Election update: Democrats

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 1/28/16


In the past month or so, more action has occurred on the Democratic side of the race than has occurred on the GOP side. On the surface of the race, self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders has surged from the 30% support level he had held steady at for more than two months to a near 40% support level, decreasing Clinton’s lead from 25% to around 10-15%. Despite Sanders’ surge showing signs of weakening as of recently, he is still a force to be reckoned with unless it turns out he was artificially surged towards the beginning of the primaries for some reason (which is a possibility, but something we can only know for sure after the fact).

Regarding the machinations of the race on a deeper level, there is certainly no lack of rumors in mainstream, beltway, and alternative circles surrounding Hillary Clinton, her FBI/DoJ investigations, her standing with the Obama administration, and what will occur with Joe Biden (as well as potentially Elizabeth Warren). There are really too many to list, but I’ll try to cover the ones which have been gaining the most traction.

Now, from the beginning of the email scandal, there has been government “insider” after “insider” on every alternative media program and even mainstream right-wing media making all kinds of outrageous claims like “Clinton will be indicted within the next month!”, “James Comey wants to indite Clinton ” or “Obama will make sure to have Clinton taken down,” etc. etc. It is my contention that pretty much all of these “bombshell” insider claims are bogus whether it has to do with Clinton or anything else for that matter. Take for example Tom Delay claiming he has sources who tell him that the FBI is ready to indict Clinton if the attorney general doesn’t go forward with a DoJ recommendation to bring a case forward – I find this claim and others like it especially unbelievable since grand jury information is very tightly controlled. There is no way Tom Delay could have confirmed with anyone that a grand jury has even been convened yet. This kind of grand jury information regarding federal cases is pretty much never leaked. And not only that, but I don’t think that the email story was really brought out and emphasized by the media to completely destroy Clinton by getting her indicted. I think that the email story was brought out to dangle over Clinton to damage her in the general election, since the true controllers of the U.S. 1) want a Republican in the White House in order to pacify the large portion of the population which is outraged with government’s actions under the nominal control of Obama and to push for another major Middle Eastern intervention (which would unfortunately receive support from the right-wing if the person pushing it has an R next to his name) and 2) do not want Clinton herself in the Oval Office since, although she is a puppet of the globalists, is too independent and would try to run the White House as her own kingdom at the protest of her handlers. The elites want someone who is relatively new to the scene, unsaturated and un-weathered (like Obama, Bill Clinton when he was young, or Ted Cruz) who is dependent upon them for direction and support – Clinton does not have to rely entirely upon the true elite and handlers because she has her own semi-independent political machine she can employ in establishing her own lines of support and her own agenda separate from that of the people running the Washington and the rest of the world from behind the scenes. However, the manipulators do want Clinton as the Democratic nominee because of all the new dirt that can be brought out against her (and already has) and all of her already existing baggage.

The email issue was obviously brought out and emphasized by the media on the order of a higher power at a convenient time. And we know this because the fact that Clinton used an effectively unsecured private email server while Secretary of State came out a full three years ago but only ever amassed any attention anywhere right before the election season started ramping up. So, ultimately this manufactured issue is a means of plying the election, not some kind of legitimate attempt to indict Clinton on anything of the sort. First of all, there’s no reason to all the sudden indict the so-called wife of the globalists’ golden boy Bill Clinton (though it’s a sham marriage), and second of all, it is very possible that Clinton is “gray-mailing” everyone in the Obama administration and by extension many in the beltway by threatening to expose their deepest darkest secrets, which is a tactic employed often in politics. A possibility I entertained previously was that the manipulators may have been trying to turn Hillary into a sacrificial cow to push the public’s perception that this is the time for the “insurgent outsider” candidates to rout the establishment, but at this point I don’t think this is likely since they’ve already succeeded in propagating that idea through Trump and Cruz and if they really wanted to sacrifice Clinton and indict her they likely would have done it already as opposed to bleeding the issue and letting it saturate.

Look, for the past several decades we’ve heard time after time that “this is the real deal – the FBI or DoJ really have the dirt on Clinton and she’s about to be taken down” be it with the cattle futures, the activities surrounding her time at Rose Law, travelgate, whitewater, Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation embezzling money and taking illegal donations, etc., etc. and nothing ever happens. So, it’s really the common sense approach to assume the same this time around – that nothing will happen. I find it very suspicious that so many scandals of Hillary’s have been exposed and brought to the limelight in the mainstream media because pretty much all politicians have dirt on them just as bad if not worse than Hillary’s (including and especially Bill) and their nefarious dealings are never emphasized (when they leak out). I think that this is an indication that the powers that be have never been quite at ease with Clinton because of how power hungry and assertive she is. In a sense Clinton is a protected entity because she’s never been indicted for any her criminal activities (they need to preserve her because she is a useful political figure and is after all Bill’s wife) but at the same time the powers that be have always felt a need to bridle and check Clinton and her people because they fear Clinton will assert herself too much and resist her handlers if she ever got into a position of significant (nominal) power. Whatever ungodly consortium created Bill Clinton clearly didn’t know what it was in for from Hillary when they began promoting him.

Another rumor abound is that a “dark horse” candidate like Joe Biden (perhaps even Michael Bloomberg) is waiting in the wings to trounce Clinton when the time is right, possibly with Elizabeth Warren as a running mate. Earlier, Biden announced that he would not run for the Democratic nomination, but several alternative and mainstream commentators observed that Biden’s announcement didn’t sound like one coming from someone who was planning not to run since it was curiously energetic and purposeful. This is bogus in my opinion. Most of the people pushing this idea are operating on the premise that the establishment Democrats might actually have to scramble to replace Clinton as the establishment Democrat if she actually does get into more trouble with her emails, but, as I’ve explained previously, in my opinion this assumption is probably false since the email “scandal” is simply a way to deteriorate Clinton’s support in the general and since the true behind the scenes controllers of the Democratic party and US politics have been in the can for Clinton as the Democratic nominee since the beginning. And not to mention that it’s really too late for Biden or Warren to get on any ballots at this point.

Many seem to believe that Obama and his people are singularly behind pushing the email scandal, but this is false – they are merely part of it and go along with it because it is true that Obama does not want Clinton running on an anti-Obama platform (which she was apparently planning to do initially). But it cannot be true that Obama is singularly behind the email scandal because 1) Obama neither controls the media (the only reason anyone cares let alone knows about the scandal) nor ultimately the FBI/DoJ. Globalists do. In fact, Obama himself does not control Obama – his handlers working for the true controllers and manipulators do; and 2) if this was actually the only reason for the propagation of the scandal, the the media and FBI/DoJ would no longer be pushing the scandal since Clinton clearly hasn’t at all run on an explicitly anti-Obama platform so far and is very likely not to in the future. She has taken a lukewarm position against the TPP but doesn’t really emphasize the issue much at all. Of course, if supposedly being against the TPP qualifies as running on a vigorous anti-Obama platform, why haven’t the FBI and/or DoJ moved on Hillary yet? They easily could have by now. Why didn’t Obama just go ahead and run Biden? There is really no scenario by which I can imagine Obama attempting to protect his legacy being the only factor at play with the email story.

As with the GOP race, all the pundits and so-called analysts in the media continue to treat the hype surrounding the nomination as anything other than political theater and subtle manipulation, when it is in fact just those things.


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