Brussels attack

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 3/27/16

As with the Paris attacks, the recent Brussels attack was likely a false flag (i.e. had a government/government contractor black operations component). Currently, we have nothing as suggestive of a false flag as say the built, white men reported in the shooting of a cafe by eyewitnesses in the Paris attacks, but the Brussels attack still has several telltale signs of having been a false flag.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Brussels attack is that the security at the Brussels airport was contracted out to an Israeli firm called ICTS, founded by former Shin Bet (the internal Israeli security service) operatives. ICTS has a history of clearly intentionally letting “Muslim terrorists” slip through its fingers despite its reputation as being among the best security contractors and consultants in the world, employing the individual profiling method developed in Israel at all of its locations. There have been four notable incidents of “terrorism” in which there just happened to have been gaping lapses in ICTS’s protocol – 1) the Christmas Bomber of ’09 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport; 2) the deranged dupe shoe bomber Richard Reid in ’01 at Paris’ airport; 3) 9/11, where ICTS let several of the alleged hijackers slip through their fingers at Boston’s Logan airport; and 4) the London stagecoach suicide bombings of 2005. Now, what are the odds that this relatively small security firm just so happened by chance to run security at the sites of so many “terrorist” attacks? Quite low.

We can ascertain in the case of Brussels that ICTS intentionally allowed the three bombers free reign in the airport because released surveillance footage shows both bombers wearing black gloves on their left hands only – this is a telltale sign of an attempt to conceal a bomb detonation mechanism. The ICTS employees or contractors monitoring the live surveillance footage would have known to immediately take action, but they didn’t. Clearly there was sophisticated compartmentalization in ICTS as there is in all private entities involved in collusion with the government and black operations which allowed the higher ups in ICTS under the employ of their intelligence handlers to allow the bombers to pass.

It has been reported even by mainstream media that at least three of the suspects (there were four – one of them was a handler) were known to and wanted by Belgian authorities. According to Belgian authorities, nothing suggested the two brothers were connected to radical Islam. However, this is bogus. The two brothers were on the US terror watchlist – a list which is shared with all other law enforcement, intelligence, and anti-terrorism authorities around the world. In addition to this, Turkey had specifically notified Belgian intelligence and law enforcement of  the two brothers’ terrorist credentials. The Belgians did know about their terrorist connections. Belgian intelligence and ICTS, as reported by the Israel Daily Haaretz, even had precise information on when and where the attacks would take place and were warned in advance. They not only knew about the two brothers terrorist connections beforehand, but also the threat, and did nothing. This failure to act is simply chalked up to bureaucratic incompetence, indifference, and indecisiveness. Really? This many times? With a specific warning when and where exactly the airport would be attacked? I simply don’t believe it.

Najim Laachraoui, who died in the attacks, was supposedly an expert bombmaker who wired the explosive vests for the Paris attacks. The two brothers, Ibrahim and Khalid El-Bakraoui, both of whom also died, were model dupes – mentally deranged violent criminals who could be easily manipulated to do whatever their handlers wished. Ibrahim was previously arrested for attempted robbery and for shooting at police. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, released on parole in 2014, captured in Turkey for being a “militant” (he was likely receiving general instructions in Turkey), and then extradited to the Netherlands where he was simply released by the Dutch authorities into the wild. The Belgians were informed of this and never made an effort to have him brought back to Belgium to face charges or carry out the rest of his prison sentence. This is highly suspicious.

Khalid had been arrested several times for bank robbery, carjacking, and weapons possession. He was released on parole towards the end of his sentence and of course violated, but was never vigorously pursued by the authorities. They were both likely heavily involved in illegal drug use and sexual promiscuity, as the Paris attackers and many of the supposed 9/11 hijackers were. The point here is that, as with 9/11, the Paris attacks, and countless other incidents involving “radical Islamic” terrorists, these people were not what a typical westerner would portray as a fanatical hyper religious Islamic terrorist – they were simply psychotic garden variety criminals who could easily be employed as dupes who did not have the technical or organizational capabilities to pull something like this off without 1) a sophisticated handler and 2) help from the inside both within security at the airport and likely European law enforcement (both of them would most definitely still be in prison without its help). Of course, as with Paris and San Bernardino, there was an awfully convenient trail of evidence at the attackers’ apartment which suggested the two brothers were fanatical Muslims; the stereotypical ISIS terrorist cell. However, their past records (as with the Paris, 9/11, and San Bernardino attackers) suggest otherwise.

Now, the most important person in the bombing is the one not being reported on much by the media or being emphasized by law enforcement – this is the man on the right in the tan coat on the surveillance footage. It has been reported by the media that this man is Faycal Cheffou, an alleged “freelance journalist” (unlikely) living in the the Molenbeek district of Brussels. I’m not convinced either way that this man is Faycal Cheffou or not (he was identified by Belgian media using “unnamed sources”), that whoever the Belgian authorities have detained actually is Faycal Cheffou, or that Feycal Cheffou even exists. But, the reported Faycal Cheffou certainly fits the bill of a low to mid-level handler. Other Belgian media outlets claim that the man in the tan coat was Mohamed Abrini, who was also involved in the Paris attacks (update: London press now reporting that Abrini was an informant for the British Security Services). Who and where this man in the coat was getting his directions from is the most important missing piece of information here. This information may or may not come out later. But, if you were to follow the chain of command all the way to the top, it would most definitely lead back to Turkey or Saudi Arabia, then to Israel, then ultimately to UKUSA.

Turkey has clearly played a significant role in this – Turkey after all is ISIS’ immediate handler and operational chief. It’s my suspicion that the brothers may have been given general instructions from a faction within Turkey and then handed off to the tan coat handler in Brussels.

Many in the partially controlled “sidestream” media (e.g. Infowars, Worldnetdaily, Breitbart, Drudge, etc.) have hyped the Muslim threat as a real, spontaneous, organic threat and wholeheartedly embraced either the incompetency/political correctness canard or a weak version of the “LIHOP” (let in happen on purpose) not only in regards to Brussels but most major terrorist attacks. Alex Jones has even begun pussy-footing around about 9/11 and has started to, as opposed to citing evidence for it having been a government operation from beginning to end as he used to, claim that it was “bare minimum” an intentional stand-down, when in fact western intelligence and governments and in particular the US were far, far more involved than that and were almost solely responsible for making 9/11 happen (on purpose). Well, there is always a “made it happen on purpose” component and Islamic terrorism is and has always been a co-opted and controlled threat whose top leaders are all handled and/or in cooperation with western intelligence/security services and played like pawns. If terrorism were a real organic threat in the west, we’d be seeing electrical pylons and busy streets, malls, etc. being bombed multiple times a day like in the Middle East, and of course we don’t see that. We only see absurdly sophisticated plots all of which show signs of having government black operations components.

We know Paris was made to happen on purpose as well, since there was clearly a black operations team composed of whites driving a Mercedes involved who were never apprehended or further reported on by the media. San Bernardino was made to happen since we know there was a mysterious third accomplice handler apprehended by law enforcement who simply went into a black hole and because we know that the shooters in San Bernardino were tall, built, and white in appearance (there’s certainly no way Malik was one of the shooters). As for Brussels, all the evidence so far suggests LIHOP very strongly and very weakly suggests direct MIHOP. However, my gut feeling is that this attack as with almost all others, was a case of MIHOP primarily because of the coordination with this arm of Israeli intelligence ICTS – the Israelis had to have had seamless communication with whoever was handling and directing the terrorists in order to time the allowance of this attack, be it Turkey or a (nominal) ISIS handler who would have been taking their directions either directly or indirectly from Turkey or Saudi Arabia (who in turn take directions from Israel and UKUSA). Rigorous horizontal and vertical compartmentalization within ISIS and the governments running it exists to keep the full conspiracy hidden from those who aren’t supposed to know the full conspiracy.

So, even if the only direct instruction the terrorists received were from “ISIS,” the countries running ISIS still indirectly made the terrorist attack happen, and probably engineered and ordered the attack which passed down through ISIS given ICTS’s involvement. It’s important to realize that ISIS is a creation of American, British, Israeli, Turkish, and Saudi intelligence (although it is primarily handled in an immediate, direct sense by Turkey and Saudi Arabia). US intelligence was the lead engineer of ISIS – the DIA specifically requested in numerous reports a coalition of tribally-aligned Sunni factions in Iraq and Syria whose primary purpose would be to destabilize the Assad regime. And none other than John McCain met with the supposed leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (who surprise surprise is an American asset who at one point was a “civilian internee” at an American military detention i.e. black operations site in Iraq) along with leaders of the Free Syrian Army in 2013 near Idlib, Syria (the MI6 also “attempted” to recruit Jihadi John). Coincidentally, right after Baghdadi’s release from the camp in Iraq and meeting with McCain and other elite Levantine warlords, ISIS swept across the Middle East in the blink of an eye.

ISIS has received training, CIA advisement, secret funding and weapons as well as traded with all five countries mentioned above. Jordanian sources have confirmed that future ISIS members and various Syrian rebels were trained by US instructors at a secret base in the Jordanian city of Safawi. There are scores of reports of US weapons and supplies drops to ISIS. Somehow, all these American weapons and all this equipment keeps getting in the hands of ISIS. The US is running a fake war in ISIS – 75% of ordnance carried in planes is disallowed from being dropped by the executive and entire convoys of ISIS tanks, trucks, and soldiers are not allowed to be bombed because of “civilian casualties.” Well, that certainly didn’t stopped the Obama administration and the people running it in Libya or Afghanistan. On the trade side, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are all heavily involved the marketing and trade of ISIS oil on the black market (Israel is the primary buyer, at a discount of course). 400k barrels of oil a day are exported out of the Port of Ceyhan from “ISIS controlled territories” of Iraq and Turkey. No one has ever asked who is buying and selling this oil or who is making billions from its sale (although some at BP and Exxon surely know). There are no real figures on how much oil has left Iraq since 2003 or since ISIS took control of the Kirkuk oil field, but it’s at least $1 trillion of oil. That kind of money can only exist in the black/shadow finance realm – the realm from which ISIS receives its funding.

Essentially, what happened was that UKUSA intelligence took half of the radical Sunni jihadists in Syria, gathered their leaders (planting their own double agents at the very top), and made them “ISIS”, all the while supporting their collage of tribally designated jihad groups financially, logistically, and militarily. “ISIS” made a number of military impossible maneuvers across Iraq early in its rise, meaning that ISIS is a power merely acting under the theatrical guise of one “ISIS”. The monolithic ISIS you see on cable news in the form of fake theatrical execution videos and propaganda is not the real ISIS in almost all of Syria and Iraq. It is created in studios in both the Middle East (primarily Mosul, the only place where the ISIS the west knows exists) and west staffed with western intelligence contractors. Most ISIS recruiters on social media are fake as well – numerous ISIS affiliated social media accounts and websites have been traced back to the UK. The real ISIS in Iraq and Syria is a relatively disorganized amalgamation of various tribally aligned radical Sunni jihadist groups along with scores of other radical mercenaries recruited from around the world ultimately operating under the control of double agents for the western intelligence services. The war in Syria and Iraq at this point is more of a mercenary war than a civil war – the half or more of the militants are from outside Syria and Iraq. Like, Al-Qaeda, ISIS is not a monolithic organization (in fact Al-Qaeda was initially just the name for a list of terrorists who came in and out of one of Osama bin Laden’s safehouse in Peshawar).

In fact, there is evidence mounting that ISIS’s territorial gains are massively overstated or there is some extreme overestimation of who and what is actually ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Erbil ships tons of oil to Turkey through Mosul, the supposed ISIS capital, right under ISIS’s leaders’ noses. It’s been revealed that a huge swath of oil fields northeast of Baghdad reported to be ISIS’s is in fact Pergmersha’s. This just demonstrates the haphazard and frenetic nature of what is described in the media as “ISIS” – it more or less doesn’t exist.. It is rather part of a vast criminal conspiracy involving the US, UK, Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and the core of ISIS (which is really the only ISIS) – the top leaders – all answer to handlers from said countries.

As an endnote, it’s important to realize how important total electronic surveillance is in the west, Israel, and certain Middle Eastern countries’ effective control over ISIS and other such terrorist entities. Any claim that UKUSA intelligence is or was simply completely unaware of something such as a developing terrorist plot or some new terrorist organization on the up and up (such as ISIS) is utterly bogus. UKUSA and its Anglo allies employ the most massive, all encompassing and sophisticated dragnet imaginable – it’s tapped all fiber optic networks and fiber optic interchanges (including the Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific subsea fiber optic cables using specialized joint Navy-NSA submarines out of Kitsap Naval Base), monitors all traffic (including burner phones) through cell towers all throughout the world, monitors all Islamic chats and forums, all email, and all satellite communications (the largest and most expensive reconnaissance satellite in the world, USA-202 run by the NSA and NRO with an antenna the length of a football field, is in fact right next to the Thuraya-2 satellite through which almost all satellite communications within, into, and out of the Middle East routes). Whistleblowers from the NSA and other intelligence agencies have also shown that there is no problem in regards to “collecting so much data they don’t know what to do with it” – that is a totally phony made up problem. The NSA and other intelligence agencies have had sophisticated predictive algorithms for decades which are incredibly effective at predicting attacks among other events.

Many popular encryption protocols and random number generators used in such protocols have secret backdoors (take RSA Security for example) and almost all of the ones that don’t have likely been compromised by quantum computing – several US government agencies have massive quantum and super computing complexes in deep underground bases (where the blackest projects and operations take place). Pretty much anything can be hacked into and compromised by either the NSA, GCHQ, CIA, or the Special Collections Service (the NSA has a 100% rate of success in compromising iphones according to documents leaked by Jacob Applebaum and Der Spiegel). To put it plainly, UKUSA signals intelligence has “total hearability” – nothing gets passed them. Including and especially supposed Islamic terrorist groups.


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