Wikileaks and Assange

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 10/24/16

Wikileaks’ with their continual publication of Clinton/Democrat camp has become an increasingly important component of the Trump media complex, which, as I’ve explained in previous posts, is intimately connected to numerous high impact right-wing political circles (such as the CNP, John Birch Society proteges) and, in probably many cases, intelligence. Wikileaks and its unusual figurehead and supposed founder Julian Assange like their peers in the sidestream/alternative media have a long list of curious associations and a pattern of behavior unbefitting of a true transparency/leak organization.

It’s useful to start off with covering Assange’s background, although it is difficult to determine what is exaggerated or flat-out fabricated folklore and what isn’t. When Assange was a child his mother married into a Melbourne-based mind control cult called “The Family” which supposedly had moles in government, was seemingly protected by law enforcement for many years, obtained multiple passports for its members (who often had multiple identities), “cared for” the head of Australian intelligence Lord Casey at one point, and received a significant amount of secret funding (to this day, no one knows where most of The Family’s funding came from). Later, in his late teens and early 20s, Assange supposedly hacked into a number of large Australian and American companies and government bodies including the DoD and the largest telecommunications firm in Australia, Telstra. He racked up a prodigious amount of felonies while doing so, yet served basically no prison time because he was “well-behaved”. This “good behavior” involved giving “technical advise” to the Victoria Police Child Exploitation unit. This is a pattern seen often in intelligence assets – they are compromised early in life and given a choice to stay in prison for the next however many years or work for the intelligence services.

After disappearing off the radar for a while, Assange emerged from hibernation in the mid-2000s with the founding of Wikileaks after a barrage of real leaks did the government a lot of damage (Abu Ghraib, for example). Ever since its inception, Wikileaks has insisted that anyone who gifts leaks to them sign a nondisclosure agreement, making unpublished leaked material “solely the property of Wikileaks.” This means that Wikileaks has full control over anything they manage to get their hands on – they can destroy it, selectively publish material, release it in tranches (not typical of real whistleblowers), etc. and there’s nothing the originator of the leaks can do about it lest they be financially and legally ruined by Wikileaks. This is a massive indicator of a phony intelligence-backed whistleblower operation. It is around this time that John Young of Cryptome (a real leak site) called out Wikileaks as an intelligence operation.

Another indication is the ubiquitous coverage of Wikileaks in the sidestream and mainstream media. The sidestream media, given its intelligence connections and pro-Trump prerogative, is expected to push Wikileaks. The mainstream media (which includes Fox News) promotes Wikileaks as well by giving it coverage, as they have been doing with Trump. Real whistleblowers and real leaks get blacked out and ignored like the plague by the mainstream media, not put on Fox News multiple times and mentioned by Anderson Cooper in a presidential debate. Legitimate leakers also typically don’t communicate constantly and coordinate with political operatives like Roger Stone, release leaks in tranches, get to live in multi million dollar equivalent English mansions, and meander around Europe flaunting themselves in the faces of law enforcement authorities supposedly out for him (for sexual assault charges in Sweden) and then receive asylum from a legitimate government. Real leakers typically must hide in caves or third world backwaters halfway around the world if they even have a chance to leave their country.

Additionally, Wikileaks seems to be selectively releasing material for the purposes of undermining Hillary Clinton. Given the fact that it’s by far the most well-known whistleblowing organization on earth, Wikileaks likely has material pertaining to the GOP and Donald Trump, but refuses to release it. Of course, much of what has been released of the Democrats’ has been supremely underwhelming (mostly garden variety political dirty tricks media-campaign buddying which exists with Trump as well) and does not at all support the sidestream media’s assertion that John Podesta is “the shadow government” (he is a very powerful shadow democrat, but not the shadow government).


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