by the right.

The history of the mainstream/liberal/traditional Midtown Manhattan media’s liaising and outright plotting with the CIA, State Department, military and other powerful areas of government (be they public or private) is somewhat well known among those exposed to conspiracy (see: Operation Mockingbird).[1][2] However, the sidestream conservative media’s history with the CIA and America’s corporate and governmental elite is relatively obscure.

The conservative counter establishment media is almost entirely the result of a massive concerted right-wing effort beginning in the mid 1970s through the early 1980s to 1) reassert themselves after decades of liberal/moderate political domination during the postwar era and 2) promote the Reagan/Bush I administration’s aggressively anti-communist Central America foreign policy. This effort involved the creation and financing of propaganda outlets such as media organizations like Fox and think tanks such as the Heritage and Koch Foundations, the promotion of certain politicians, the creation of a right-wing faction in academia and ultimately culminated in what is known as the “Reagan Revolution” and “New Right” (and today, we’re seeing many of the same players and tactics reappear). The early 1980s also saw the foundation of the Council for National Policy, whose (known) member list reads like a who’s who of the right-wing elite (Erik Prince, Oliver North, etc.) and very much represents a kind of modern analog to the John Birch Society. By far the most impacting and lasting component of the operation was the right-wing pro-Reagan propaganda machine that Reagan CIA director William Casey, CIA operative Walter Raymond Jr., Fox News’s father as well as to-be kingmaker Rupert Murdoch, and heir to the Pittsburgh-based Mellon family’s multi billion dollar oil & banking fortune Richard Mellon Scaife orchestrated during the Reagan administration.[3] (Perhaps this early CIA facilitation explains why Fox is run like an intelligence agency.)

Ronald Reagan, Rupert Murdoch, Charles Wick, Roy Cohn and Cohn law partner Thomas Bolan in the Oval Office on Jan. 18, 1983 (photo credit: Reagan Presidential Library)

As far as anyone knows based on recently declassified government documents, the operation was kicked off by two face-to-face meetings in 1983 between Rupert Murdoch and Ronald Reagan, mediated by none other than political fixer and Donald Trump mentor Roy Cohn and the director of the US Information Agency, Charles Wick. Quite obviously, Murdoch was instructed to bolster pro-Reagan propaganda through his various holdings controlled through Murdoch’s News Corp., whose core assets were Fox and the New York Post (today, Murdoch also has control over the Wall Street Journal through Dow Jones). While Murdoch’s empire was and still is very much the core and old guard of the right-wing media, the counter-establishment right-wing media did not stop at Fox in the slightest. Casey, Scaife, Roger Ailes (Murdoch’s long-time deputy), and others worked tirelessly to expand the conservative media nexus, an effort which continues to this day with the promotion of Donald Trump.

Trump and Murdoch (photo credit: Reuters)

Perhaps the most visible and important example was the facilitation of Rush Limbaugh by the Casey clique. Limbaugh’s ascent was part of what was a larger operation headed by Casey and fellow CIA-man Lowell Thomas to turn ABC into a centrist-conservative outlet as opposed to a strictly liberal news organization through the acquisition of ABC by Capital Cities, a media holdings company largely run by Casey and Thomas among others.[4] The acquisition was the subject of heavy scrutiny at the time due to the fact that Capital Cities was considerably smaller than ABC, which required that CapCities procure funding and protection from Warren Buffet to go through with the purchase.[5] ABC’s network president, Edward McLaughlin was tasked by ABC’s new owners to recruit conservative talent, which he found at an obscure Sacramento radio station in Rush Limbaugh, who had voiced a spirited defense of the Reagan administration and Oliver North during Iran Contra. Limbaugh was promoted by his new bosses in New York, paraded on national television, and heavily advertised. He cemented his role in American politics after doing the most in the right-wing media to get Newt Gingrich elected speaker of the house. Limbaugh still to this day very much sets the intellectual tone for the right-wing at large and remains faithful to the Republican power structure that brought him up and still likely handles him. It is interesting that CIA-facilitated Limbaugh from the beginning of the 2016 election season was the most effective communicator of Trump propaganda in the mainstream right-wing media, which largely consisted of Limbaugh constantly reiterating the blatantly false claim that Donald Trump was a political outsider.

Later, in the 1990s, this same Murdoch-Casey-Scaife clique birthed the Clinton (and later Obama) rumor-scandal-conspiracy mill and controversialization cottage industry. The Clinton Chronicles’s producer, Pat Matrisciana, was funded by Richard Mellon Scaife and Casey as was Chris Ruddy/Newsmax (behind Vince Foster-Ron Brown story), the American Spectator (behind the Whitewater story), and Judicial Watch (which has been instrumental in advancing the Hillary Clinton email, and Benghazi stories).[6][7][8][9][10][11] It is clear that the Lewinsky scandal was engineered by a faction within the government opposed to the Clinton administration. Linda Tripp, a former Army intelligence officer and Delta force commander, was mothered by Lucianne Goldberg, a prominent Republican operative dating back to the Nixon era and his CREEP reelection campaign. MI6 collaborator and Telegraph reporter Ambrose-Evans Pritchard was sent over to the US from Britain to perpetually lambast the Clinton administration by the British-Canadian(-American) deep state right-wing media conglomerate, Hollinger Corporation, which had on its board Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington and Margaret Thatcher. Additionally, Pritcard was a close friend of the aforementioned Richard Mellon Scaife.

Ken Starr, still a hack for the Republican party after all these years, who was connected to Scaife through tens of academic institutions, NGOs, and think tanks (one of them being the Council for National Policy) served as the seemingly legitimate face of several politically charged investigations into Bill Clinton, Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and Vince Foster being the most well known.[12] Indeed, the most effective contraversialization tactic against the Clintons has been the exposure of more than a few sex scandals involving everything from infidelity to outright rape, which never would have come out without agitation by the counter establishment media. Interestingly enough, Starr is now working for (or with) convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team, likely covering Donald Trump’s tracks and negotiating a way out of Trump’s likely blackmail by Les Wexner, Epstein’s mentor and the man who had control over the surveillance equipment and blackmail material through a dedicated technician Wexner had fly in to Palm Beach from New Albany, Ohio (Wexner’s residence).[13]


Ann Coulter, who’s probably the most utterly rabid Trump-booster present in the media, was brought up and made in the media by the Paula Jones investigation where Coulter worked as an aide writing briefs for Jones’ lawyer while a member of the conservative Independent Womens’ Forum and was instrumental in acquiring the Linda Tripp tapes for Ken Starr. (Strangely enough, rumor has it that Coulter was seen several times on Adnan Khashoggi’s yacht in the ’90s. Khashoggi is a prominent media financier among other things who’s been in bed with the American intelligence community his entire adult life.)[14]

This media-political machine continued working throughout the Bush II and Obama administrations (Trump’s Obama birth certificate fiasco may have been a sophisticated test), but only experienced a true rebirth once Trump and Hillary Clinton entered the arena together. Many of the old players have reasserted themselves this election season, such as Murdoch, Roger Ailes, Roger Stone, Gingrich, Giuliani, Limbaugh, Drudge, etc. Richard Mellon Scaife died in 2014, but the Mellon fortune continues to be distributed to various right-wing operations through the Sarah Scaife Foundation, named after Mellon’s mother. Murdoch, a friend of Trump’s in private, is now a seasoned operative and a kingmaker in his own right. Roger Ailes, formerly the head of Fox News, met in private with Trump at least on two occasions that we know of and after leaving Fox has served as a media advisor to the Trump campaign/administration.[15][16] Roger Stone, a flagrantly and unabashedly dirty media and political operative who dates back to the Cohn days and was introduced to Trump by Cohn, has been instrumental in feeding distorted narratives and disinformation to the alternative media mostly through Alex Jones.[17]

Gingrich and Giuliani are typically thought of as politicians, but have recently brandished themselves all over Fox News in the name of Trump. Both are political insiders deeply connected to the same faction that has promoted Donald Trump, particularly Giuliani, who’s served as one of the many faces of the national security and law enforcement establishments ever since he put the final nail in the coffin of New York’s Italian mafia (to clear way for the now dominant right-wing pro-Trump Jewish-Russian mafia) and 9/11. Giuliani and his close friend Erik Prince (founder of Blackwater, brother of Trump Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, & Council for National Policy member) are very likely the source of leaks out of NYPD and FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton, Anthony Wiener, and others within the Clinton circle. Prince and the many security contractors the Trump campaign hired during the election season are ex-cops or ex-FBI and all still have extensive connections in law enforcement.

Although the old network of think tanks, media outlets, PR firms, and politicians still exists, new blood had to be injected during the Obama administration in preparation for 2016. By far the most important new major media outlet has been Breitbart, which has a mile long laundry list of suspicious connections to the American right-wing power structure, national security establishment, and Israel. Andrew Breitbart, who got his start as an editor at Drudge then as a researcher for Arianna Huffington, founded the original in the mid-2000s as a news aggregation site. During a visit to Israel (Breitbart was Jewish), Breitbart supposedly on his own conceived the idea of the “Breitbart News Network.” However, fellow Jew and current chief of Breitbart Larry Solov seemed to imply in the bizarrely suggestive Breitbart article “Breitbart News Network: Born in the USA, Conceived in Israel” that the “spirit, tenacity, and resourcefulness of the Israeli people” was instrumental in the foundation of Breitbart News Network, which to this day maintains a large bureau in Jerusalem.[18] What ‘Israeli people’ Solov refers to in the article, no one knows, but I’d be willing to bet that they’re in some way connected to the Israeli-Mossad right wing political machine.

During the transitory phase to a larger news network, Breitbart brought on Steve Bannon to obtain funding and head up Breitbart with him and Solov. Bannon, now the Trump administration’s “chief strategist” and senior counselor, has been lauded by the alt-right as an anti-establishment crusader hellbent on utterly destroying the establishment, but his history suggests otherwise. Bannon graduated from Georgetown with a master’s degree in “national security studies” then from Harvard with an M.B.A. While at Georgetown he served as an officer in the Navy, which itself isn’t indicative of much in itself if it weren’t for the fact that Bannon served as a special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations (i.e. he took care of the dirty work) under Reagan while stateside.[19] After leaving the military and graduating from Georgetown, Bannon went to Harvard then graduated to Goldman Sachs, where he worked in their mergers & acquisitions department specializing in media company buyouts. Bannon then went on to work as a producer in Hollywood on movies and documentaries with conservative messages. At least since 2014, Bannon has been a member of the aforementioned Council for National Policy according to a leaked membership list. [20]

0c0a7-badoltaWhile in Hollywood, Bannon along with elite right-wing think tank Hoover Institute research fellow Peter Schweizer founded the Government Accountability Institute with funding from hedge fund billionaire elite GOP donor Robert Mercer (whose firm Renaissance Technologies has NSA connections through James Simons, was involved with the Bernie Madoff slush fund, is a market-maker and is largely tax exempt) and the Koch Foundation.[21] The GAI is where the Clinton Foundation corruption scandal came out of with the publishing of the book Clinton Cash, written by Schweizer. At Breitbart News, Bannon was instrumental in securing millions in funding from undisclosed sources for the network (one of them rumored to be wealthy right-wing Israel-booster Aubrey Chernick) and became executive chairman after Breitbart’s death in 2012.[22] Eventually, Robert Mercer (the largest donor to the pro Trump Make American Number 1 PAC) became the primary beneficiary, financier and part-owner of Breitbart.[23] Clearly, Breitbart and its management are not generally anti-establishment, but do serve as propaganda outlets for the right-wing national security establishment. (On a side-note, Bannon, after finding out he may have been in violation of voting laws because of his registered voting address being a vacant house in Miami, changed his voter registration address to Andrew Badolato’s address in Sarasota. Badolato, who supposedly worked on Clinton Cash, is a supremely shady businessman/grifter connected to the CIA and several drug traffickers.)[24]

Of course, Breitbart isn’t the only alternative outlet with suspicious connections. News site WorldNetDaily of Obama birth certificate fame was founded by Joseph Farrah, who is a member of the Council for National Policy and brought up in media by Richard Mellon Scaife, who owned the Sacramento Union while Farrah was chief editor.[25]

In regards to the storied and undisputed paladin of alternative media, Alex Jones/Infowars, a solid above-table connection to any political paymasters, think tanks, or intelligence fronts eludes us. However, a preponderance of suspicious patterns and a curious characters seemingly peripherally connected to Jones suggests there is more to him and his operation than meets the eye. As has already been discussed, Jones has more or less served as Trump’s PR arm in the alternative media. Roger Stone continues to operate as the liaison and point-man between the Trump campaign and Jones, continually feeding Jones and his audience disinformation about Donald Trump. Jones is not a stupid man and without a doubt knows Stone’s history as a media operative and disinformation artist. The very fact that Jones has provided Stone with an outlet is indicative of his actual agenda. Since Jones has been associated with Stone, he’s hired a (get ready for it) Blackwater alumnus as director of security for Infowars and has received several police escorts while in public (which certainly departs from how the police used to treat Jones).

Jones goes to great lengths to avoid ever having to even briefly address the Jewish-Israeli-Mossad and (to a lesser extent) right-wing/national security establishment components of global conspiracy, instead choosing to pin nearly all conspiratorial power on a nebulous bogeyman Jones calls “globalism,” which is basically a drastically hyperbolic and oversimplified encapsulation of the liberal establishment, otherwise known as the Eastern Establishment, epitomized by organizations such as the CFR, Ford, Rockefeller & Carnegie Foundations, the liberal mainstream Midtown Manhattan media, and State Department. Jones has also fully endorsed incendiary anti-Muslim alarmism originating from within the national security establishment and the various PR firms that represent it, a pattern which can be seen all throughout the sidestream media. This is highly suspect given Jones’s various Israeli-Jewish connections through his Jewish ex-wife, his lawyer Elizabeth Schuring (who also represents the hyper-old money Zionist Bronfman family), and possibly even billionaire CIA-Mossad operative Adnan Khashoggi, whose communications and advertising company Genesis Intermedia (among others) resembles Genesis Communications Network (the flagship network of Jones’s) in almost every way imaginable from the name to logos and dubious marketing tactics.

Although Khashoggi potentially being intimately connected to Jones seems like a strange proposition on its face, it’s really not all that unrealistic of a claim given Khashoggi’s history with the right-wing and Zionist establishments and connections to Ann Coulter and John Gray (whose 9/11 “truth” book Mars & Venus was vigorously promoted and advertised by Khashoggi’s media conglomerate). It’s also rather bizarre that Jones, when first confronted about his possible relation to Khashoggi, denied knowing who Khashoggi was at all, which is simply impossible to believe given that Khashoggi had been involved in what seems like a majority of known conspiracies since the 1970s. Another interesting association of Jones’s is with Stratfor, a boutique propaganda mill and information clearing house disguised as a subscription “intelligence service” founded by Zionist and RAND Corp. alumni George Friedman. In 2012, it was revealed that Infowars had hired a former Stratfor intern by the name of Molly Maroney as an editor. After the issue blew up in Jones’s face and several callers questioned him on the connection, Jones even admitted that he had hired several Stratfor interns other than Maroney. Of course, this could be explained away as Jones having to hire from a relatively small pool of media professionals from in and around Austin, Texas, but it’s still highly suspicious in the context of Jones’s other connections.[26]

Matt Drudge rose to prominence after cultivating an astonishingly long list of seemingly exclusive sources in the media and politics for a relative nobody, eventually breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal (only after top executives at Newsweek killed the story at the last minute) and was then given a primetime television show on Fox, which ended up being a short-lived venture. However, it became obvious that Drudge had been fully brought into the fold of the conservative establishment’s media machine after top Fox host Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh among others began showering him with publicity long after his departure from Fox. It’s also very telling that Drudge reportedly blocked Andrew Breitbart from publishing scandalous stories about CIA-facilitated Barack Obama to the Drudge Report during the 2008 election while Breitbart worked for Drudge.[27] Drudge is a hard-line conservative – what gives? Did someone deliver a message to Drudge to keep a lid on Obama scandals? (Of course Drudge and the rest of the right-wing alternative media have behaved in the exact opposite fashion in regards to Hillary Clinton.)

Spencer (middle) and Laura Bush (right)

Richard Spencer has perhaps been the most outspoken explicit “white nationalist” in the alternative right media nexus. Spencer attended St. Mark’s School of Texas, an elite preparatory school in Dallas controlled by its board of directors, which represents the Dallas business community (oil, electronics, etc. – has a long history with the intelligence community). He is the chairman of the National Policy Institute, which was founded by and still apparently unofficially directed by William Regnery II, the son of Henry Regnery, the man who founded the CIA-funded Regnery Publishing house which published CIA asset William F. Buckley’s first major book and later went on to publish the works of prominent conservatives and right-wing pundits, many of them ostensibly anti-establishment figures. Henry Regnery’s father, William Regnery I, was a founding member of the American Security Council, which sits at the center of the hard-Republican power structure and largely crafted Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy.

The aforementioned have all contributed to the growth of an awesome pro-Trump propaganda machine in addition to an equally impressive Clinton scandal mill which rivals its 1990s predecessor in size and impact and clearly operates for the most part out of the same playbook. However, any discussion of the sidestream media without mention of Wikileaks would be remiss – by far the most original and innovative propaganda technique utilized by the right-wing this election season has been the promotion of Wikileaks, which is very likely an intelligence operation, as I’ve surmised in a previous post. Julian Assange displays pretty much all the hallmarks of an intelligence asset – born with connections to intelligence through a cult he was born into, rose to prominence out of total obscurity, compromised by law enforcement at a young age then miraculously let off the hook, forces all whistleblowers who provide him with leaked information to sign nondisclosure agreements, releases information in tranches, receives loads of attention from establishment outlets on the right and left, etc., etc.[28]

Given Wikileaks’ suspicious background, “pizzagate,” which is derived from Wikileaks’ “leaked” Podesta emails (which Roger Stone had foreknowledge of according to Podesta [29]), deserves considerable scrutiny. Despite there having been numerous credible reports of child sex rings orchestrated by and involving high-level government officials and Washington power players such as the Franklin scandal, DC callboy ring, etc., pizzagate comes off to me as an utterly incredulous story. Podesta may very well be involved in pedophilia, but it certainly doesn’t involve a string of consumer facing commercial locations (the worst places anyone could imagine establishing a child trafficking or child abuse location) in the heart of D.C. or communications over an email account in Podesta’s name on a mainstream email client. (Even otherwise ordinary people involved in this kind of stuff typically use already existing anonymized networks or boutique communications links with servers that don’t respond when queried by non-authorized servers, not standard email accounts.) Many of the supposed codewords used in the emails were simply fabricated in addition to several of the pictures claimed to have been pulled from James Alefantis’ instagram account. Its complete implausibility, attention from the mainstream media, and origins in wikileaks emails is suspicious enough, and its timing (in the run-up to Epstein’s deposition in the Virginia Roberts defamation case where he will likely name Donald Trump), while less obvious, elicits even more suspicion.

Simply put, the sidestream media is not at all what it’s made out to be by crusaders and apologists for Donald Trump and the corresponding “populist uprising”, which is an answer to the “fake” mainstream media. Most of the sidestream media is simply the conservative national security-focused wing of the establishment’s answer to the liberal establishment media; one side of the same coin. Fake (or, more accurately, inaccurate and/or biased) stories are circulated on both sides and it’s simply ridiculous for people in the alternative media to simply dismiss the mainstream media outright, especially given the fact that it’s still the source of the vast majority of original reporting while the alternative media is still largely confined to spinning or countering what has already been reported in the mainstream. Most reports put out by the mainstream media are well-sourced and, for the most part, specifically accurate – what we must pay attention to is bias, critical omissions and the narratives being spun (one of which has been that Donald Trump is a “political outsider” – in case you hadn’t already noticed this is one of the false narratives that the mainstream and alternative media have spun). If mainstream media is totally ignored and we remain confined to the echo chamber that is much of the alternative media, the critical and telling pieces of information that occasionally make it into mainstream reports will never be emphasized.


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[22] Breitbart Raises Money for… Something

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Wikileaks and Assange

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 10/24/16

Wikileaks’ with their continual publication of Clinton/Democrat camp has become an increasingly important component of the Trump media complex, which, as I’ve explained in previous posts, is intimately connected to numerous high impact right-wing political circles (such as the CNP, John Birch Society proteges) and, in probably many cases, intelligence. Wikileaks and its unusual figurehead and supposed founder Julian Assange like their peers in the sidestream/alternative media have a long list of curious associations and a pattern of behavior unbefitting of a true transparency/leak organization.

It’s useful to start off with covering Assange’s background, although it is difficult to determine what is exaggerated or flat-out fabricated folklore and what isn’t. When Assange was a child his mother married into a Melbourne-based mind control cult called “The Family” which supposedly had moles in government, was seemingly protected by law enforcement for many years, obtained multiple passports for its members (who often had multiple identities), “cared for” the head of Australian intelligence Lord Casey at one point, and received a significant amount of secret funding (to this day, no one knows where most of The Family’s funding came from). Later, in his late teens and early 20s, Assange supposedly hacked into a number of large Australian and American companies and government bodies including the DoD and the largest telecommunications firm in Australia, Telstra. He racked up a prodigious amount of felonies while doing so, yet served basically no prison time because he was “well-behaved”. This “good behavior” involved giving “technical advise” to the Victoria Police Child Exploitation unit. This is a pattern seen often in intelligence assets – they are compromised early in life and given a choice to stay in prison for the next however many years or work for the intelligence services.

After disappearing off the radar for a while, Assange emerged from hibernation in the mid-2000s with the founding of Wikileaks after a barrage of real leaks did the government a lot of damage (Abu Ghraib, for example). Ever since its inception, Wikileaks has insisted that anyone who gifts leaks to them sign a nondisclosure agreement, making unpublished leaked material “solely the property of Wikileaks.” This means that Wikileaks has full control over anything they manage to get their hands on – they can destroy it, selectively publish material, release it in tranches (not typical of real whistleblowers), etc. and there’s nothing the originator of the leaks can do about it lest they be financially and legally ruined by Wikileaks. This is a massive indicator of a phony intelligence-backed whistleblower operation. It is around this time that John Young of Cryptome (a real leak site) called out Wikileaks as an intelligence operation.

Another indication is the ubiquitous coverage of Wikileaks in the sidestream and mainstream media. The sidestream media, given its intelligence connections and pro-Trump prerogative, is expected to push Wikileaks. The mainstream media (which includes Fox News) promotes Wikileaks as well by giving it coverage, as they have been doing with Trump. Real whistleblowers and real leaks get blacked out and ignored like the plague by the mainstream media, not put on Fox News multiple times and mentioned by Anderson Cooper in a presidential debate. Legitimate leakers also typically don’t communicate constantly and coordinate with political operatives like Roger Stone, release leaks in tranches, get to live in multi million dollar equivalent English mansions, and meander around Europe flaunting themselves in the faces of law enforcement authorities supposedly out for him (for sexual assault charges in Sweden) and then receive asylum from a legitimate government. Real leakers typically must hide in caves or third world backwaters halfway around the world if they even have a chance to leave their country.

Additionally, Wikileaks seems to be selectively releasing material for the purposes of undermining Hillary Clinton. Given the fact that it’s by far the most well-known whistleblowing organization on earth, Wikileaks likely has material pertaining to the GOP and Donald Trump, but refuses to release it. Of course, much of what has been released of the Democrats’ has been supremely underwhelming (mostly garden variety political dirty tricks media-campaign buddying which exists with Trump as well) and does not at all support the sidestream media’s assertion that John Podesta is “the shadow government” (he is a very powerful shadow democrat, but not the shadow government).

The ‘political outsider’ deception

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 9/20/16

A recurrence throughout American presidential history has been the promotion of bogus ‘political/Washington outsiders’ by hidden powers whose purpose is to restore confidence in the American federal government among a certain large sector of the population, do certain things (be they executive or legislative) that an already established, stigmatized politician would have trouble convincing the public to agree to do, and/or to manipulate presidential elections. Donald Trump is without a doubt an example of this. Other examples from recent history include Ross Perot, Barry Goldwater, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan, among others (all in some way highly connected to the CIA/intelligence community, Eastern Establishment, etc.).

Anyone even vaguely familiar with Donald Trump’s unwashed background and past (if they’re honest) knows that he is about as far from a political outsider as anyone could get. Trump was raised at the knee by two of the most powerful and politically-connected people in New York – his father, Fred Trump, and Roy Cohn. Fred Trump (himself the son of whorehouse and opium den operator, Friedrich Trump) was a Brooklyn-Queens construction and real estate magnate specializing in lower and middle class housing who was at the nexus of political power in Brooklyn. Fred was a member of the infamous Democratic political machine Tammany Hall (along with his friend and prominent Zionist Bunny Lindenbaum), the Madison Democratic Club, and the elitist New York informal organization Knights of the Round Table. His connections extended beyond Brooklyn, reaching clear up to the mayor of New York Abe Beame, Roy Cohn, Bunny Lindenbaum, legendary publicist Howard Rubenstein, assembly speaker Stanley Steingut, well-connected bureaucrat Mike Bailkin, various New York-area mafias, among others. Fred utilized these extensive connections to procure preferable government treatment (mostly from the Federal Housing Authority) for himself and later Donald in the form of subsidies and lucrative no-bid contracts (not to mention bailing Donald out several times).

Roy Cohn was among the most powerful (and diabolical) people in all of New York – he spent the latter half of his life a heavyweight lawyer and political fixer whose clients included Donald Trump, the mafia and Catholic church after having built himself into high-level politics and various right-wing circles (most notably the John Birch Society) while assisting Joe McCarthy in his crusade against supposed communist cells (Cohn was in fact recommended to McCarthy by J. Edgar Hoover, since Cohn had proven himself valuable in obtaining espionage convictions earlier in his career). Cohn was directly involved with the CIA and military intelligence throughout his entire life – he ran pedophilic blackmail rings and did other favors for people in high places with the assistance of his former CIA aid David Schine and close former-intelligence friend Craig Spence. Additionally, Cohn was pictured in Spain with Schine and a number of other international spies and was a board member of CIA front company, Permindex. Cohn mentored Donald Trump while he was attempting to make inroads into Manhattan’s social scene and gradually brought Donald to a higher political understanding (even introducing him fellow homosexual right-wing operative Roger Stone) and used his position to aid Donald’s construction business. Cohn was likely the one who clued Donald in to the sweet deal that could be made on what is now the Trump Building in Lower Manhattan while it was a frozen asset of CIA-connected western puppet Ferdinand Marcos. Donald’s connections to the political stratosphere likely also awarded him his sweet deals with Harrah’s at Trump Plaza, Resorts International (both mafia-CIA connected) and, later, the Trump Tower in Chicago (which was bankrolled in large part by George Soros, whose investment consortium later effectively forgave Trump hundreds of millions in debts he owed on the construction loan).

Clearly, given Donald’s intimate association with the two people discussed above as well as his later association with people such as the Clintons, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Abramoff, Rupert Murdoch, Carl Icahn, Roger Ailes, Adnan Khashoggi, George Soros, etc., his admitted role as a political paymaster, business ties with intelligence/CIA/Israel/mafia (Resorts Int’l, Trump Building, Harris Trump Plaza, etc.) and generally favorable treatment from government (nearly a billion in subsidies, the unprecedented “recommendation” of a casino license for Trump), he is not in any way a political outsider. The various people behind his campaign are further proof of this: the Trump campaign is composed of a legion of national security spooks and sophisticated right-wing operatives (John Birch Society, Council for National Policy, American Security Council, Nixon-Reagan-Bush proteges), the most prominent of which being James Woolsey, Joseph Schmitz, Michael Glassner, Roger Ailes, Stephen Bannon (a former Naval spook connected to money laundering and drug trafficking), Roger Stone, Edwin Meese, Felix Sater, and Paul Manafort. Peter Thiel, the vocal Trump supporter, spook venture capitalist co-founder of CIA-backed data mining company Palantir, Bilderberg Steering Committee member, and bank-roller of the Hulk Hogan-Gawker lawsuit is another member of this cast, although apparently less directly involved. Of course, this could be explained away as the establishment co-opting Trump, but given his background and history I find this highly unlikely. In addition to this there are numerous informal advisors not officially part of Trump’s team, one of which is likely CFR president, Richard Haass, who Trump held a secret meeting with Trump in August of 2015 when his campaign was just getting off the ground. Many other formal and informal advisors (such as Edwin Meese) are coming from the powerful Council for National Policy, which threw its weight behind Trump in May of 2016 (at least making it official – all evidence suggests they were in on Trump from the beginning) after holding a secretive meeting between themselves and all major GOP presidential contenders at the time.

So, given the fact that Donald Trump is not a political outsider, that brings us to the question of why he’s been labeled by almost the entire media a political outsider. And that, in turn takes us to the political outsider deception, which the media is the key to. In fact, it is nearly impossible to overstate the media’s role in bolstering Trump and the Trump deception.

It’s quite obvious that on a broad, chief editorial and executive level, the media has been bolstering and promoting Trump from the very beginning of his campaign, contrary to what the vast majority of people have been led to believe by the media itself. Simply put, the very media which Trump has deep connections with has curiously enough given Trump billions in free advertising through massively oversized coverage and has given Trump a pass on his most damning scandals and the most revealing parts of his past. There is a very strong positive correlation between the amount of coverage a candidate receives in the media (regardless of whether it’s positive, negative, or “biased”) and their polling numbers. This obviously doesn’t prove a causal relationship, but in the case of Trump and most other phony political outsiders, a causal relationship and direction can both be determined by looking at the timing of the beginning of Trump’s meteoric rise in coverage in the media compared to his rise in the polls. Trump’s rapid rise in the polling numbers occurred subsequent to his explosion into the public limelight wherein his name was mentioned hundreds upon hundreds of times a day (which is highly peculiar even for an already wildly popular politician) and received in the primary season up to 20 times more coverage than all other GOP candidates combined in the mainstream media, strongly suggesting that his increased coverage in the media caused his rise in the poll numbers despite the fact that his coverage was largely negative (in reality, barring scandal, both good and bad PR have largely the same effect of increasing a given candidate’s popularity).

Not only has the media gifted Trump unprecedented amounts of free advertising and control of the news cycle (the opposite of what the media does when they’re attempting to cut someone down), they’ve behaved deceptively in their characterizing of Trump as a political outsider, something which they’ve achieved by literally constantly explicitly stating as such (not even Trump himself explicitly states that he’s an outsider) and omitting stories about Trump and his past which would tend to discredit the outsider notion .The mainstream media of the masses, i.e. cable news, largely blows off detailed exposes of Trump’s high-level political corruption and manipulation (e.g., Trump Foundation, mafia & drug connections) and refutations of Trump’s assertions that he is self-made (e.g., Politico’s “Artifice of the Deal”), whereas with Clinton, the media (which, according to the alternative media gets its talking points from Hillary Clinton and the DNC) obsesses and frets over her various scandals such as Emailgate, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation (of course, Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as Sec. of State was discovered a full 4 years ago and was only emphasized in the media right as election season ramped up).

Forget both the overwrought and oversimplified analyses of coverage of the election by the alternative media  attempting to find comprehensive media bias in favor of Clinton/against Trump by pointing out relatively small biases at the production level (such as taking quotes out of context and accusations of racism) and instead focus on more general patterns and overall narrative the media pushes in regards to the election – it is here where evidence of the media’s subtle bolstering of Trump and gradual denigration of Clinton appears. Of course, this isn’t to say that most in the media (mostly at the lower levels) aren’t anti-Trump – they are (and this shows itself in the numerous small instances of bias against Trump in many stories lasting only maybe 1/2-1 full news cycle), but at the executive news level there is clearly an agenda to drum the notion of Trump as a political outsider and disruptor who will route the establishment into peoples’ heads (just as they did with Obama, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, Reagan. etc.) and a separate but related agenda to, as the media’s historically done, portray Clinton as a hopelessly corrupt Beltway creature, which of course is largely accurate (I’ll get more into detail on Clinton later). Some specific proofs of this are CNN staffer’s frequent complaints of Jeff Zucker’s insistence that Trump be covered virtually all the time (the media’s effort to promote Trump is compartmentalized) , the fact that almost all interviews with Trump on mainstream cable news feature softball questions entirely, media bending of stories to lend credibility to Trumpian rhetoric (the best example being the San Francisco pier shooting), and several unprecedented instances of certain shows’ hosts and producers allowing Trump to tell them what they can and cannot ask him (Morning Joe, Dr. Oz, literally every Fox program, etc.).

Another interesting component of the ever-evolving Trump media complex has been Julian Assange and his organization Wikileaks, which, I will establish in a later post is most likely an intelligence community-backed honeypot. That is a tad off-topic and meandering for the purposes of this article, though.

As for Hillary Clinton, there is a tendency to view Hillary and Bill as one in the same and an assumption that Hillary is the presumed favorite of the powers-that-be. However, this is simply not true, as Hillary Clinton is a different animal than Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, or Barack Obama. Whereas Trump, Bill, and Obama are all merely concerned with fame and vanity and are willing to serve as figureheads while the executive is being run secretly by low-profile clandestine operatives (advisors, White House counselors, the NSC, deputy secretaries, etc.), Hillary clearly displays a lust for power and a disdain for the spotlight, which makes sense given the fact that Hillary has been a handler of Bill’s for decades and is not okay with taking orders, lying down when need be, being leaned on, or being manipulated.

Bill Clinton often remarked that all he wanted was ‘to be elected governor of Arkansas’, not actually run it. Donald Trump Jr. implied his father was largely the same when he told vice presidential interviewees that they would be in charge of policy and most decision making while Donald would be in charge of “making American great again,” i.e. a figurehead celebrity-president. And this gets to the core of the issue – those willing to be complete and utter puppets are most likely to be promoted by the powers that be. Of course, there have been presidents who have not been puppets in recent history such as Bush I. However, all of them have been quite different from Hillary in that they all without fail have come from good-ol’-boy networks within the deep state and can be trusted by the deep state. Hillary merely latched onto someone she knew had an inside track in politics (Bill). Of course, the only reason Bill had an inside track into politics at all was that he had proven himself a reliable errand boy and low-level informant for the CIA at Oxford and after being further vetted by established powers as someone who would reliably do his handlers’ bidding made Attorney General and then governor of Arkansas with the financial and political backing of several power brokers, the most prominent of which being billionaire Stephens Inc.-owner Jackson Stephens, who was intimately involved in facilitating more than a few black CIA and NSA operations through his various businesses (another major backer of Clinton’s was Don Tyson). Hillary, unlike Bill, was not handpicked and groomed to achieve a high office, and therefore has not received the same media protection and promotion Bill received when he first ran for president.

There are many potential reasons for why a Donald Trump is being promoted by the established powers besides being a manipulable figurehead. Trump, being a Republican, would likely have success in rallying support behind further wars in the Middle East and expanding the scope of the police and surveillance state. Notice that there’s been a recent uptick in Islamic fear-mongering corresponding with the rise of western-backed ISIS and several high-profile Islamic terrorist attacks (all of which have had government black operations components). In addition to this, the manufactured Trump phenomenon is fundamentally restructuring the GOP and making it a viable party again as part of an effort to shore up the two-party system. Trump has brought the vast formerly politically apathetic white working class into the GOP’s fold. However, this is unfalsifiable and highly speculative.

Trump shills in the media

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 8/2/16

One of the most fascinating and seldom discussed aspects of the Trump campaign/phenomenon is the use of Trump camp proxies, shills, and surrogates in both the mainstream and alternative media in plainsight.

However, before getting to the use of these proxies specifically, it’s important to preface it by touching on the media’s complicity in Trump’s meteoric rise from the very beginning (about halfway through 2015). There are several evidences for this, and I’ll touch on the key ones here:

1) The media heaped massively oversized coverage (i.e. free advertising) upon Trump (mentioning his name hundreds upon hundreds of times a day on mainstream cable news networks) subsequent to Trump’s registering of significant numbers in polls. The significance of this is that it disproves the assertion by many that the media simply responded to Trump’s popularity by giving him more coverage or that the media only started covering him once he became popular enough to start making them tons of money through increased ratings and viewership (if this were true and it was merely a cynical ploy by the media to make money off of Trump, why didn’t they do this when Trump played up running in 2008 and 2012? – he behaved similarly then). And we now have direct proof of intentional inflation of the amount of Trump coverage in the media with complaints from within CNN about how there are orders from the top (i.e. Jeff Zucker) to cover Trump incessantly;

2) Virtually every major media organization treats Trump with kid gloves. This goes for Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc. All three of these networks seem especially willing to treat Trump preferentially, for example by letting Trump conduct interview over phone or on his home turf in the Trump Tower (the media in all other cases requires that major political figures conduct interviews via live satellite uplink or in-studio) and by refusing to ask him any tough questions in interviews, push back on anything he says, or catch in him any err live (the media will do these things in interviews with people they are truly attempting to destroy, such as Ron Paul). In fact, not only does the media treat Trump with kid gloves, but, as evidenced by the Morning Joe leak, the media literally allows Trump to commandeer them and tell them what they can and cannot ask them! This point is fleshed out further in my post “Trump and the election, again”;

3) If the media were truly deadset on destroying Trump, they would do what the media does to people they’ve subdued historically – pull the microphone/not cover the subject they don’t want gaining traction, blow the subject off as inconsequential and laugh them off the stage, or, in special circumstances, reveal a truly catastrophic scandal that results in a blitz of coverage but does result in the subject going down. The media has been doing the exact opposite of these three things since Trump entered the political scene halfway through 2015. The media heaps mounds of coverage on Trump, even though some of it is critical (but, as the old saying goes, all PR is good PR), continually plays him up as a serious candidate (unlike in 2008 and 2012), and never throws any real dirt in Trump’s direction (like his association with Epstein- only weaksauce quotes out of context and criticisms of his performance in the real estate and casino business which the media knows are just political talking points, will never truly fly and can be deflected easily by the Trump team and Trump supporters in the media.

The fourth has to do with the main subject of this blog post – the mainstream (and controlled alternative) media’s willingness to bring on (in some cases explicit) Trump proxies and surrogates.

First, we’ll touch on Roger Stone, the former Trump campaign manager who has been the primary Trump proxy operating in the alternative media realm, frequently appearing on the Alex Jones Show/Infowars and occasionally on Fox (which is supposedly anti-Trump). Stone has a rather colorful history – politically assassinating Eliot Spitzer (and then bragging about the lies he told about him), helping get Bush into office in 2000, serving as Nixon’s man in Washington in the ’80s, aiding Reagan’s career with the help of Roy Cohn (Stone delivered a briefcase containing a bribe and/or blackmail material to the head lawyer of the New York Liberal party to split the opposition to Reagan in the state), and undermining the Democrats’ chances of winning the presidency in 2004 after he began “advising” Al Sharpton (himself an FBI informant), among other things. Of course, Stone claims that he’s officially off the Trump campaign and off the payroll, but this is doubtful given that acting as a mouthpiece and disinformation outlet for Trump is still Stone’s fulltime job (even going to the extent of flying around the country organizing rallies and convention disruption ploys) and storied political operatives and tricksters such as himself don’t work for no gain. Stone himself claims that he’s been a close confidante of Trump for decades (and still is today) and a lobbyist for Trump’s business interests. The relationship between the two shouldn’t be surprising given the fact that Stone was introduced to Trump by Trump’s mentor, deceased CIA-connected fixer and legal hit man Roy Cohn.

It is of course not surprising that alternative media (WorldNetDaily, Breitbart, Drudge, Infowars, Rense, Coast to Coast, etc.) is playing along with the mainstream media in bolstering Trump (though in a far more explicit manner) and the over-hyped and government engineered Islamic threat seeing as though right wing alternative media is a controlled, insular cult very much tied into the Christian right-wing power structure consisting of the John Birch Society and organizations connected to it such as the Council on National Policy. Joseph Farah, the founder of WorldNetDaily, was at one point member of the CNP. Sebastian Gorka, who’s been the National Security Editor at Breitbart since 2014, has not only been employed as a consultant (read: possibly paid off) by the Trump campaign but also happens to be a grade-A counterterrorism and counterintelligence spook. Roger Stone, who has previously been associated exclusively with Eastern Establishment liberal Republicans, has recently been brought into the fold of this clique and has been at the epicenter of reviving Clinton scandals and conspiracy theories.

This time-honored tradition among the right-wing alternative media originates with the documentary “The Clinton Chronicles,” which was produced by then-to-be CNP member Pat Matrisciana and funded by anti-Clinton CIA asset Richard Mellon Scaife. It was then promoted by CNP insider and ultra-Christian right-wing asset Jerry Falwell. Some parts of the documentary are true, namely drug running out of Mena, Arkansas and the connected money laundering associated with BCCI/CIA, Don Tysons, and Jackson Stephens (although the documentary doesn’t dig all the way into the Mena story as that would necessitate recognizing that drug running out of Mena originated before Clinton became governor under the direction of the Reagan-Bush CIA).

Other parts, such as the Clinton body count, Whitewater, Bill’s sexual misconduct, and Bill Clinton rape accusations are often unclear and less solid (although they did spawn tens of other documentaries on the topics). The sexual allegations have been by far the most damaging to the Clintons (in fact these eventually morphed into the Lewinsky investigation headed up by CNP/Christian right-wing insider Kenn Starr) and are what Roger Stone has expounded upon and added to in his latest book, The Clinton’s War on Women. This is the latest in the long line of publications backed by Christian right-wing groups pushing the disinformation that the Clintons single handedly hijacked Arkansas and the country once and wish to do it again. The truth about the Clintons is that they themselves don’t hijack anything – they are puppets who were initially facilitated and brought to power by kingmakers such as Jackson Stephens and Don Tysons. Now, even the mainstream media has joined in on attacking the Clintons (before 2008, the media more or less protected the Clintons) by hyping the email and Benghazi stories conveniently right before the election season began ramping up in order to help CIA-connected Trump. Stone aides this.

Ann Coulter’s shilling for Trump isn’t surprising given her connections to the radical ultra-Christian right which date clear back to the phony Paula Jones rape case (promoted by the whole cast of characters from the CNP – Falwell, Pat Robertson, John Whitehead, etc.) when Coulter was an unpaid advisor to Jones’ attorney.

Next, we have Corey Lewandowski, another former Trump campaign manager (and former Koch operative) who was supposedly fired and subsequently shunned by the campaign now run by former Roger Stone colleague and operative Paul Manafort (despite Lewandowski having been spotted at a Trump event in New Hampshire after supposedly being fired). Now, Lewandowski, while still being paid by the Trump campaign (and likely contractually obliged not to say anything negative about Trump), is at CNN, a network whose operational chief (Jeff Zucker) is intent on covering Trump as much as humanely possible. Of course, CNN knows this and knows very well that Lewandowski will not be an unbiased commentator, yet they still hire him. Now, in addition to Roger Stone, we have another person who, with no pretense of neutrality at all whatsoever, is allowed to become a mouthpiece on a major news outlet.

Jeffrey Lord, Katrina Pierson, Healy Baumbardner, Kayleigh MacEnany are additional Trump shills featured on CNN. Lord was a political director in the Reagan White House (it seems as though the Trump phenomenon has been engineered by ex-Reagan operatives such as Stone, Manafort, Lord, etc.). McEnany is an up and coming operative and alumnus of the Georgetown Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Several politicians who’ve become Trump acolytes play into the Trump media complex, the most prominent of which being former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani (who happens to have quite a past with Trump) and former Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is still engaged in the gradual process of rebuilding his image and reentering public life.

Certainly, Trump operatives’ influence isn’t contained to cable news networks. Tens of influential right-wing radio hosts are effective Trump proxies, the most notable of which being CIA-facilitated Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage/Weiner, and now even Bill O’Reilly, who was initially a tad pregnant on Trump. Limbaugh is by far the most sophisticated and least explicit, but subtly bolsters the idea that the Trump phenomenon is an entirely organic one which threatens the establishment by making it a point nearly every show to claim that Trump is “not a media creation,” which of course is obviously untrue to anyone who bothers to actually look.

All of the people mentioned above are part of the machine operating deep inside both mainstream and alternative media to bolster the phony outsider Trump by giving him tens of billions in free advertising. Trump isn’t some genius at maneuvering the media – the media promotes him on their own.

Mike Pence

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 7/19/16

Donald Trump’s recent tendency towards playing ball and collaborating with establishment Republicans has only been accentuated by his choice of three vice presidential finalists – Mike Pence, Christie, and Newt Gingrich — two solid mid-level establishment operatives (Pence & Christie) and one a dyed in the wool globalist (Gingrich). Whichever person he chose it would have shed serious doubt on Trump’s supposed intention of routing the beltway establishment. His pick of Pence is unsurprising given his blandness, inoffensiveness and rapport with the social conservative and rabid pro-Israel wings of the Republican party. What is interesting about the Pence pick is both Trump and Pence’s connection to Koch operatives. It’s widely known that a swath of former? Koch operatives populate the Trump campaign and that Trump has courted the Kochs through their political operatives. One of Mike Pence’s closest advisors and his former congressional chief of staff, Marc Short, was a leading Koch political operative. Although this relationship may appear spurious given how massive and well-connected the Koch empire is, it does show at the very least that Trump and his people are willing to confer with, associate with, and possibly be swayed by establishment and globalist operatives familiar with the machinations of the beltway. Another interesting connection of Pence’s is to the 2001 false flag anthrax attacks following 9/11 – Pence immediately came out after the attacks and asserted that the anthrax was a high engineered, genetically modified sample originating from Iraq/Saddam Hussein, which was blatantly false.

However, Pence as VP isn’t the most pertinent issue at hand. Vice presidents are statistically relatively unimportant as it relates to the outcome of elections and historically rather unimportant in the running of administrations (they are rather figureheads or in betweens). Whether Pence will play an important role in a Trump administration, as an executive, handler, or otherwise is unclear. According to a Kasich aide who leaked an interview between Donald Trump Jr. and Kasich’s people, Trump’s vice president will be “in charge” of foreign and domestic policy (while Trump himself will be in charge of “making America great again”), which despite its apparent clarity could in actuality mean anything from Pence being a mere yesman figurehead policy hack stuck in a corner to Pence truly leading the right-wing policy drive the powers that be are pushing making him one of the most powerful vice presidents in history. If Pence does end up being instrumental in engineering and implementing policy, it will be rather interesting to see exactly what kind of policies he drafts given his massive historical policy and ideological dissimilarities with Trump (Pence is pro-immigration, pro-TPP, etc.)

What is perhaps even more pertinent is where Chris Christie and especially Newt Gingrich will be placed in a Trump administration. Christie, a corrupt globalist operative who was one of the establishment’s Republican presidential favorites leading up the election season has been named head of Trump’s transition team, which indicates that he will be placed as some kind of White House counselor, advisor, or possibly attorney general (although this is rather unlikely given his baggage). Gingrich has been a long-time advisor and confidante of Trump’s and is likely one of the many operatives in and surrounding Trump’s campaign who have been subtly handling and guiding it ever since it was put into motion and subsequently bolstered by the powers that be. Although Gingrich will not be VP, he will very likely assume an even more effectively powerful role in a Trump administration such as chief advisor or chief of staff and will handle Trump. Surely something was being worked out while Trump and Gingrich were having a 3-hour meeting in Indiana.

I’ve long predicted that the powers that be want in 2016 to give Americans a controlled and compliant yet convincing Republican to restore faith in the government and pacify them after 8 years of Obama, initiate another surge of reactionary military intervention in the Middle East, and reinforce and intensify the police state with popular support thanks to the hyped and engineered Muslim terrorist threat. Initially, I thought that the establishment would not look for Trump to fulfill this role and were bolstering him purely as a means of election manipulation to increase Republican voter turnout. However, after more careful reconsideration of his connections and background (Trump is neck deep in mob, CIA and various other government ties through his father, Fred Trump, and mentor, Roy Cohn) and Trump’s apparent willingness to be swayed, handled, and dampened by insider political operatives and advisors (such as Joseph Schmitz, Paul Manafort, and Michael Glassner), I’m now sufficiently convinced that the powers that be at the very least would be okay with a handled president Trump and possibly even intended on him becoming president from the beginning. Of course the RNC is now fully in league with Trump and has coordinated with the Trump campaign working as a mafia/protection racket to shut anti-Trump delegates out of the convention and has worked overtime to ensure that convention rules are never changed to the detriment of Trump (something virtually everyone in the conservative and alternative media said the Republicans were dead set on doing). The RNC and upper echelons of the Republican party being vehemently anti-Trump was always a sham; mere political theater. This makes even more sense in the context of Paul Manafort promising the RNC that Trump has been and is currently “playing a part” and will fall in line with the GOP establishment going further into the general (he’s really already there underneath it all, of course).

As and I and others predicted, Hillary Clinton was not indicted over her mishandling of classified information or her use of a private email server. Both conservative and mainstream media bleated endlessly about how their supposed sources confirmed that Clinton would be indicted and that Comey, fighting the good fight, would do what was right. These claims were simply untrue and are a stellar illustration of how rumors in the alternative media are often completely bogus. The purpose of the email investigation (a story which came out nearly 4 years ago but was only exploited conveniently right as election season ramped up) as well as possibly Benghazi (where the real story regarding CIA weapons running to ISIS and Syrian rebels was covered up) were not to indict or arrest Clinton but to damage her sufficiently in the general election to get a Republican elected. The powers that be I don’t believe are as comfortable with the notion of a president Clinton as many believe them to be. Hillary is a very different animal tham Bill. Bill was catapulted into positions of huge nominal power by people far more powerful than himself such as Jackson Stephens and then guarded and immunized by a protection racket around him provided by his handlers because he was an extremely reliable and controllable puppet and a relatively disengaged president (as was Bush II). Hillary I don’t believe would be satisfied playing the role of a disengaged puppet – she can be swayed and bought like Donald Trump, but she isn’t nearly as controllable as someone like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. She would constantly buck her handlers and probably see some success in evading them having played the role of a handler for Bill her entire life. In addition to this, the powers that be want a Republican in the White House for 8 years.

Regardless of whether Trump or Clinton gets elected, we will have a president who can be effectively manipulated and controlled by insider advisors and handlers.

Brussels attack

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 3/27/16

As with the Paris attacks, the recent Brussels attack was likely a false flag (i.e. had a government/government contractor black operations component). Currently, we have nothing as suggestive of a false flag as say the built, white men reported in the shooting of a cafe by eyewitnesses in the Paris attacks, but the Brussels attack still has several telltale signs of having been a false flag.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Brussels attack is that the security at the Brussels airport was contracted out to an Israeli firm called ICTS, founded by former Shin Bet (the internal Israeli security service) operatives. ICTS has a history of clearly intentionally letting “Muslim terrorists” slip through its fingers despite its reputation as being among the best security contractors and consultants in the world, employing the individual profiling method developed in Israel at all of its locations. There have been four notable incidents of “terrorism” in which there just happened to have been gaping lapses in ICTS’s protocol – 1) the Christmas Bomber of ’09 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport; 2) the deranged dupe shoe bomber Richard Reid in ’01 at Paris’ airport; 3) 9/11, where ICTS let several of the alleged hijackers slip through their fingers at Boston’s Logan airport; and 4) the London stagecoach suicide bombings of 2005. Now, what are the odds that this relatively small security firm just so happened by chance to run security at the sites of so many “terrorist” attacks? Quite low.

We can ascertain in the case of Brussels that ICTS intentionally allowed the three bombers free reign in the airport because released surveillance footage shows both bombers wearing black gloves on their left hands only – this is a telltale sign of an attempt to conceal a bomb detonation mechanism. The ICTS employees or contractors monitoring the live surveillance footage would have known to immediately take action, but they didn’t. Clearly there was sophisticated compartmentalization in ICTS as there is in all private entities involved in collusion with the government and black operations which allowed the higher ups in ICTS under the employ of their intelligence handlers to allow the bombers to pass.

It has been reported even by mainstream media that at least three of the suspects (there were four – one of them was a handler) were known to and wanted by Belgian authorities. According to Belgian authorities, nothing suggested the two brothers were connected to radical Islam. However, this is bogus. The two brothers were on the US terror watchlist – a list which is shared with all other law enforcement, intelligence, and anti-terrorism authorities around the world. In addition to this, Turkey had specifically notified Belgian intelligence and law enforcement of  the two brothers’ terrorist credentials. The Belgians did know about their terrorist connections. Belgian intelligence and ICTS, as reported by the Israel Daily Haaretz, even had precise information on when and where the attacks would take place and were warned in advance. They not only knew about the two brothers terrorist connections beforehand, but also the threat, and did nothing. This failure to act is simply chalked up to bureaucratic incompetence, indifference, and indecisiveness. Really? This many times? With a specific warning when and where exactly the airport would be attacked? I simply don’t believe it.

Najim Laachraoui, who died in the attacks, was supposedly an expert bombmaker who wired the explosive vests for the Paris attacks. The two brothers, Ibrahim and Khalid El-Bakraoui, both of whom also died, were model dupes – mentally deranged violent criminals who could be easily manipulated to do whatever their handlers wished. Ibrahim was previously arrested for attempted robbery and for shooting at police. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, released on parole in 2014, captured in Turkey for being a “militant” (he was likely receiving general instructions in Turkey), and then extradited to the Netherlands where he was simply released by the Dutch authorities into the wild. The Belgians were informed of this and never made an effort to have him brought back to Belgium to face charges or carry out the rest of his prison sentence. This is highly suspicious.

Khalid had been arrested several times for bank robbery, carjacking, and weapons possession. He was released on parole towards the end of his sentence and of course violated, but was never vigorously pursued by the authorities. They were both likely heavily involved in illegal drug use and sexual promiscuity, as the Paris attackers and many of the supposed 9/11 hijackers were. The point here is that, as with 9/11, the Paris attacks, and countless other incidents involving “radical Islamic” terrorists, these people were not what a typical westerner would portray as a fanatical hyper religious Islamic terrorist – they were simply psychotic garden variety criminals who could easily be employed as dupes who did not have the technical or organizational capabilities to pull something like this off without 1) a sophisticated handler and 2) help from the inside both within security at the airport and likely European law enforcement (both of them would most definitely still be in prison without its help). Of course, as with Paris and San Bernardino, there was an awfully convenient trail of evidence at the attackers’ apartment which suggested the two brothers were fanatical Muslims; the stereotypical ISIS terrorist cell. However, their past records (as with the Paris, 9/11, and San Bernardino attackers) suggest otherwise.

Now, the most important person in the bombing is the one not being reported on much by the media or being emphasized by law enforcement – this is the man on the right in the tan coat on the surveillance footage. It has been reported by the media that this man is Faycal Cheffou, an alleged “freelance journalist” (unlikely) living in the the Molenbeek district of Brussels. I’m not convinced either way that this man is Faycal Cheffou or not (he was identified by Belgian media using “unnamed sources”), that whoever the Belgian authorities have detained actually is Faycal Cheffou, or that Feycal Cheffou even exists. But, the reported Faycal Cheffou certainly fits the bill of a low to mid-level handler. Other Belgian media outlets claim that the man in the tan coat was Mohamed Abrini, who was also involved in the Paris attacks (update: London press now reporting that Abrini was an informant for the British Security Services). Who and where this man in the coat was getting his directions from is the most important missing piece of information here. This information may or may not come out later. But, if you were to follow the chain of command all the way to the top, it would most definitely lead back to Turkey or Saudi Arabia, then to Israel, then ultimately to UKUSA.

Turkey has clearly played a significant role in this – Turkey after all is ISIS’ immediate handler and operational chief. It’s my suspicion that the brothers may have been given general instructions from a faction within Turkey and then handed off to the tan coat handler in Brussels.

Many in the partially controlled “sidestream” media (e.g. Infowars, Worldnetdaily, Breitbart, Drudge, etc.) have hyped the Muslim threat as a real, spontaneous, organic threat and wholeheartedly embraced either the incompetency/political correctness canard or a weak version of the “LIHOP” (let in happen on purpose) not only in regards to Brussels but most major terrorist attacks. Alex Jones has even begun pussy-footing around about 9/11 and has started to, as opposed to citing evidence for it having been a government operation from beginning to end as he used to, claim that it was “bare minimum” an intentional stand-down, when in fact western intelligence and governments and in particular the US were far, far more involved than that and were almost solely responsible for making 9/11 happen (on purpose). Well, there is always a “made it happen on purpose” component and Islamic terrorism is and has always been a co-opted and controlled threat whose top leaders are all handled and/or in cooperation with western intelligence/security services and played like pawns. If terrorism were a real organic threat in the west, we’d be seeing electrical pylons and busy streets, malls, etc. being bombed multiple times a day like in the Middle East, and of course we don’t see that. We only see absurdly sophisticated plots all of which show signs of having government black operations components.

We know Paris was made to happen on purpose as well, since there was clearly a black operations team composed of whites driving a Mercedes involved who were never apprehended or further reported on by the media. San Bernardino was made to happen since we know there was a mysterious third accomplice handler apprehended by law enforcement who simply went into a black hole and because we know that the shooters in San Bernardino were tall, built, and white in appearance (there’s certainly no way Malik was one of the shooters). As for Brussels, all the evidence so far suggests LIHOP very strongly and very weakly suggests direct MIHOP. However, my gut feeling is that this attack as with almost all others, was a case of MIHOP primarily because of the coordination with this arm of Israeli intelligence ICTS – the Israelis had to have had seamless communication with whoever was handling and directing the terrorists in order to time the allowance of this attack, be it Turkey or a (nominal) ISIS handler who would have been taking their directions either directly or indirectly from Turkey or Saudi Arabia (who in turn take directions from Israel and UKUSA). Rigorous horizontal and vertical compartmentalization within ISIS and the governments running it exists to keep the full conspiracy hidden from those who aren’t supposed to know the full conspiracy.

So, even if the only direct instruction the terrorists received were from “ISIS,” the countries running ISIS still indirectly made the terrorist attack happen, and probably engineered and ordered the attack which passed down through ISIS given ICTS’s involvement. It’s important to realize that ISIS is a creation of American, British, Israeli, Turkish, and Saudi intelligence (although it is primarily handled in an immediate, direct sense by Turkey and Saudi Arabia). US intelligence was the lead engineer of ISIS – the DIA specifically requested in numerous reports a coalition of tribally-aligned Sunni factions in Iraq and Syria whose primary purpose would be to destabilize the Assad regime. And none other than John McCain met with the supposed leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (who surprise surprise is an American asset who at one point was a “civilian internee” at an American military detention i.e. black operations site in Iraq) along with leaders of the Free Syrian Army in 2013 near Idlib, Syria (the MI6 also “attempted” to recruit Jihadi John). Coincidentally, right after Baghdadi’s release from the camp in Iraq and meeting with McCain and other elite Levantine warlords, ISIS swept across the Middle East in the blink of an eye.

ISIS has received training, CIA advisement, secret funding and weapons as well as traded with all five countries mentioned above. Jordanian sources have confirmed that future ISIS members and various Syrian rebels were trained by US instructors at a secret base in the Jordanian city of Safawi. There are scores of reports of US weapons and supplies drops to ISIS. Somehow, all these American weapons and all this equipment keeps getting in the hands of ISIS. The US is running a fake war in ISIS – 75% of ordnance carried in planes is disallowed from being dropped by the executive and entire convoys of ISIS tanks, trucks, and soldiers are not allowed to be bombed because of “civilian casualties.” Well, that certainly didn’t stopped the Obama administration and the people running it in Libya or Afghanistan. On the trade side, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are all heavily involved the marketing and trade of ISIS oil on the black market (Israel is the primary buyer, at a discount of course). 400k barrels of oil a day are exported out of the Port of Ceyhan from “ISIS controlled territories” of Iraq and Turkey. No one has ever asked who is buying and selling this oil or who is making billions from its sale (although some at BP and Exxon surely know). There are no real figures on how much oil has left Iraq since 2003 or since ISIS took control of the Kirkuk oil field, but it’s at least $1 trillion of oil. That kind of money can only exist in the black/shadow finance realm – the realm from which ISIS receives its funding.

Essentially, what happened was that UKUSA intelligence took half of the radical Sunni jihadists in Syria, gathered their leaders (planting their own double agents at the very top), and made them “ISIS”, all the while supporting their collage of tribally designated jihad groups financially, logistically, and militarily. “ISIS” made a number of military impossible maneuvers across Iraq early in its rise, meaning that ISIS is a power merely acting under the theatrical guise of one “ISIS”. The monolithic ISIS you see on cable news in the form of fake theatrical execution videos and propaganda is not the real ISIS in almost all of Syria and Iraq. It is created in studios in both the Middle East (primarily Mosul, the only place where the ISIS the west knows exists) and west staffed with western intelligence contractors. Most ISIS recruiters on social media are fake as well – numerous ISIS affiliated social media accounts and websites have been traced back to the UK. The real ISIS in Iraq and Syria is a relatively disorganized amalgamation of various tribally aligned radical Sunni jihadist groups along with scores of other radical mercenaries recruited from around the world ultimately operating under the control of double agents for the western intelligence services. The war in Syria and Iraq at this point is more of a mercenary war than a civil war – the half or more of the militants are from outside Syria and Iraq. Like, Al-Qaeda, ISIS is not a monolithic organization (in fact Al-Qaeda was initially just the name for a list of terrorists who came in and out of one of Osama bin Laden’s safehouse in Peshawar).

In fact, there is evidence mounting that ISIS’s territorial gains are massively overstated or there is some extreme overestimation of who and what is actually ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Erbil ships tons of oil to Turkey through Mosul, the supposed ISIS capital, right under ISIS’s leaders’ noses. It’s been revealed that a huge swath of oil fields northeast of Baghdad reported to be ISIS’s is in fact Pergmersha’s. This just demonstrates the haphazard and frenetic nature of what is described in the media as “ISIS” – it more or less doesn’t exist.. It is rather part of a vast criminal conspiracy involving the US, UK, Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and the core of ISIS (which is really the only ISIS) – the top leaders – all answer to handlers from said countries.

As an endnote, it’s important to realize how important total electronic surveillance is in the west, Israel, and certain Middle Eastern countries’ effective control over ISIS and other such terrorist entities. Any claim that UKUSA intelligence is or was simply completely unaware of something such as a developing terrorist plot or some new terrorist organization on the up and up (such as ISIS) is utterly bogus. UKUSA and its Anglo allies employ the most massive, all encompassing and sophisticated dragnet imaginable – it’s tapped all fiber optic networks and fiber optic interchanges (including the Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific subsea fiber optic cables using specialized joint Navy-NSA submarines out of Kitsap Naval Base), monitors all traffic (including burner phones) through cell towers all throughout the world, monitors all Islamic chats and forums, all email, and all satellite communications (the largest and most expensive reconnaissance satellite in the world, USA-202 run by the NSA and NRO with an antenna the length of a football field, is in fact right next to the Thuraya-2 satellite through which almost all satellite communications within, into, and out of the Middle East routes). Whistleblowers from the NSA and other intelligence agencies have also shown that there is no problem in regards to “collecting so much data they don’t know what to do with it” – that is a totally phony made up problem. The NSA and other intelligence agencies have had sophisticated predictive algorithms for decades which are incredibly effective at predicting attacks among other events.

Many popular encryption protocols and random number generators used in such protocols have secret backdoors (take RSA Security for example) and almost all of the ones that don’t have likely been compromised by quantum computing – several US government agencies have massive quantum and super computing complexes in deep underground bases (where the blackest projects and operations take place). Pretty much anything can be hacked into and compromised by either the NSA, GCHQ, CIA, or the Special Collections Service (the NSA has a 100% rate of success in compromising iphones according to documents leaked by Jacob Applebaum and Der Spiegel). To put it plainly, UKUSA signals intelligence has “total hearability” – nothing gets passed them. Including and especially supposed Islamic terrorist groups.

Antonin Scalia assassinated?

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 2/18/16

The alternative media is currently reeling over the evidence of a tremendous cover-up surrounding the death of Antonin Scalia at Cibolo Ranch in Western Texas, a hunting resort frequented by elitists which like other resorts of its type is likely a breeding ground for conspiracy. Certainly, his death seems quite suspicious given that a disproportionate number of important, influential, and politically connected people seem to die at secluded resorts such as Cibolo Ranch (Chris Kyle, FDR, Cheney’s lawyer, etc., etc.). It’s also interesting in the context of an assassination scenario that Texas is by far the largest recruiting ground for dark side operatives such as assassins in the U.S. However, I do not believe that Scalia was killed by Obama, globalists, or anyone else for that matter.

Clearly there has been a cover-up surrounding his death and of course the circumstances of his death were strange on their own: no autopsy was performed, the body was quickly embalmed and the remaining bodily fluids were dumped into a river in El Paso, therefore erasing any chance of anyone conducting an accurate toxicology report, the reported cause of death has changed at least 2 times, there are conflicting reports regarding the pillow found on or near Scalia’s head, he refused a security detail while visiting the ranch, the U.S. marshals who arrived at the scene apparently only made a cursory examination of the body without collecting any samples before allowing it to be shipped to El Paso, the phones at the ranch were deliberately disconnected for a period of time, the ditsy malleable judge pulled out of nowhere who confirmed the cause of death has a record of (perhaps on order) incorrectly assessing causes of death, local law enforcement was eventually virtually barred from the scene and the ensuing “investigation” once federal authorities arrived, Scalia was pressured into visiting the ranch by “a friend” who also paid for his visit, etc. etc. – the list could go on almost forever.

Now, clearly there is evidence of a cover up, but this does not necessarily lend itself to the conclusion that Scalia was murdered. Firstly, if Scalia was truly assassinated, the cover up would have been executed nearly perfectly. This cover up was among the sloppiest and most haphazard in history – much of what was reported in fact suggested to many that he was assassinated. And, an autopsy chemical map likely wouldn’t have uncovered anything which would have suggested Scalia was given an induced heart attack via one of the many poisons used to trigger cardiac arrest since all the poisons worthwhile assassins use metabolize into compounds which occur naturally in the body. For someone this high profile, the assassination would have likely been executed perfectly and would had to have been highly compartmentalized and confined to only the assassin and his employer – there would be no need for a cover up and no need to involve Poindexter and the rest of the people at the ranch.

Secondly, I don’t accept the premise that there was any reason for Scalia to be assassinated. Many on the right treat Scalia as some paladin of true American and libertarian values, but he was ultimately a controlled globalist insider, reliable yes-man, and team player as all supreme court justices are (no one gets on the supreme court without being vetted to ascertain controllability and malleability). There are several evidences for this: 1) Scalia was very much involved in engineering the Blackwater cover up and the subsequent attempts by the executive to squash the Freedom of Information Act while assistant attorney general to Nixon and Ford; 2) Scalia throughout his career supported the expansion of blanket government surveillance unaccountable to anything other than the executive; 3) Scalia once lobbied David Axelrod to push Obama to nominate the liberal globalist Elena Kegan for the supreme court, 4) Scalia engineered the 2000 Supreme Court ruling which halted the counting of votes in contested Florida counties during the 2000 presidential election, handing the presidency to Bush; 5) Scalia has on numerous occasions during adjudication concocted absurd excuses for police overreach and abuse of power as well as argued against the existence of Miranda rights and other fundamental protections from law enforcement; 6) Scalia was educated at two premier globalist schools – Georgetown and Harvard; 7) Scalia at one point worked for the CIA funded American Enterprise Institute; and finally 8) Scalia has consistently ruled in almost every major decision in favor of increasing the executive branch’s power, which has been a major boon for globalists. Scalia is in my view someone who used the absurd concepts of constitutional “originalism” and “textualism” as an excuse for very clearly voting along ideological lines and someone whose legacy most definitely should not be respected.

Much has been made of the fact that the owner of Cibolo Ranch, John Poindexter, is a prominent donor to the Democrat party (and was awarded by Obama for his military service in Vietnam for that very reason) and that several important decisions regarding policies being pushed by the Obama administration are about to come up (abortion, one person one vote, obamacare, affirmative action, potentially the TPP). Many believe that the timing of Scalia’s death was simply too convenient given this fact. Firstly, I’m not sure if there were necessarily that many more important decisions on the docket than usual, and secondly, in all honesty, I think that judging by his background and judicial history, Scalia would have towed the globalist line (especially in regards to the TPP) and voted whichever way he was pressured or blackmailed into if the need arose. Indeed, this is what probably happened to John Roberts who all the conservatives and libertarians believed would hold his ground and vote against Obamacare’s constitutionality and then all the sudden changed his vote in the eleventh hour before giving his incredibly weak justification for doing so.

So, I don’t accept the premise that Scalia needed to be assassinated by the globalists in order for them to get what they want given his record of complicity in enabling their agenda and I don’t think that the cover up surrounding Scalia’s death is indicative of him having been assassinated. In my estimation, the cover up was more likely orchestrated to hide the fact that Scalia potentially died from embarrassing means such as a drug overdose or heart attack during sex (and his wife wasn’t present so that of course would have been adulterous). This would explain why he refused a security detail, why an autopsy was avoided in the first place (as I explained earlier, an autopsy wouldn’t reveal anything in the case of a well executed assassination), and the hasty slipshod cover up. Of course, it’s pretty well known among people familiar with secluded resorts catering to elites (including and especially those in Texas) that, typically being located in jurisdictions with corrupt/good old boys law enforcement, these types of resorts often serve as places where influential, elite people can “let loose” so to speak and engage in retrograde and often illegal behavior with effective immunity (i.e. intravenous drug use). Cibolo Ranch was very much an insular club not too dissimilar to the Bohemian Grove, and clubs such as these are infamous for a featuring a whole host of activities from drug use to homosexuality to anything else you could imagine.

Why cover up for a drug overdose or sex-induced heart attack? Well, insiders protect their own both alive and dead. And Scalia definitely was one.

Election update: Democrats

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 1/28/16

In the past month or so, more action has occurred on the Democratic side of the race than has occurred on the GOP side. On the surface of the race, self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders has surged from the 30% support level he had held steady at for more than two months to a near 40% support level, decreasing Clinton’s lead from 25% to around 10-15%. Despite Sanders’ surge showing signs of weakening as of recently, he is still a force to be reckoned with unless it turns out he was artificially surged towards the beginning of the primaries for some reason (which is a possibility, but something we can only know for sure after the fact).

Regarding the machinations of the race on a deeper level, there is certainly no lack of rumors in mainstream, beltway, and alternative circles surrounding Hillary Clinton, her FBI/DoJ investigations, her standing with the Obama administration, and what will occur with Joe Biden (as well as potentially Elizabeth Warren). There are really too many to list, but I’ll try to cover the ones which have been gaining the most traction.

Now, from the beginning of the email scandal, there has been government “insider” after “insider” on every alternative media program and even mainstream right-wing media making all kinds of outrageous claims like “Clinton will be indicted within the next month!”, “James Comey wants to indite Clinton ” or “Obama will make sure to have Clinton taken down,” etc. etc. It is my contention that pretty much all of these “bombshell” insider claims are bogus whether it has to do with Clinton or anything else for that matter. Take for example Tom Delay claiming he has sources who tell him that the FBI is ready to indict Clinton if the attorney general doesn’t go forward with a DoJ recommendation to bring a case forward – I find this claim and others like it especially unbelievable since grand jury information is very tightly controlled. There is no way Tom Delay could have confirmed with anyone that a grand jury has even been convened yet. This kind of grand jury information regarding federal cases is pretty much never leaked. And not only that, but I don’t think that the email story was really brought out and emphasized by the media to completely destroy Clinton by getting her indicted. I think that the email story was brought out to dangle over Clinton to damage her in the general election, since the true controllers of the U.S. 1) want a Republican in the White House in order to pacify the large portion of the population which is outraged with government’s actions under the nominal control of Obama and to push for another major Middle Eastern intervention (which would unfortunately receive support from the right-wing if the person pushing it has an R next to his name) and 2) do not want Clinton herself in the Oval Office since, although she is a puppet of the globalists, is too independent and would try to run the White House as her own kingdom at the protest of her handlers. The elites want someone who is relatively new to the scene, unsaturated and un-weathered (like Obama, Bill Clinton when he was young, or Ted Cruz) who is dependent upon them for direction and support – Clinton does not have to rely entirely upon the true elite and handlers because she has her own semi-independent political machine she can employ in establishing her own lines of support and her own agenda separate from that of the people running the Washington and the rest of the world from behind the scenes. However, the manipulators do want Clinton as the Democratic nominee because of all the new dirt that can be brought out against her (and already has) and all of her already existing baggage.

The email issue was obviously brought out and emphasized by the media on the order of a higher power at a convenient time. And we know this because the fact that Clinton used an effectively unsecured private email server while Secretary of State came out a full three years ago but only ever amassed any attention anywhere right before the election season started ramping up. So, ultimately this manufactured issue is a means of plying the election, not some kind of legitimate attempt to indict Clinton on anything of the sort. First of all, there’s no reason to all the sudden indict the so-called wife of the globalists’ golden boy Bill Clinton (though it’s a sham marriage), and second of all, it is very possible that Clinton is “gray-mailing” everyone in the Obama administration and by extension many in the beltway by threatening to expose their deepest darkest secrets, which is a tactic employed often in politics. A possibility I entertained previously was that the manipulators may have been trying to turn Hillary into a sacrificial cow to push the public’s perception that this is the time for the “insurgent outsider” candidates to rout the establishment, but at this point I don’t think this is likely since they’ve already succeeded in propagating that idea through Trump and Cruz and if they really wanted to sacrifice Clinton and indict her they likely would have done it already as opposed to bleeding the issue and letting it saturate.

Look, for the past several decades we’ve heard time after time that “this is the real deal – the FBI or DoJ really have the dirt on Clinton and she’s about to be taken down” be it with the cattle futures, the activities surrounding her time at Rose Law, travelgate, whitewater, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation embezzling money and taking illegal donations, etc., etc. and nothing ever happens. So, it’s really the common sense approach to assume the same this time around – that nothing will happen. I find it very suspicious that so many scandals of Hillary’s have been exposed and brought to the limelight in the mainstream media because pretty much all politicians have dirt on them just as bad if not worse than Hillary’s (including and especially Bill) and their nefarious dealings are never emphasized (when they leak out). I think that this is an indication that the powers that be have never been quite at ease with Clinton because of how power hungry and assertive she is. In a sense Clinton is a protected entity because she’s never been indicted for any her criminal activities (they need to preserve her because she is a useful political figure and is after all Bill’s wife) but at the same time the powers that be have always felt a need to bridle and check Clinton and her people because they fear Clinton will assert herself too much and resist her handlers if she ever got into a position of significant (nominal) power. Whatever ungodly consortium created Bill Clinton clearly didn’t know what it was in for from Hillary when they began promoting him.

Another rumor abound is that a “dark horse” candidate like Joe Biden (perhaps even Michael Bloomberg) is waiting in the wings to trounce Clinton when the time is right, possibly with Elizabeth Warren as a running mate. Earlier, Biden announced that he would not run for the Democratic nomination, but several alternative and mainstream commentators observed that Biden’s announcement didn’t sound like one coming from someone who was planning not to run since it was curiously energetic and purposeful. This is bogus in my opinion. Most of the people pushing this idea are operating on the premise that the establishment Democrats might actually have to scramble to replace Clinton as the establishment Democrat if she actually does get into more trouble with her emails, but, as I’ve explained previously, in my opinion this assumption is probably false since the email “scandal” is simply a way to deteriorate Clinton’s support in the general and since the true behind the scenes controllers of the Democratic party and US politics have been in the can for Clinton as the Democratic nominee since the beginning. And not to mention that it’s really too late for Biden or Warren to get on any ballots at this point.

Many seem to believe that Obama and his people are singularly behind pushing the email scandal, but this is false – they are merely part of it and go along with it because it is true that Obama does not want Clinton running on an anti-Obama platform (which she was apparently planning to do initially). But it cannot be true that Obama is singularly behind the email scandal because 1) Obama neither controls the media (the only reason anyone cares let alone knows about the scandal) nor ultimately the FBI/DoJ. Globalists do. In fact, Obama himself does not control Obama – his handlers working for the true controllers and manipulators do; and 2) if this was actually the only reason for the propagation of the scandal, the the media and FBI/DoJ would no longer be pushing the scandal since Clinton clearly hasn’t at all run on an explicitly anti-Obama platform so far and is very likely not to in the future. She has taken a lukewarm position against the TPP but doesn’t really emphasize the issue much at all. Of course, if supposedly being against the TPP qualifies as running on a vigorous anti-Obama platform, why haven’t the FBI and/or DoJ moved on Hillary yet? They easily could have by now. Why didn’t Obama just go ahead and run Biden? There is really no scenario by which I can imagine Obama attempting to protect his legacy being the only factor at play with the email story.

As with the GOP race, all the pundits and so-called analysts in the media continue to treat the hype surrounding the nomination as anything other than political theater and subtle manipulation, when it is in fact just those things.