Analyzing the candidates

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 12/16/15

Donald Trump: see previous post.

Ted Cruz: Ted Cruz has been designated an outsider candidate by the mainstream media and the majority of the alternative media. However, this is simply not true. Cruz may have true “conservative” leanings and may not be a favorite among Republicans such as Boehner, Ryan, or McConnell because of all the attention grabbing theater he orchestrates in the senate (he was after all a big actor at Harvard and Princeton), but the establishment in reality would be comfortable with a president Cruz. He has an aggressive iteration of establishment foreign policy regarding Iran, is powerful and imposing behind a podium, has more or less an establishment posture regarding immigration, and supports the arch-elitist Trans-Pacific Partnership. His wife works for Goldman Sachs in Houston, was the director to South America for the NSC, and was part of a team which drafted a paper for the CFR proposing a North American Union featuring effectively open borders and interoperability between law enforcement. When asked about this, Cruz, as opposed to simply saying he disagrees with his wife, dismissed the issue out of hand and blew it off as inconsequential. Perhaps the largest indicator that Cruz is in fact an insider is that he was a policy “advisor” (i.e. handler) to George W. Bush and was even instrumental in getting John Roberts appointed to the Supreme Court. Cruz’s many insider and elite connections shouldn’t be surprising given the fact that his entire campaign is being run by a CIA contracting company called Cambridge Analytica (a subsidiary of Strategic Communications Laboratory in England) which utilizes sophisticated psychometric modeling to sway public opinion and induce certain demographics and groups of people to accept certain ideas. Cruz is being pitted against the elite and mega donor backed Rubio as the outsider candidate in the media, but this is a sham; it’s just political theater. Both candidates are more or less establishment friendly candidates who are being played off against each other. Cruz has attracted plenty of elitist, mega donor money, much of which has migrated from the Jeb and Christie camps. A key indicator that Cruz is either one of the preferred establishment candidates or perhaps is being surged as a means of election manipulation is all the primary conservative pundits’ (who are mostly controlled and directed entities) near universal support for him, even if their support is more subtle than for Trump. Even CIA-backed Rush Limbaugh, who was tasked with playing the role of the primary Trump exponent by his handlers is gradually bolstering Cruz. Cruz, like Rubio, would serve the elites purposes as a national security and foreign policy hawk, especially regarding Iran, which is in the West’s crosshairs, and would push the Islamic terrorism threat, which is being thrust full force upon the West unlike anything we’ve seen since the Bush years. However, I don’t believe that the elites are completely comfortable with Cruz because he doesn’t appear to be a very easily controllable or corruptible person, which is why Cruz is the kingmakers’ third or fourth choice after Bush, Christie, and perhaps Rubio.

Marco Rubio: Marco Rubio, currently senator from Florida, is the Republican equivalent of Barack Obama – he came out of nowhere onto the national stage after being carefully engineered and facilitated by establishment power brokers and manipulators. Rubio’s background hasn’t been fleshed out very thoroughly yet, as Obama’s has. As information has come out about Obama, he’s been outed as a CIA creation – his father, step father, mother, and grandparents were all deep cover American intelligence assets or pro-Western agitators. Obama himself started out as a CIA infiltrator into leftist and black activist circles in Chicago and various universities and worked for a company called Business International in New York City, a known CIA front. He was obviously identified by a controller at some point as someone who could be useful to them as a smooth talking manipulator (he very likely received elite esoteric speech training) and was given a fast-track in politics. Rubio strikes me in the same way. He’s a masterful, authoritative speaker who has clearly had his rise in politics helped along by higher powers. Like Obama, Rubio has had a couple of very suspicious elections. As with Obama, Rubio’s background and past has been obfuscated and outright lied about. Rubio’s parents, Mario and Oriales Rubio, left Cuba in 1956 during the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista after being called to Miami by their employer, Meyer Lansky. Rubio lied in his first iteration of his parents’ story and claimed they had fled Cuba during Fidel Castro’s reign. Rubio’s mother, for some odd reason, made several trips back back to Cuba after Castro’s rise. Make of this what you will, but it’s possible Rubio’s parents were intelligence assets, just as Obama’s parents were. Firstly, the fact that Rubio’s parents were so ingrained in the anti-Castro Cuban mafia in Miami means there was at most one degree of separation between them and CIA assets in the Cuban mafia. Secondly, it was extremely rare for anyone, even Cubans, to visit Castro’s Cuba from the U.S. during his reign. Additionally, Rubio’s brother in law, Orlando Cicilia, ran a multi million dollar cocaine smuggling ring in Miami in the 1980s. He hopped out of prison 23 years early, 4 days after Rubio was re-elected to the House of Reps. in 2000. There are also rumors floating around the internet that Rubio is a homosexual – he was arrested in 1990 in a park known for being a hotbed of homosexual prostitution in Ocala, Florida. He was arrested while in a car with two other men, one of which was Angel Barrios who rented a house out to a gay pornography studio. More will come out on Rubio as time progresses, especially if he continues to be a major force in the election season. It’s very clear that Rubio has elitist and mega donor support – Larry Ellison, Shelden Adelson, Ken Griffin, Paul Singer, Cliff Asness, Frank Vandersloot, etc. He sits on two very powerful Senate committees – the Committee on Foreign Relations and the Select Intelligence Committee, which must mean he’s a trusted asset of the establishment. The alternative media is correct that Rubio is an establishment candidate and holds establishment policy positions. He’s controllable because he can probably be blackmailed (what’s out now about Rubio’s connections to drugs and the anti-Castro Cuban mob isn’t even the tip of the iceberg) – another plus for the handlers. However, I don’t think the establishment is 100% comfortable with Rubio’s chances – he’s a tad young and cherubic and perhaps not commanding enough to be taken completely seriously by the public. This is why they’re keeping their options open with Christie and Cruz.

Ben Carson: Carson is an open shut case of an artificially surged election manipulation ploy. He was surged out of nowhere in the polls and given a media blitz. Now he’s collapsed after his media coverage collapsed and was character assassinated by Politico – he’s not going anywhere. He was used perhaps to draw a certain demographic, fracture Trump’s support, and/or perhaps as an instrument to redistribute support to preferred candidates. But it’s clear the establishment doesn’t really support Carson – he has no elite mega donors and he is in no position to serve even as a controllable figure head there to make a good impression. Carson is clearly a mentally unstable individual. He displays a history of erratic behavior and explosive violence, reportedly having tried to smash his mother’s head in with a hammer. Carson does come from an elitist background – he made elite connections in Yale and is an emeritus fellow in the Yale Corporation, the governing body of Yale, which puts him in the company of many establishment people and clandestine globalist spooks. But despite this, the controllers clearly don’t want him as president. I think Ben Carson is okay with this, though. He’ll make millions selling books.

Jeb Bush: Jeb Bush was the preferred establishment candidate going into the election and faired rather well for a while before Trump was surged and the field was crowded with candidates intentionally. Despite his surprising performance at the Las Vegas debate, Bush is done for – despite all that the establishment has done to attempt to buoy Jeb, he can’t be resurrected at this point. Granted, the election engineers have performed miraculous resurrections previously, for example with John McCain. But they also have failed several times, for example with Rudy Giuliani. McCain was an exception since he was never a major contender with a lot of exposure to begin with. Giuliani was a favorite and had a lot of exposure, but no one liked him and he was stigmatized. Same scenario with Bush. He’s burned through most of his funds and many of his donors have migrated to the Cruz and Rubio camps. The establishment likes Bush not only because he’s a Bush but because he’s privy to the control system (but never opposes it) and is controllable because of all the dirt that exists on him regarding his drug smuggling connections in Latin America, which carried over into Florida, in addition to his relations with the anti-Castro Cuban mafia in Florida. But the public clearly doesn’t want another Bush in the White House and Jeb will never be able to shed his identity as a Bush and all the baggage that comes with that.

Chris Christie: Christie was another candidate who received and still receives establishment support. He was actually the front runner for a significant portion of 2014. Christie was a Bush minion as the District Attorney of New Jersey, played up the war on terror and made a name for himself prosecuting terrorist patsies (taking on a Giuliani-esque persona) and various politicians and other powerful people designated to be destroyed by Christie’s bosses. He then became governor of New Jersey. Christie’s progression is common in politics – a controllable, corruptible person moves up the ladder for said qualities. In that regard, Christie is similar to Jeb Bush. Chrsitie would have made a very predictable, controllable president, and that’s what the establishment wants. But all of Christie’s skeletons in his closet, him and his family’s mafia connections, Christie’s corruption in the Fort Lee lane closure, etc. prevented him from ever gaining a foothold in the polls and his numbers collapsed. However, since Jeb Bush has all but fallen off the map, the establishment is giving another go at Christie – having a major New Hampshire newspaper endorse him leading up the NH primary, giving him gimme questions at the debates, and hand selecting media pundits to disseminate the notion that Christie has performed extremely well in the debates and that he is poised to do very well in the New Hampshire primary. So far, this hasn’t translated into much in Christie’s polling numbers, but do look for the election engineers to continue buttressing Christie.

John Kasich: Kasich, governor of Ohio, is a life-long politician and establishment Republican who had toyed with the idea of running for president again after his failed 2000 campaign for some time. Kasich never commanded much of a presence this season. He’s probably not being used in any major way to to manipulate the election, but he’s been given just enough attention in the media to keep him on the radar in order to fracture support and direct a block of voters (Ohio voters) who will go a certain way when Kasich inevitably drops out and endorses an establishment candidate, probably Rubio or perhaps Christie.

Carly Fiorina: Fiorina was clearly used as an election manipulation instrument when she was artificially surged to 12% support in mid-September with extensive media coverage. Like most other artificially boosted candidates, she was labeled an “outsider” because she had never held office, although she is anything but. After Fiorina dutifully supplied a truckload of HP server equipment to the NSA at the request of Michael Hayden one week after 9/11, Fiorina guaranteed herself a spot on the “External Advisory Board” to the CIA and NSA created by Hayden. This was nothing other than a avenue by which technology companies and academics colluded with the military, NSA, and CIA. Fiorina was allowed to promenade through the halls of the most secretive intelligence agency in the world, the NSA, and made close friends with some of the most powerful people in the world (heads of intelligence) – obviously not an outsider. Now, to be clear, Fiorina likely was never informed of the NSA’s most powerful or experimental technologies or given the real inside scoop on the scale and scope of the NSA’s activities – she was merely used as a conduit between private industry and the intelligence community. But that kind of position still indicates that she is someone who is not an outsider at all. Her father was also a powerful federal judge. Her campaign was never going to go anywhere, though. I think she’s simply being positioned to take a powerful job in Washington in some kind of globalist think tank or NGO. No wonder then that Fiorina recently purchased a multi million dollar home in swanky Great Falls, Virginia.

Rand Paul: Rand Paul is the only true, pure outsider candidate with mostly outsider policy positions in the Republican field. He had a relatively strong showing in the beginning of the season but has seen his support slowly eroded away over time. He hasn’t been able to replicate the success his father, Ron Paul had, even with his own libertarian base. Paul has watered down his father’s hardline libertarian message and compromised on a number of key issues thinking it would earn him brownie points with the elites, which has significantly weakened Rand and made him less distinguishable from run of the mill establishment Republicans – he’s disarmed himself and his message and deprived himself of his distinguishing characteristics. Rumor has it that Ron Paul is quite disappointed with Rand, which would make sense given that Ron Paul hasn’t donated a cent to Rand’s campaign. I think Rand is sincere, but at the same time I believe he’s being set up to serve the role of normalizing moderate libertarian ideas in mainstream contemporary political discourse as the Republicans seek to co-opt the libertarian ideology to draw a younger demographic to the GOP. There has to be a reason the Republican National Committee and media have gone out of their way to include Rand in debates he shouldn’t have been in given his dismal polling numbers.

Mike Huckabee: Mike Huckabee is an establishment election manipulation instrument and minion of Roger Ailes’ who, like Kasich, was included in this campaign to fracture support and eventually deliver his demographic (mostly Republicans still clinging to radical social conservatism of the early 2000s variety) to the establishment candidate, Cruz, Christie, or Rubio. In 2012, Huckabee was tasked by the establishment (which wasn’t 100% comfortable with Romney) with attempting to weaken Mitt Romney among Evangelicals by attacking his Mormon religion. He’s clearly not going anywhere and never has, but has been maintained by the election engineers as an instrument of control over the remaining Evangelicals in the Republican party.

Lindsay Graham: Graham, a senator from South Carolina and accomplice of John McCain, Joe Lieberman and the rest of the neocons, was thrown into the election as a potential voter bloc controller and to inject hyper hawkish neoconservative rhetoric into the debate. Despite his near nonexistence in the polling numbers, the media gives Graham and his hawkish rhetoric disproportionate coverage.

George Pataki: Pataki never had a shot at the Republican nomination. He is a New York liberal. There is really nothing interesting about Pataki.

Rick Santorum: Santorum evidently thought he could run in 2016 off the inertia of his 2012 run in which he placed second to Romney. Clearly, this hasn’t worked, since Santorum has no support this time around. Santorum has always predicated his campaigns on social conservatism. Unfortunately for Santorum, the social conservative faction of the GOP has been withering for some time and doesn’t have near the presence it had only 8 years ago.

Scott Walker: Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, who has since dropped out of the race, was actually one of the front runners going into the race, with 14% support at one point. After peaking at 14%, Walker’s numbers only fell and he was never able to resurrect his campaign. He didn’t perform well at the debates he attended. I think he was probably asked to fall on his sword and shoot his campaign in order to coalesce support around another establishment candidate or perhaps as an emergency maneuver to boost Jeb’s numbers and funding.

Bobby Jindal: Jindal is a very strange character – an ethnic Indian with a Louisiana accent. Jindal clearly entered the race confident, believing there were big developments ahead for him and his campaign, but his numbers never went anywhere and he dropped out.

Rick Perry: Perry, the former Texas governor with a Texas swagger, was pressured into running for president in 2012 after initial numbers showed him leading the field. He fared well for a while before a number of embarrassing mistakes and media hitpieces upset his campaign and relegated him to 5th place in the Iowa caucus. After preliminary numbers showed him trailing in South Carolina, Perry dropped out. Perry was the first to drop out in 2016 primarily due to his lack of funding. I think the establishment would welcome a Perry presidency, but he’s simply never been able to get his act together.

So, broadly speaking, the election engineers brought out Trump to draw in the disaffected white, lower middle class, uneducated, non-ideological, apolitical demographic to the Republican Party with too good to be true, infectious populist/nativst rhetoric and bombast, which of course plays into the hands of the Western agenda of taking down Syria and Iran under the cover of waging a war against ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists. The engineered theater which is ensuing in the media will drive people to the polls in both the GOP nomination and for the GOP in the general. The establishment candidates (Cruz, Christie, and Rubio) then co-opted and homogenized Trump’s message, which is exactly what happened when Perot and Goldwater ran. After the election engineers dump Trump through primary and/or convention manipulation (although it is possible that Trump has been in on the manipulation the whole time and will drop out unexpectedly as Perot did) and Cruz, Rubio, or Christie are nominated, the Republicans will likely still get to carry the demographic that Trump excited into the general, especially if Trump endorses someone. This will make the GOP’s chances of winning the general far more likely. The elites in my estimation do not want Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office – she is too bullheaded, independent, and obstinate. She would definitely try to inject herself into the control system and buck her handlers – she’s power hungry. Carson, Fiorina, Kasich, Huckabee, and Graham have been used as election manipulation instruments – used either to siphon voters from a specific voting bloc or demographic to the establishment candidate and/or to fracture support.


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