Trump and the election

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 12/15/15

I really hate to write about Donald Trump yet again, but it’s impossible to avoid Trump since he more or less dominates the political news cycle. And his legendary performance this election season has guaranteed him a place in U.S. history books, just as Ross Perot and Barry Goldwater’s presidential runs did.

The media’s recently shifted from characterizing and scrutinizing Trump himself to hand wringing over what Trump’s rise symbolizes and generalizes about the American population as a whole and what it means for the Washington and GOP “establishments.” It doesn’t mean much, frankly. The calling card of many of the establishmentarian downfall analysts has been “people hate Washington, they’re finished with it,” or some variation of such. I don’t think there’s ever been a time that the general population hasn’t despised Washington. The same incessant populist, anti-establishment hand wringing and unfalsifiable theorizing about the direction contemporary politics is going in occurred when Ross Perot and Barry Goldwater led the GOP field in 1992 and 1964, respectively. This kind of sentiment ran high even when Obama was running in 2007-2008. Their ascent was interpreted as the imminent death of the American political establishment. Of course, such a thing never happened – Goldwater and Perot both lost in the general election, Obama won in 2008, and affairs continued as they had previously and the establishment elite retained control over the political scene. If history is any indicator, Trump’s campaign should play out somewhat similarly.

But, before I get to the specifics of Trump, it’s important to realize that there is nothing mystical, mysterious, or incomprehensible about Trump’s ascension. The reason Trump is polling so well is because the media bolsters him by supplying him with billions of dollars worth of free advertising in the form of oversized media coverage and because he says things people want to hear. Now, all politicians do this to an extent, but Trump differentiates himself from other politicians because he has no apparent filter. Not only does Trump say what people want to hear, but he says what many people are thinking, and doesn’t censor himself in the process. Trump’s infectious bombast and promises of routing the establishment are attractive to people and his rhetoric is purely populist and nativist in nature (it’s too good to be true as well, I might add). And, although it seems as though Trump’s rhetoric is entirely spontaneous and impromptu, this isn’t true. Trump’s message has been cleverly engineered and pieced together by his advisers (Trump still has some of the slickest advisers there are despite Roger Stone having left) to tease and invoke a response out of a certain demographic which has historically been politically apathetic – uneducated, often disaffected lower to lower middle class whites without a strong party or ideological affiliation. This can be inferred from the fact that Trump’s current rhetoric, attitude, and political positions are quite dissimilar to the previous positions and demeanor Trump held when he wasn’t a serious political contender. Trump very obviously intentionally dumbs his speech down when speaking as well because that’s what sells. And we know this because Trump is indeed capable of intelligent and sophisticated writing as evidenced by his books, other writings, etc. And there is a whole body of sophisticated psychometric work modeling certain groups of people’s responses to various phrases, words, positions, etc. There is no doubt in my mind that the best, most sophisticated manipulators from PR, media, marketing/advertising, and politics are behind crafting what Trump says and how he says it.

And this really gets to my core thesis regarding the Trump phenomenon – it’s very obviously been engineered and facilitated by a higher power. This kind of election manipulation via introducing an apparent wild card candidate certainly isn’t without precedent in history. Barry Goldwater was supported by the arch-elitist Bush family (that the Rockefeller Republicans and Eastern Establishment opposed Goldwater is a myth). Ross Perot was neck deep in CIA connections through his two companies, Perot Systems and Electronic Data Systems. Turns out that Perot was in daily communication with the Clinton campaign and, rumor has it, had brokered a deal by which Clinton would win the presidential election and award the Clintoncare IT contract to Perot Systems. Of course, Clintoncare never fell through, but that’s the rumor.

Make no doubt, about it – the media blitz surrounding Donald Trump which occurred early in the campaign season (and occurred subsequent to his rise in the polls) where his name was mentioned hundreds of times a day on establishment news networks was no accident. It’s no accident that Trump is treated specially and with kid gloves by the media — he’s given interviews on his own home turf in the Trump Tower or over telephone as opposed to in studio or via live satellite uplink as is always required by the media. It’s no accident that in August of 2015 Trump received 10 times as much coverage in the media as all other GOP candidates combined (that magnitude had more than doubled to 25 times as much coverage as all other GOP candidates combined by December). And, no, the media is not trying to destroy Trump in the polls – if they really wanted to do that they would simply pull the his mic, give him zero coverage, and skip his name reciting polling numbers as they did with Ron Paul. The fact that the media typically casts Trump as a controversial figure and often in a negative light means next to nothing – all PR is good PR (leave catastrophic scandals), as the saying goes. The amount of coverage a candidate receives is very strongly positively correlated with their poll numbers.

Fox News isn’t trying to destroy Trump (after all, they’ve had him on Fox over 100 times and counting and most of their interviewers lick his ring). While it may be true that Rupert Murdoch personally despises Trump (I doubt it given reports that the two are close and the fact that Ivanka vacations with Murdoch’s ex-wife), the reality is that Trump had a series of meetings and lunches with Fox’s operational chief Roger Ailes in September, who’s been a close friend of Trump’s for decades and who, according to Ailes himself, goes to Trump when he’s “having problems”, whatever that means. I think we all know what this means despite the fake trivial Twitter war the two engaged in. It’s no accident either that Trump is treated with kid gloves and hardly ever asked hard policy questions in debates or interviews, only inflammatory questions the media manipulators know Trump can deflect. To be fair, the debate moderators don’t ask other candidates about policy proposal specifics as much as they should either, but if the media really wanted to take Trump down, that’s what they would do to catch him in errs, and they don’t do it. But this extends to the mainstream centrist media as well – In all of Trump’s interviews with personalities such as Chuck Todd, Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Joe Scarborough, etc., all of whom have been tasked with assassinating people in the media previously, none of them have ever even tried to catch Trump in an err or push back against him. CNN staffers even complained about Jeff Zucker’s insistence on obsessively covering Trump (Zucker also has a very close relationship with Trump, who calls Zucker his “personal booker”). Hell, Mika Brzezinski was asked by Trump not to ask him any hard questions, and she agreed straight out! Trump then went on and continued to commandeer the producers of Morning Joe and was met with zero resistance! The mainstream news networks are clearly subtly promoting Trump. And while it is true that part of the reason that the news networks pedal Trump is because they receive higher ratings and viewership and hence more advertising revenue, that still can’t explain why the media clearly around June of 2015 out of the blue ignited the Trump phenomenon by giving him massive coverage and exposure before he was even on the map in terms of polling numbers.

It’s no accident either that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Mike Gallagher, Ann Coulter, and tens of other prominent conservative pundits have endorsed Trump in unison. Nothing they do is by mistake, especially CIA-facilitated Rush Limbaugh, who talks almost exclusively about Trump nowadays and leaps to his defense every chance he gets like a dog. I think it’s especially clear that Limbaugh is receiving some sort of direction regarding his coverage of Trump. Savage plays as an outsider, and, maybe he is, but I ultimately think he’s a controlled entity because there is major dirt on Savage’s sexual habits and from his past that he can be blackmailed with. Disgraced outsider Glenn Beck and faltering Bill O’Reilly seem to be the only exceptions. Erick Erickson, Rush Limbaugh’s ordained successor, has taken an agnostic position towards Trump and instead pushes Ted Cruz, another false outsider. More and more conservative pundits are in unison pushing Cruz as well. The truth is that the media was at some point given the signal to bolster Trump – and they have done so successfully. It’s clearly evidence that Trump has been held out as a means of election manipulation. Previously in 2008 and 2012 when Trump publicly considered running for president and put forth the same grandiose bombastic rhetoric as he is now, the media gave him little coverage and virtually blew him off entirely and downplayed him as someone who was completely unserious (everyone in New York knew before 2015 that Trump was not to be taken seriously). Now, the story is different.

Another myth regarding Trump is that he’s somehow a political outsider. Trump is most definitely not a political outsider. He may not be a part of the Beltway Washington clique, but he’s been a liberal New York elitist and member of the political donor class nearly his entire adult life and has rubbed shoulders with populist anathema such as Adnan Khashoggi, Roy Cohn, George Soros, Jeffrey Epstein, Michael Bloomberg, Rudy Giuliani (who Trump appeared in a cross dressing skit with), the Clintons, and dozens of other lower key New York power players for as long as anyone can remember. He has been surrounded his entire life by tried and true CIA-intelligence-mafia assets and other such shady international operatives. His mentor, lawyer, and life-long confidante, Roy Cohn, was one of the most powerful people in the country in his heyday. He was a New York legal hitman, power broker, and fixer whose clients included top American and Canadian mafia families, senator Joe McCarthy (in fact Cohn was referred to McCarthy by J Edgar Hoover), large corporations, the Catholic church, etc. (he also served as an “informal advisor” to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan), and was therefore neck deep in CIA and military intelligence connections. Cohn was intimately involved with several CIA child sex/human trafficking blackmail rings (Epstein, DC callboy ring, Northern Mariana Islands, Tevfrik Arik [the Turkish child trafficker who Trump is still business partners with], the Franklin scandal, Dutroux, etc.), was a board member of CIA-front company Permindex, etc., etc. Cohn was the liaison between the top mob families of New York and represented the Trump Organization when it was accused of violating the Fair Housing Act and, even more importantly, brokered Donald Trump’s first major construction project in Manhattan – the Hyatt – with Fred Trump and Fred’s powerful friend Abe Beame (the future mayor of New York) who made sure that Donald was guaranteed tax abatements, hundreds of millions in subsidies, and all-around preferred government treatment like his father, Fred was (this preferred treatment of course extended beyond the real estate business of course – for example the notoriously stingy New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement in an unprecedented move “recommended” Trump be approved for a casino license, something that had never been done before).

Cohn (and Joe McCarthy) was also a member of the John Birch Society, which has been covertly involved in arranging for Trump’s nomination along with the Council for National Policy, another obscure yet powerful right-wing club with a secret membership list which originated with the Goldwater clique and has retained its position as one of the premier hotbeds for right-wing scheming through all Republican administrations since (this will not stop with Trump). The relationship between Trump’s sphere, the John Birch Society and CNP will be further fleshed out in a later post.

Of course, Trump wasn’t gifted a slot in the global elite for no reason – he inherited the slot. Trump’s grandfather, German immigrant Friedrich Trump (Drumpf), ran opium dens and brothels in the Pacific Northwest. Trump’s father, Fred C. Trump, along with his curiously close lawyer, Bunny Lindenbaum (who was a powerful Zionist, political fixer, and power broker) were both at the nerve center of Brooklyn politics as prominent members of the powerful Brooklyn Democratic political machine, Tammany Hall, the informal Knights of the Round Table, and the Madison Democratic Club. Fred operated an outer boroughs real estate empire which survived on preferred government treatment and subsidization from the Federal Housing Authority. Fred also frequently orchestrated real estate and corporate fraud-embezzlement scams as well. Trump’s tremendous base wealth, much of which was dirty money, was inherited and then built upon by Trump utilizing his largely inherited insider connections (Fred Trump guaranteed and underwrote several construction loans for his son and finagled large banks into extending his irresponsible son massive lines of credit).

Trump’s first major construction project was Harrah’s Trump Plaza casino (Harrah being deeply connected to the mafia) – he was given $250 million dollars, half ownership of the casino, and the contract to build the casino (even though he had virtually no experience with major construction at the time), which of course is a completely unheard of deal. Basically, the mafia and likely a bevy of government and business insiders made Donald Trump by gifting him the deal of a lifetime and his first real construction contract. Donald Trump’s first foray into Lower Manhattan real estate (his purchase of the Trump Building) was an inside deal whereby Trump purchased the building at a discount as a result of the fact that it was in limbo – the Trump Building was secretly owned by Ferdinand Marcos, whose assets had been frozen (coincidentally enough, Paul Manafort, a strategist with the Trump campaign with extensive mob ties, was an advisor to Marcos). In the late ’80s, Trump bought a majority stake in Resorts International, a CIA-mafia money laundering and blackmail front and effectively served as its public face. Of course, Fred and Trump have done plenty of business with the mafia, as has been reported somewhat in the mainstream media. You don’t become a Manhattan real estate mogul or Atlantic City casino mogul without direct connections to the mafia, and Trump is neck deep in them, having been mentored by top mob lawyer Roy Cohn and having done plenty of business with CIA-connected mob bosses Tony Salerno, Nicodemo Scarfo, and Paul Castellano. Felix Sater, a mob-connected CIA asset and former Russian spy is a”close advisor” of Trump’s and apparently even shares an office floor with Trump. Trump’s friends and family are no less corrupt or nefarious than Bush or Clinton’s.

Almost all very wealthy people in the beginning of their career had at least one financial backer and had mentors and beneficiaries. In Trump’s case, his father and Cohn played this role – his father backed him financially and mentored him in the field of business maneuvering and Cohn brought Trump into a higher political understanding, fostered further insider connections for Trump Jr., and instructed him on how to navigate politically in New York.

So, not only does Trump’s background scream establishment insider, most of his policies do as well. For example, every point in Trump’s (or, should I say, Jeff Session’s) immigration proposal has been put forth and backed by the GOP at some point. His foreign policy stance, though incredibly vague, is almost identical to the establishment GOP’s, as well as his attitude towards the surveillance and police state (aggressive foreign policy and the police state are two key issues the powers that be are pushing hard). Trump wishes to repeal Obamacare as the rest of the GOP does. Seemingly, the only real area of disagreement Trump supposedly has with the establishment Republicans is with respect to trade, which coincides with Trump’s populist message. Given this, it’s not surprising that Trump has surrounded himself with a bevy of establishment globalist insider advisors such as lifelong spook Joe Schmitz, mob fixer and lobbyist of CIA-sponsored dictator Ferdinand Marcos Paul Manafort, zionist and Republican Jewish leader Michael Glassner, and Steve Mnuchin, who will be his so-called “experts” and make suggestions to him (i.e. call the shots, be the White House operational chiefs, etc.). We should expect further contracting out of policy decisions to spooks. In fact Trump promised as much when he referenced CFR president Richard Haass as someone who would likely be brought on as Trump’s lead foreign policy advisor should he be elected (Haass is likely already part of Trump’s foreign policy advisory team having “briefed” him multiple times). Trump is already getting close with the arch-globalist Newt Gingrich who has only recently emerged from a hiatus from public life after his adulterous affairs were exposed. Gingrich would likely play a kind of handler role in Trump’s administration, although I’m not convinced he would be placed as vice president given Gingrich’s high unfavorables. He would more likely be placed as some kind of advisor, counselor, or possibly chief of staff.

So, given the circles Trump moves in and his relatively mild policy proposals, Trump’s record of donating immense sums of money to establishment politicians like the Clintons shouldn’t be that surprising. And you’d have to be completely naive to believe all of these donations are merely Trump attempting to buy off politicians. His pattern of donations to Hillary Clinton for example does not resemble a one-off buy-off of Clinton. He’s consistently donated to her every campaign – her senatorial and presidential campaigns, where Clinton wouldn’t be able to carry out Trump’s bidding efficiently and where it would be very risky to engage in nepotism with someone like Trump. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Trump is a corrupt liberal elitist. Many of his supporters in fact acknowledge this, yet, shockingly few seem to care. Why his followers believe that a corrupt insider will follow through with any of his so-called promises is beyond me. Why anyone is taking a reality TV star and professional self promoter seriously is beyond me as well. I suppose it just goes to show how easily people can be blinded by too good to be true rhetoric. How anyone could be so naive as to believe that Trump is entirely immune from outside political influence is also rather astonishing. Trump is not for sale in the conventional sense – he can finance his own campaign. But he is indebted and subservient to a certain faction within government in a more indirect sense because his fortune and power is predicated upon his connections within government (primarily through family) which have afforded him all of his lucrative construction contracts. There is also probably extremely damaging dirt one or more three letter agencies have on Trump which could potentially destroy him or get him in serious legal trouble that he can be blackmailed and controlled with. Some of this dirt is hidden in plainsight with Jeffrey Epstein:

It just goes to show on in the tank the media is for Trump that no one in the media has ever questioned Trump on his association with serial pedophile and blackmail ring orchestrator, Jeffrey Epstein (or, for a matter of fact, his lifelong relationship with CIA blackmail ring orchestrator, Roy Cohn). In Epstein’s contacts list, Trump was listed as a friend of Jeffrey Epstein’s and was a visitor to Epstein’s Palm Beach estate where Epstein and dozens of other high powered people from all over the world engaged in pedophilic activity with foreign imported underage girls. Trump was designated by the butler of Epstein’s estate a “material witness” to child sexual abuse in the estate, meaning Trump has full knowledge of this activity and was possibly even directly involved (the fact that he was even at the estate means he can probably be blackmailed as there were CCTV cameras hidden strategically all over the estate). Epstein had 15 ways of contacting Donald Trump and one of Epstein’s most prolific sex slaves, Virginia Roberts, was recruited from Trump’s Mar A Lago estate (Roberts folded towels at the pool). Trump flew on Epstein’s private plane (the “Lolita Express”) 25 times that we know of and visited Epstein’s “pedophile island”, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. This connection is made even more interesting given the fact that Trump’s modeling agency recruits girls as young as 14, and of course modeling and talent agencies are some of the most prolific vehicles of importation of underage girls to be used for sex there are.

Another involvement of Trump’s which the media has given very little attention to for some odd reason is his relation to convicted cocaine trafficker Joseph Weichselbaum, who also incidentally happened to have managed the helicopter company which shuttled VIPs to Trump’s casino in Atlantic City and provided pilots for Trump’s personal-use helicopter (which hilariously enough was regularly flown in by Trump’s older sister – the federal judge who was initially handed Weichselbaum’s case). What’s especially fascinating about this episode is that Trump wrote a letter full of falsehoods to the judge in Weichselbaum’s case vouching for Weichaselbaum’s supposed “good character” and urging leniency, a move which had a good chance of putting his casino license at risk (casino license holders must not be discovered associating with anything even remotely criminal unless they want the license revoked). Clearly, Trump for some reason desperately wanted/needed to protect Weichselbaum and/or keep him from talking.

How Trump’s campaign will play out is unbeknown to anyone on the outside. All we know is that his rise was orchestrated by higher powers and that he is likely an election manipulation tool. Some have submitted that Trump has run away from the election manipulators who engineered his rise in the polls and will need to use proportional representation and withholding of delegates at the convention as means of direct manipulation to dump Trump and install an establishment candidate, likely Rubio, Christie, or the so-called “outsider” Cruz. Many have been swindled into believing that Cruz is an outsider, but he clearly isn’t one. He may not be a favorite of Republicans like Boehner, McCarthy or McConnell for his extreme antics (Trump is right about that), but he’s not a total outsider. The establishment is comfortable with Cruz – he has an aggressive iteration of establishment foreign policy regarding Iran, is good behind a podium and on stage, and supports the arch-elitist Trans-Pacific Partnership. His wife works for Goldman Sachs in Houston, was the director to South America for the NSC, and was part of a team which drafted a paper for the CFR proposing a North American Union featuring effectively open borders and interoperability between law enforcement. In the early 2000s, Cruz was a “policy advisor” (i.e. handler) to George W. Bush and promoted the appointment of John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Cruz is buried up to his eyes in elitist and insider connections. In fact, his entire campaign is more or less a psychological operation being run by a CIA contracting company called Cambridge Analytica (a subsidiary of Strategic Communications Laboratory in England) which uses psychometric data to sway public opinion and market ideas to certain groups of people.

Drug-running Jeb Bush is clearly done for despite everything the establishment has done to try to buoy him. His donors are abandoning him for Cruz and Rubio. NSA/CIA counselor Fiorina, megalomaniac Yale elitist Carson, empty suit Kasich, Romney hitman and Roger Ailes minion Huckabee, and all the rest of the candidates the manipulators surged and used to fracture support and ply the election are done for. Their only remaining purpose is to deliver their demographic to the establishment candidate (Cruz, Rubio, or Christie). Rubio (who very clearly has elitist and mega donor support), Cruz, maybe Christie, and Trump are left. The election engineers are now trying again to foster the corrupt, Bush-connected war on terror agitator Christie since Jeb has all but disappeared from the radar by having a major New Hampshire newspaper endorse Christie and by having the national media push him in the debates. However, I’m not sure this strategy will pan out for the establishment. It’s a possibility, but still a long-shot since Christie only has 3% support in the polls.

I think Trump was put out to tap a certain demographic that either the Republicans or Democrats want and to incite drama and theater in the media. It’s more likely the Republicans, though, whose primary demographic is disappearing. Trump’s appearance has dragged these formerly politically apathetic citizens and potential Republican voters into an election which on a fundamental demographic level never looked good for the Republicans (immigrants, who are overwhelmingly Democrat, are coming into the country at a faster rate every year and have more children on average than natives). It will invigorate many solid conservatives to vote as well – it’s all a massive ploy to increase turnout for the GOP in both the nomination and general election. It’s a win-win-win situation for the Republicans. Trump’s rhetoric is co-opted and homogenized by the establishment candidates (which is exactly what  happened to Perot and Goldwater). The establishment can then dump Trump through primary and/or convention manipulation if he runs away from them (the RNC has assured this will be possible by assigning states whose primaries are held between March 1st and 14th proportional representation of delegates). The Republicans still get to keep a large chunk of the excited Trump demographic in the general to elect a Cruz, Christie, or Rubio. Trump could drop out of the Republican race and run Independent, something which he’s promised not to do. He of course would have no chance of winning the general because of how the electoral college works and the fact that Trump’s support is rather evenly distributed among states and isn’t concentrated in any key area (which doesn’t help in the general election given how the US’s electoral system works).

This may mean Hillary wins, but the manipulators and establishment would rather have Hillary than Trump, despite the fact that Hillary isn’t the establishment’s true favorite. On the other hand, Hillary may not win in this scenario – Firstly, Trump also has tremendous support from disaffected Democrats, potentially taking away votes from Clinton in addition to the Republican nominee, canceling the effect out. Secondly, Cruz is a very strong candidate with establishment financial backing, very popular with Trump’s demographic, and is by far the most popular second choice for Trump supporters. Christie and Rubio both are very strong candidates as well. Trump could drop out entirely and endorse Cruz or whoever he’s told to endorse. He could play along with a “stirring of the pot” by the media via an intentionally leaked controversy and drop out. It’s not impossible – Ross Perot, who no one in their right mind ever believed would drop out, did exactly that in 1992 using the excuse that compromising photos of his daughter would be released if he didn’t fold to the establishment. This severely hurt him in the polls and guaranteed he wouldn’t go anywhere. Whether Trump jumps back in or not is irrelevant. Cruz, Rubio, or Christie (maybe), the establishment’s candidates of choice, will likely win.

Whether Trump is sincere in his positions and his level of knowledge regarding his role in manipulating the election are not known to me. However, there are a couple indicators that he is mostly sincere – 1) despite changing the specifics of his positions frequently over the years, he’s typically maintained an ostensibly legitimate populist bent, consistent with his current rhetoric and 2) he has an apparent thin skin for criticism judging by his behavior in the debates and on Twitter. Although he’s an actor, it seems as though he sincerely doesn’t appreciate it when people criticize him and his ideas. I think he’s mostly sincere, but I do suspect he may be somewhat aware of his role as an election manipulation instrument. This is because Trump, as I mentioned previously, had a series of meetings with Roger Ailes of Fox News. He probably had discussions with other media operatives from other news networks as well. Trump was likely briefed at these discussions on the unprecedented media coverage he would receive. However, it is extremely unlikely that Trump is aware of election manipulators’ grand strategy, since Trump could potentially upset it if he was aware of it.

However likely it may seem given Trump and the Clintons’ history, I don’t think Trump is a Clinton instrument. Firstly, Trump’s carefully crafted and conceived rhetoric has attracted many disaffected Democrats and left-leaning independents who would otherwise vote for Clinton. Hillary and her team, as politically savvy as they are, would never make the mistake of boosting someone who actually hurts them. Secondly, the media is simultaneously bolstering Trump and denigrating Clinton. If the Clintons had enough influence with the media to surge Trump, they would have enough power to silence the email and Benghazi stories. I think the media was given the signal to push the Clinton email story because the establishment wants Hillary weakened in the general. Remember, the email story came out a full three years ago and the media never said a word about it until, out of the blue, it was a huge story and headline. The elites don’t really want Hillary as president if they can avoid her because she’s strong-willed, uncompromising, and obstinate. She would buck her handlers the entire way and the controllers don’t like that – they want a controlled script reader who is perfectly okay with simply going through the motions like Obama, Bush, or Bill Clinton. Some have suggested that Obama has sicked the media on Hillary Clinton to keep Hillary from running on an anti-Obama platform. This is entirely possible. A staffer in the White House supposedly leaked that Clinton stormed into Obama’s room above the Oval Office and shrieked to Obama “get your dogs off my back!”, presumably referring to the FBI and DoJ investigating Clinton’s email servers. I don’t think Obama is where the order truly originated. Obama isn’t the most powerful person who doesn’t like Hillary and word has it that Obama nowadays hardly does anything other than sit in his room above the Oval Office watching ESPN, snorting coke and occasionally scanning the internet to gauge the public’s perception of him and what his legacy will look like. I don’t think he’s in much of a position to orchestrate anything. It is also important to note that Clinton will probably not be indicted for the handling of her emails and classified information. The investigation is not legitimate, it’s simply a means for the controllers to deteriorate Clinton’s support with an ongoing scandal.

Everything suggests that the elites want a hawkish, war-mongering Republican. They’re making it easy for someone like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio to get elected. The Islamic/ISIS threat is being thrust on the public with full force unlike anything we’ve seen since the Bush years, which is a safe issue for most Republicans and an agenda they will gladly play along with. And not only that but the backlash against Obama and the Democrats has been massive. The controllers would rather not have the population further enraged and embittered by another 8 years of someone who would likely be seen as an extension of the Obama years. A change in flavor would likely pacify the populace, at least for a while.

We’ll continue to see how this election season plays out and how it’s manipulated and molded by the puppeteers in the Democratic and Republican parties, PR firms, and news networks. More in-depth analysis of the other candidates can be found in the next blog post.


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