Mike Pence

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 7/19/16


Donald Trump’s recent tendency towards playing ball and collaborating with establishment Republicans has only been accentuated by his choice of three vice presidential finalists – Mike Pence, Christie, and Newt Gingrich — two solid mid-level establishment operatives (Pence & Christie) and one a dyed in the wool globalist (Gingrich). Whichever person he chose it would have shed serious doubt on Trump’s supposed intention of routing the beltway establishment. His pick of Pence is unsurprising given his blandness, inoffensiveness and rapport with the social conservative and rabid pro-Israel wings of the Republican party. What is interesting about the Pence pick is both Trump and Pence’s connection to Koch operatives. It’s widely known that a swath of former? Koch operatives populate the Trump campaign and that Trump has courted the Kochs through their political operatives. One of Mike Pence’s closest advisors and his former congressional chief of staff, Marc Short, was a leading Koch political operative. Although this relationship may appear spurious given how massive and well-connected the Koch empire is, it does show at the very least that Trump and his people are willing to confer with, associate with, and possibly be swayed by establishment and globalist operatives familiar with the machinations of the beltway. Another interesting connection of Pence’s is to the 2001 false flag anthrax attacks following 9/11 – Pence immediately came out after the attacks and asserted that the anthrax was a high engineered, genetically modified sample originating from Iraq/Saddam Hussein, which was blatantly false.

However, Pence as VP isn’t the most pertinent issue at hand. Vice presidents are statistically relatively unimportant as it relates to the outcome of elections and historically rather unimportant in the running of administrations (they are rather figureheads or in betweens). Whether Pence will play an important role in a Trump administration, as an executive, handler, or otherwise is unclear. According to a Kasich aide who leaked an interview between Donald Trump Jr. and Kasich’s people, Trump’s vice president will be “in charge” of foreign and domestic policy (while Trump himself will be in charge of “making America great again”), which despite its apparent clarity could in actuality mean anything from Pence being a mere yesman figurehead policy hack stuck in a corner to Pence truly leading the right-wing policy drive the powers that be are pushing making him one of the most powerful vice presidents in history. If Pence does end up being instrumental in engineering and implementing policy, it will be rather interesting to see exactly what kind of policies he drafts given his massive historical policy and ideological dissimilarities with Trump (Pence is pro-immigration, pro-TPP, etc.)

What is perhaps even more pertinent is where Chris Christie and especially Newt Gingrich will be placed in a Trump administration. Christie, a corrupt globalist operative who was one of the establishment’s Republican presidential favorites leading up the election season has been named head of Trump’s transition team, which indicates that he will be placed as some kind of White House counselor, advisor, or possibly attorney general (although this is rather unlikely given his baggage). Gingrich has been a long-time advisor and confidante of Trump’s and is likely one of the many operatives in and surrounding Trump’s campaign who have been subtly handling and guiding it ever since it was put into motion and subsequently bolstered by the powers that be. Although Gingrich will not be VP, he will very likely assume an even more effectively powerful role in a Trump administration such as chief advisor or chief of staff and will handle Trump. Surely something was being worked out while Trump and Gingrich were having a 3-hour meeting in Indiana.

I’ve long predicted that the powers that be want in 2016 to give Americans a controlled and compliant yet convincing Republican to restore faith in the government and pacify them after 8 years of Obama, initiate another surge of reactionary military intervention in the Middle East, and reinforce and intensify the police state with popular support thanks to the hyped and engineered Muslim terrorist threat. Initially, I thought that the establishment would not look for Trump to fulfill this role and were bolstering him purely as a means of election manipulation to increase Republican voter turnout. However, after more careful reconsideration of his connections and background (Trump is neck deep in mob, CIA and various other government ties through his father, Fred Trump, and mentor, Roy Cohn) and Trump’s apparent willingness to be swayed, handled, and dampened by insider political operatives and advisors (such as Joseph Schmitz, Paul Manafort, and Michael Glassner), I’m now sufficiently convinced that the powers that be at the very least would be okay with a handled president Trump and possibly even intended on him becoming president from the beginning. Of course the RNC is now fully in league with Trump and has coordinated with the Trump campaign working as a mafia/protection racket to shut anti-Trump delegates out of the convention and has worked overtime to ensure that convention rules are never changed to the detriment of Trump (something virtually everyone in the conservative and alternative media said the Republicans were dead set on doing). The RNC and upper echelons of the Republican party being vehemently anti-Trump was always a sham; mere political theater. This makes even more sense in the context of Paul Manafort promising the RNC that Trump has been and is currently “playing a part” and will fall in line with the GOP establishment going further into the general (he’s really already there underneath it all, of course).

As and I and others predicted, Hillary Clinton was not indicted over her mishandling of classified information or her use of a private email server. Both conservative and mainstream media bleated endlessly about how their supposed sources confirmed that Clinton would be indicted and that Comey, fighting the good fight, would do what was right. These claims were simply untrue and are a stellar illustration of how rumors in the alternative media are often completely bogus. The purpose of the email investigation (a story which came out nearly 4 years ago but was only exploited conveniently right as election season ramped up) as well as possibly Benghazi (where the real story regarding CIA weapons running to ISIS and Syrian rebels was covered up) were not to indict or arrest Clinton but to damage her sufficiently in the general election to get a Republican elected. The powers that be I don’t believe are as comfortable with the notion of a president Clinton as many believe them to be. Hillary is a very different animal tham Bill. Bill was catapulted into positions of huge nominal power by people far more powerful than himself such as Jackson Stephens and then guarded and immunized by a protection racket around him provided by his handlers because he was an extremely reliable and controllable puppet and a relatively disengaged president (as was Bush II). Hillary I don’t believe would be satisfied playing the role of a disengaged puppet – she can be swayed and bought like Donald Trump, but she isn’t nearly as controllable as someone like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. She would constantly buck her handlers and probably see some success in evading them having played the role of a handler for Bill her entire life. In addition to this, the powers that be want a Republican in the White House for 8 years.

Regardless of whether Trump or Clinton gets elected, we will have a president who can be effectively manipulated and controlled by insider advisors and handlers.


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