Antonin Scalia assassinated?

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 2/18/16

The alternative media is currently reeling over the evidence of a tremendous cover-up surrounding the death of Antonin Scalia at Cibolo Ranch in Western Texas, a hunting resort frequented by elitists which like other resorts of its type is likely a breeding ground for conspiracy. Certainly, his death seems quite suspicious given that a disproportionate number of important, influential, and politically connected people seem to die at secluded resorts such as Cibolo Ranch (Chris Kyle, FDR, Cheney’s lawyer, etc., etc.). It’s also interesting in the context of an assassination scenario that Texas is by far the largest recruiting ground for dark side operatives such as assassins in the U.S. However, I do not believe that Scalia was killed by Obama, globalists, or anyone else for that matter.

Clearly there has been a cover-up surrounding his death and of course the circumstances of his death were strange on their own: no autopsy was performed, the body was quickly embalmed and the remaining bodily fluids were dumped into a river in El Paso, therefore erasing any chance of anyone conducting an accurate toxicology report, the reported cause of death has changed at least 2 times, there are conflicting reports regarding the pillow found on or near Scalia’s head, he refused a security detail while visiting the ranch, the U.S. marshals who arrived at the scene apparently only made a cursory examination of the body without collecting any samples before allowing it to be shipped to El Paso, the phones at the ranch were deliberately disconnected for a period of time, the ditsy malleable judge pulled out of nowhere who confirmed the cause of death has a record of (perhaps on order) incorrectly assessing causes of death, local law enforcement was eventually virtually barred from the scene and the ensuing “investigation” once federal authorities arrived, Scalia was pressured into visiting the ranch by “a friend” who also paid for his visit, etc. etc. – the list could go on almost forever.

Now, clearly there is evidence of a cover up, but this does not necessarily lend itself to the conclusion that Scalia was murdered. Firstly, if Scalia was truly assassinated, the cover up would have been executed nearly perfectly. This cover up was among the sloppiest and most haphazard in history – much of what was reported in fact suggested to many that he was assassinated. And, an autopsy chemical map likely wouldn’t have uncovered anything which would have suggested Scalia was given an induced heart attack via one of the many poisons used to trigger cardiac arrest since all the poisons worthwhile assassins use metabolize into compounds which occur naturally in the body. For someone this high profile, the assassination would have likely been executed perfectly and would had to have been highly compartmentalized and confined to only the assassin and his employer – there would be no need for a cover up and no need to involve Poindexter and the rest of the people at the ranch.

Secondly, I don’t accept the premise that there was any reason for Scalia to be assassinated. Many on the right treat Scalia as some paladin of true American and libertarian values, but he was ultimately a controlled globalist insider, reliable yes-man, and team player as all supreme court justices are (no one gets on the supreme court without being vetted to ascertain controllability and malleability). There are several evidences for this: 1) Scalia was very much involved in engineering the Blackwater cover up and the subsequent attempts by the executive to squash the Freedom of Information Act while assistant attorney general to Nixon and Ford; 2) Scalia throughout his career supported the expansion of blanket government surveillance unaccountable to anything other than the executive; 3) Scalia once lobbied David Axelrod to push Obama to nominate the liberal globalist Elena Kegan for the supreme court, 4) Scalia engineered the 2000 Supreme Court ruling which halted the counting of votes in contested Florida counties during the 2000 presidential election, handing the presidency to Bush; 5) Scalia has on numerous occasions during adjudication concocted absurd excuses for police overreach and abuse of power as well as argued against the existence of Miranda rights and other fundamental protections from law enforcement; 6) Scalia was educated at two premier globalist schools – Georgetown and Harvard; 7) Scalia at one point worked for the CIA funded American Enterprise Institute; and finally 8) Scalia has consistently ruled in almost every major decision in favor of increasing the executive branch’s power, which has been a major boon for globalists. Scalia is in my view someone who used the absurd concepts of constitutional “originalism” and “textualism” as an excuse for very clearly voting along ideological lines and someone whose legacy most definitely should not be respected.

Much has been made of the fact that the owner of Cibolo Ranch, John Poindexter, is a prominent donor to the Democrat party (and was awarded by Obama for his military service in Vietnam for that very reason) and that several important decisions regarding policies being pushed by the Obama administration are about to come up (abortion, one person one vote, obamacare, affirmative action, potentially the TPP). Many believe that the timing of Scalia’s death was simply too convenient given this fact. Firstly, I’m not sure if there were necessarily that many more important decisions on the docket than usual, and secondly, in all honesty, I think that judging by his background and judicial history, Scalia would have towed the globalist line (especially in regards to the TPP) and voted whichever way he was pressured or blackmailed into if the need arose. Indeed, this is what probably happened to John Roberts who all the conservatives and libertarians believed would hold his ground and vote against Obamacare’s constitutionality and then all the sudden changed his vote in the eleventh hour before giving his incredibly weak justification for doing so.

So, I don’t accept the premise that Scalia needed to be assassinated by the globalists in order for them to get what they want given his record of complicity in enabling their agenda and I don’t think that the cover up surrounding Scalia’s death is indicative of him having been assassinated. In my estimation, the cover up was more likely orchestrated to hide the fact that Scalia potentially died from embarrassing means such as a drug overdose or heart attack during sex (and his wife wasn’t present so that of course would have been adulterous). This would explain why he refused a security detail, why an autopsy was avoided in the first place (as I explained earlier, an autopsy wouldn’t reveal anything in the case of a well executed assassination), and the hasty slipshod cover up. Of course, it’s pretty well known among people familiar with secluded resorts catering to elites (including and especially those in Texas) that, typically being located in jurisdictions with corrupt/good old boys law enforcement, these types of resorts often serve as places where influential, elite people can “let loose” so to speak and engage in retrograde and often illegal behavior with effective immunity (i.e. intravenous drug use). Cibolo Ranch was very much an insular club not too dissimilar to the Bohemian Grove, and clubs such as these are infamous for a featuring a whole host of activities from drug use to homosexuality to anything else you could imagine.

Why cover up for a drug overdose or sex-induced heart attack? Well, insiders protect their own both alive and dead. And Scalia definitely was one.


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