Paris Attacks and ISIS

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 11/21/15.

Now that a miniature 9/11 has been perpetrated against France supposedly by the Islamic State, ISIS has been thrust to the forefront of political discourse again. Public discourse regarding ISIS is completely misdirected, as is public discourse on almost everything. We’re seeing virtually every media pundit and political figure coming out and directing their full attention towards the apparent radical Islamist nature of ISIS and calling for all kinds of law enforcement measures (most of which have already been implemented unbeknown to the public) both in the U.S. and Europe to prevent terrorism. Now, that ISIS is nominally a radical Wahhabi jihadist organization isn’t what is being challenged, or even that many members of ISIS are radical Wahhabi/Salafist jihadists. However, radical Islam and an attempt to reestablish the caliphate are not the true driving forces of ISIS – those are merely a cover at the very highest levels. Sure, some of the foot soldiers may believe that is their purpose (many don’t, by the way), but those at the top know what is really going on. And that is that ISIS’ rise was facilitated by a coalition of the U.S., U.K., Israeli, Turkey, and the Gulf Arab states in order to establish a Salafist principality in eastern Syria in order to destabilize the Syrian government (this is very well documented and all the evidence converges to that conclusion) so that 1) a Qatari pipeline to Europe can be built (which Europe desperately wants in order to free itself from Russian gas); 2) a Russian client state (Syria) can be taken out; and 3) so Israel can operate more freely in the Middle East without the threat of Syria shelling Israel and overwhelming Israel’s iron dome missile defense system. ISIS is merely a controlled instrument of the West’s. So then it’s no wonder that the White House has called off using 75% of the Air Force’s ordinance on identified ISIS targets, ISIS never attacks U.S. allies in the Middle East like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc., ISIS never attacks the U.S. with legitimate terror attacks like the ones that occur in the Middle East (blowing up electrical pylons, car bombings, etc.) despite the fact that the U.S. border is wide open, Turkey allows ISIS to smuggle a variety of good across its borders to inject into its black market, Turkey markets ISIS oil and then sells the disguised product to Israel, etc., etc.

So, in reality, ISIS is not a principled, radical jihadist force legitimately trying to establish a Sunni caliphate, but a bloodthirsty, drugged up mercenary army consisting largely of disenfranchised radical young men (who may or may not be true radical Islamists) from every corner of the globe (primarily the Middle East and the rest of Asia) and highly trained rollover Al-Qaeda members being used by Western powers. Many ISIS members do not appear to be truly religious at all. Most of them ravenously consume drugs and engage in immoral sexual behavior and any number of other immoralities when not engaged in fighting or coordination. And, this is a pattern that has been observed with many so-called radical Islamist groups. The IS members behind the Paris attacks were no different.

Take for example the “mastermind” behind the Paris attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud (if he in fact was. His family in Belgium alleged that he had died in battle in Syria and hadn’t contacted them for some time, while Belgian counterintelligence suggested he faked his death in order to move freely through Europe. It’s possible Abaaoud is a patsy). Abaaoud attended an elite Catholic school in an upscale residential district of Brussels called College Saint Pierre d’Uccle, something almost unheard of for a son of a recent immigrant from Morocco. He was kicked out for bad behavior and turned to criminal activities as many future jihadists do. He hung around bars reportedly known to be drug dealing grounds from locals. All the sudden, on a dime, he supposedly becomes devoutly religious and moves to Aleppo, Syria to join the Islamic State. Abaaoud’s father, Omar Abaaoud, attests not to Abdelhamid’s faith and religiosity, but to his being a “psychopath”, “devil”, and having “destroyed our family.” Omar Abaaoud never wants to see him again and was apparently “glad” and “relieved” at the news of his death, and his sister, Yasmina Abaaoud, said that “we are praying that Abdelhamid is really dead.”

Abdelhamid Abaaoud

Hasna Aitboulahcen, Abaaoud’s alleged cousin killed at the Saint Denis raid and the person who was initially reported as one of the suicide bombers at the Paris attacks, was living with some of the perpetrators of the Paris attack. Hasna was most certainly not truly religious. Reports suggest she was a degenerate party girl who drank excessively and consumed illegal drugs. [1] Do you really think true radical Muslims would tolerate living with such a person? Interestingly, when she announced having become a jihadist, her neighbors assumed she was joking.

Hasna Aitboulahcen

Salah Abdeslam, another figure being pursued by law enforcement whose brother, Ibrahim, was one of the suicide bombers, was described by his neighbors has being a very nice person and showing no extremist tendencies at all whatsoever. The hotel that was booked by Abdeslam in Alfortville, Paris for the terrorists before the attacks was littered with pizza boxes and syringes (for heroin). [2] Sound like a bunch of religious nuts to you?

Salah Abdeslam

Frankly, the entire operation reeks of some sort of government black operation (probably Saudi-Israeli) and many of these suspects look like patsies to me. And, of course, the French investigators haven’t even scratched the surface of this plot despite what they’re telling the public. The level of sophistication, patience, and coordination required to pull off an attack such as this most definitely required more people having been involve than just the eight being honed in on by the media. I don’t believe that these eight specifically could have pulled this off on their own without assistance from state sponsored black operations. The only explanation for how whoever pulled off this attack was able to get away with it was sophisticated methods of communication and randomized time and location of correspondence. Trafficking in the quantity of weapons they were able to smuggle in without alerting the authorities would have been quite a difficult task, especially for a bunch of drugged up youths. Additionally, it doesn’t seem as though many of these attackers had the constitution to pull off the Paris attacks. There is direct evidence for this – as is typical with Western intelligence facilitated attacks, there are typically black operatives who join in the attack or tag along with the patsy. It seems as though the Paris attack is no different. The media has focused in on the black VW Polo and has completely ignored the eye witness testimony of the black Mercedes which pulled up to the Le Belle Equipe bistro and contained two tall, muscular, groomed, well built white non-Semitic appearing shooters. [3] These two perfectly fit the description of government black operatives.

The dead giveaway for state involvement, however, was the massive cyber attack on French systems prior to the attack which temporarily took down mobile data networks and blinded police surveillance. It was not a straightforward denial of service attack that could have been pulled off by nearly anyone, but a highly sophisticated attack that targeted weaknesses in network infrastructure hardware and software. The expertise and resources required for such an attack only could have come from a state sponsor such as Israel or the U.S. What’s important to realize about this cyber attack is that it means whichever figures in the deep state who knew the attack on Paris was coming could completely blind French intelligence. It allowed for the attack to be carried out flawlessly, for more efficient compartmentalization, and the disappearance of evidence as to who carried out the attacks.

No one is anywhere near getting to the bottom of the Paris attacks, myself included. However, what I believe most likely happened is that the alleged perpetrators were involved in the attack, but were facilitated by black operations from any combination of the US, Israel, and European NATO countries. It’s possible a few of the attackers who have flown under the media’s radar were indeed black operations, but it’s impossible to be sure right now.

What was the purpose of this attack? Well, that can’t be proven, at least yet. However, theorizing never hurts. It could have been a ploy to save the EU – if every EU country decides all the sudden to clamp down on border security, it would diffuse the issue in the eyes of the public and the extremely popular anti-EU parties in countries such as the UK and France would be neutralized. It could have been an excuse to make European surveillance laws more conducive to government spying (they already do this anyhow, laws just make it easier to get away with). Another possibility is that this was orchestrated and bolstered primarily by American interests in order to pique Europe’s interest in war in the Middle East (something which the French executive called for immediately). One of the Obama administration’s unstated foreign policy goals has been to bulwark an international military front consisting of countries from all over the world (such as France, Russia, etc.) so as to develop a global military and temporarily reduce the amount of pressure on the U.S. to act. Russia’s bombing of rebel and ISIS targets may in fact be welcomed not only because it takes heat off the U.S. to act but also gives the U.S. an opportunity to spy on Russia’s military capabilities and operations. And the U.S., Turkey, Israel, and Gulf Arab states know very well that ISIS has more or less accomplished what it was intended to do – destabilize the Levant and put pressure on Assad. Even if Russia somehow ends up being able to protect its client (Syria), it would likely fold under pressure from other countries to abandon Assad and allow a compromised leader to take control of Syria. But, Russia most definitely does not want a radical Wahabbist/Salafist regime in the Levant, as the West and its cohorts in Turkey, Israel, and the Gulf do.


[1] Suicide bomber was a party girl who hung out with drug dealers

[2] Were the Paris killers on DRUGS?

[3] Paris attack witness says black Mercedes pulled up and shooters fired rifles from the hip



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