Alt-Right’s Richard Spencer handled by deep state family

In 2014, three Americans were in Budapest, Hungary organizing an international conference for the white nationalist think tank, the National Policy Institute: the contentious white supremacist and progenitor of the term “alt-right”, Richard Spencer, the refined, cosmopolitan, Ivy League-educated editor of white nationalist publication American Renaissance, Jared Taylor and enigmatic publishing heir, William Regnery II. Among those who were to speak at the event was none other than Alexander Dugin, a rabidly anti-liberal and anti-Western “Eurasianist” with very close ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia’s military and national security apparatus. Richard Spencer’s wife Nina Byzantina, who was also present at the meeting, translates Dugin’s works into English in her spare time.

Richard Spencer (left) & Jared Taylor (center) at a National Policy Institute conference

Hungarian authorities believed the meeting to have been orchestrated by the CIA in an attempt to embarrass Hungary’s newly-elected right-wing government and the three Americans were swiftly intercepted and spirited out of the country.

“The government thought that it was a CIA plot,” a source with inside knowledge of Hungarian counterintelligence said in an interview. “They are completely paranoid, and when this conference was announced, they were convinced that this was an American action,” the source said. “They guessed that US intelligence services set up this conference so they can say Hungary is a home for right-wing extremist activists and then blackmail them in the international media.”[1]

Everyone else scoffed at the idea that these three American stooges were part of a CIA plot. The idea that any of these clueless “white nationalist” oafs are even remotely connected to the CIA is absurd… right?

The Regnery Connection

The National Policy Institute was founded as a “racial realist” and “white nationalist” think tank and lobbying effort in 2005 by William Regnery II, who has used his family money to fund the rapid growth of numerous hard-right white nationalist and “anti-Semitic” groups such as the Martel Society, another think tank founded by Regnery II in 2001 which publishes The Occidental Quarterly and runs the Occidental Observer website. Immediately after founding the Martel Society, Regnery II came out swinging, advocating for a radical reconfiguration of the United States and its internal borders based on racial, religious and cultural lines.[2] At some point, Regnery discovered heedless agitator Richard Spencer, who he fostered an intimate relationship with and in 2011 installed as the frontman and nominal head of the NPI, which established the NPI as the chief staging ground for the blossoming, rabidly pro-Trump “alternative right” movement which is characterized by an authoritarian European-style right-wing populist ideology (in contrast to the North America-exclusive libertarian ideology of say Ron Paul). While Spencer is technically the chairman of the NPI, it is still run behind the scenes by Regnery. Richard Spencer referred to him as the chairman of the organization as recently as 2014, five years after Regnery supposedly stepped down from the position.

William Regnery II

Despite this, Regnery (who is known for his extreme secretiveness and reclusiveness) is conspicuously lacking in any kind of publicity – his name is scarcely mentioned at all on the NPI’s website and at NPI conferences, he goes almost entirely unmentioned and very rarely speaks. When he does speak, he is almost never recorded. It appears as though this reticent character handles the colorful frontman Spencer, who speaks to and consults with Regnery almost daily. According to Spencer himself, Regnery has played a “vitally important and indispensable” role in bolstering the alt-right movement and that he “wouldn’t do a big thing without consulting him.”[3] [4]

So just exactly who is this mysterious alt-right power broker, William Regnery II? A deep dive into his family’s background perhaps validates the Hungarian government’s understanding of Spencer and Regnery’s Central European misadventure as a potential CIA ploy.

Regnery’s family has been deeply connected to the right-wing power structure and intelligence community since the early 20th century. Regnery II’s grandfather and originator of the family’s wealth and political influence was William Henry Regnery, a wealthy Chicago textile manufacturer. William Henry was a founding member of the American Security Council, which throughout the postwar era has sat at the center of the right-wing defense establishment and seeks to influence American foreign policy through the doctrine of “peace through strength.”

Nina Byzantina, Richard Spencer and….. Laura Bush?? Who in the blue hell is Regnery II going around introducing Richard Spencer to?

ascHistorical membership of the ASC reads like a who’s who of the intelligence and national security establishments – CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton, founding CIA member and Iran-Contra orchestrator John Singlaub, neoconservative Reagan-era diplomat Jeane Kirkpatrick, former deputy national security advisor and Nixon Secretary of State Alexander Haig, inventor of the hydrogen bomb and SDI architect Edward Teller, DoD scientist and presidential advisor John S. Foster, Jr., lead Manhattan Project physicist Eugene Wigner, father of the neutron bomb and RAND Corporation think tanker Samuel T. Cohen and dozens of others highly connected to the military, CIA, FBI, corporate America, etc. The ASC’s spin-off think tank, the Center for Security Policy, is similarly connected, featuring former CIA director and supreme neoconservative-Zionist James Woolsey, Dick Cheney, neoconservative former chairman of the Defense Policy Board Richard Perle, former director of the CIA and Secretary of State James Schlesinger and Paul Wolfowitz as members.

Throughout its reign as the cream of defense establishment think tanks, the ASC and its members covertly backed Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan, coordinated anti-Communist witch hunts with the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles, lobbied for anti-detente foreign policies throughout the ’60s and ’70s, almost single-handedly crafted Reagan’s foreign policy, was highly involved in Iran-Contra and CIA drug running out of Southeast Asia and factored strongly in the design of the Strategic Defense Initiative.[5] [6]

In 1978 the ASCF created the “National Strategy for Peace through Strength,” and has been cited numerous times with providing the overall foreign affairs theme for the administration of former President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan personally gave the ASCF credit for this on several occasions and said America won the Cold War based upon the ASCF’s “National Strategy for Peace through Strength” doctrine.[7]

After William Henry Regnery died, his son Henry Regnery (Regnery II’s uncle), replaced him at the American Security Council and in powerful conservative political circles, but Henry’s knack was for propaganda, not defense policy. Henry’s publishing company, Regnery Publishing, which for many decades was the most prominent conservative publishing house in the US, was funded by the CIA according to intelligence officer and Watergate mastermind E. Howard Hunt.[8] It was the first major publishing outfit to release writings of the John Birch Society and later went on to publish preeminent conservative figures William Buckley, Russell Kirk, Whittaker Chambers, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Oliver North, Dinesh D’Souza and William Casey among others.

Al Regnery

Henry Regnery’s son, Al Regnery (Regnery II’s cousin), became president of Regnery Publishing in the ’80s after a stint in the Reagan Justice Department and in 2003 became editor-in-chief of the elite conservative American Spectator magazine, a position he held until 2012. Al is additionally the chairman of the William F. Buckley-founded Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a Young Republicans-esque college recruitment organization that Regnery II was a member of in his college years. Through the ISI, both Regnerys became good friends with Reagan attorney general and advisor Edwin Meese, who was involved in the SDI, Iran-Contra and the bizarre Inslaw/PROMIS scandal.[4] More recently, Meese founded the Reagan Alumni Advisory Council for Trump-Pence, which is composed of over 200 Reagan administration alumni. Among its ranks are pro-Trump CNN pundit Jeffrey Lord, “mega-lobbyist” Haley Barbour, elite GOP political consultant Ed Rollins, radical Christian Israel-booster Gary Bauer, and former Bush drug czar William Bennett. Meese’s Advisory Council promotes massive tax cuts and a rebirth of the Reagan administration’s “peace through strength” foreign policy.[9]

Who Regnery II’s parents were is unclear, but what is sure is that one of his parents was one of Regnery I’s five children other than Henry and that Regnery II was close to his deep state family judging by the fact that he was chosen to succeed his grandfather in running the family textile empire before it went under in the ’80s.

So, to summarize, Richard Spencer’s closest advisor’s grandfather and uncle were both central members of one of the most entrenched postwar deep state think tanks, with CIA funding ran the paramount conservative publishing house for decades, helped thrust Ronald Reagan into the White House and later were part of the guild which crafted his foreign policy. Regnery II, through Richard Spencer in a 21st century digital fashion aided deep state auxiliary Donald Trump in seizing the Oval Office and has seeded and funded a network of organizations propagating a trendy new populist right-wing ideology as his ancestor’s tired Reaganesque policies and rhetorics grow tired and old.












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  1. The original concept of the Alternative Right emerged from paleo-conservatism. Paul Gottfried, one of the Jewish founders of paleo-conservatism, declared the end of paleo-conservatism and called for an ‘Alternative Right’ in a 2008 speech for the H. L. Mencken Club.

    The Alt-Right’s Jewish Godfather
    How Paul Gottfried—willing or reluctant—became the mentor of Richard Spencer and a philosophical lodestone for white nationalists

    Some Observations from the Man who Created Alt-Right

    Meet the Jewish Intellectual who Coined the Term ‘Alternative Right’

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  2. The racist DONALD TRUMP said to Fox News “I believe HITLER was RIGHT”. oqh Donald Trump is a racist with SEWER and the DailyStormer, he listens to satanic 666 racist music… just google “Donald Trump SEWER 2154” and see FOR YOURSELF!! THE MUSIC lf VIDEO IS about the KKK and Adfolf Hitler raping a 12 year old African-American WOMAN OF COLOR in front of her parents and then hanging MLK with Emma Watson and Taylor Swift!! TAYLOR SWIFT the racist white privileged cvnt said she voted “for donald trump twice” in her OWN WORDS!!! Say no to hate, say no to SEWER, say no to i DONALD TRUMP and EMMA WATSON and Tatylor Swift !! Deport racism today ejc.


      1. Normally I’d give someone a pass and say you were making a joke but based on some of the mind-bendingly uninformed nonsense you post here on a regular basis you’re probably just not that bright. According to Akamaitree:

        -neocons are “right wing”
        -those in charge of American foreign / economic policy are “hard right”
        -an ideological and political movement called the National SOCIALIST Party that has been dead and irrelevant since the 20th century is now “extreme right-wing”
        -everyone who is white and espouses slightly warmer feelings than icy contempt for ethno-nationalism is a “racist”; only Israel and Japan are allowed to be stingy about their border security
        -Breitbart and Wikileaks are spook organizations but ShareBlue and Buzzfeed are reputable sources for hard-boiled investigative journalism

        Very little of the junk you come up with bears addressing. It is to laugh.


  3. akamaitree, you were correct that the Pizagate conspiracy theories originated from U.S. military intelligence agents:

    Posobiec, a former Navy Reserve intelligence officer, had worked for right-wing website The Rebel. Posobiec gained national attention during “Pizzagate,” a conspiracy theory that claimed Hillary Clinton and her campaign chief harbored a child sex ring in a pizza restaurant in Washington. The Internet-fueled falsehood led a gunman in December to fire an assault-style rifle as he searched the pizzeria, Comet Ping Pong.

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  4. And here’s another one:

    Leader of White Nationalist Group Linked to Charlottesville Attacker Was a Recruiter for the U.S. Marines

    The leader of a white nationalist group associated with accused Charlottesville killer James Alex Fields Jr. served in the Marines until this year, including three years spent as a recruiter, Splinter has learned. Dillon Ulysses Hopper, the self-described “CEO” of Vanguard America, a hate group whose members were photographed alongside Fields on Saturday, worked as a Marine recruiter between 2011 and 2014. He was discharged in January, according to military records.

    Vanguard America received a round of headlines Saturday after Fields was accused of driving into a crowd and killing Heather Heyer, a counter-protester demonstrating against the neo-Nazi #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Earlier that day, Fields was photographed with members of Vanguard America, dressed in their uniform of a white polo shirt and khaki pants and carrying a shield bearing the group’s emblem.

    I met members of Vanguard America, including Hopper—he introduced himself to me as “Commander Dillon”—at a white supremacist rally in Pikeville, Kentucky earlier this year. Hopper is active in racist causes under his birth name, Dillon Irizarry. Court records show he changed his name from “Dillon Ramone Irizarry” to “Dillon Ulysses Hopper” in 2006. After the Charlottesville killing, I contacted Hopper through Facebook (where he uses the name “Dillon Hopper”) and asked if he was the Vanguard leader. He responded that he was, but claimed that he wasn’t present in Charlottesville due to the recent death of his mother.

    According to the Marines Corps’ Manpower and Reserve Affairs Department, Hopper enlisted in the Marines in July 2006, in Albuquerque, N.M. He deployed twice, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom in January 2008 for about a year, and in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan for seven months beginning in July 2010. Records and public documents show that he became a USMC recruiter in Columbus, Ohio in 2012. A 2013 publication from the guidance department of Dublin Jerome High School in Dublin, Ohio lists him as a USMC recruiter.

    In other words, Vanguard looks a lot like a militia or a paramilitary organization.

    According to the Marines, Hopper was an active-duty member until January 30, 2017.

    In my conversations with Hopper, he attempted to deny that Hopper is his legal last name. When I told him I knew that he’d changed it from “Irizarry” in 2006, he abruptly ended the conversation. (Records show that Hopper filed for divorce from his wife on August 11 in Indiana; there, too, he uses the legal name Dillon Hopper.)

    A short while later, Marty Goldrich threatened to sue me if I revealed any personal information about Hopper, claiming that publication of “personally identifiable information” would be “damaging and incriminatory.”

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    1. Yeah everything about Charlottesville is supremely shady. The main organizer Jason Kessler has a pretty lengthy arrest and conviction record and was an Obama & Occupy Wall Street supporter only a few months before he founded the nonprofit behind Unite the Right. The legal team behind Unite the Right features a couple shady lawyers who’ve primarily worked revenge porn cases in the past (one of them has an expunged criminal record too) and an Intercollegiate Studies Institute (John Birch network) guy.

      The Charlottesville PD received a stand down order and effectively allowed violence to ensue. There were reportedly not a few FBI informants involved in inciting violence on both sides. There have been rumors circulating for years that Matt Heimbach is an FBI informant.


      1. There have been rumors circulating for years that Matt Heimbach is an FBI informant.

        Very plausible. Matt Heimbach comes from the D.C.-Maryland suburbs.


      2. The legal team behind Unite the Right features a couple shady lawyers who’ve primarily worked revenge porn cases in the past (one of them has an expunged criminal record too) and an Intercollegiate Studies Institute (John Birch network) guy.

        The John Birch Society has always been a CIA front.


    2. Only one person died at the Charlottesville rally and it was of a heart attack. She was morbidly obese. A heart attack waiting to happen. I’m calling this article out as fake news/propaganda if they are going to mislead right out of the gate.

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  5. Before the FBI was running “anti-Communist witch hunts” they were running “anti-National Socialist witch hunts.” Before J. Edgar Hoover was using COINTELPRO to take down the Black Panthers he was using COINTELPRO to attack the Citizen’s Councils and the Ku Klux Klan.

    The CIA/OSS was started by FDR, a pro-Communist left wing Democrat, and the entire history of the CIA has been funding left wing causes via the Council of Cultural Freedom, NOW, and Playboy magazine – HARDLY a bunch of “right wingers.”

    James Jesus Angelton is still hated by the CIA because he uncovered the fact the CIA was founded – since the very beginning of the OSS – by left wing, pro-Communist, pro-Soviet double agents including the British intelligence asset who convinced FDR to start the organization in the first place.

    Yet you want to trick your readers into believing that the CIA and the FBI are “right wing” and somehow “conservative” when the precise opposite has always been the case. As if FDR started the OSS/CIA because he was so “anti-left wing.”

    And you cite Zionist front groups like the SPLC to make your case, and groups like the ADL who are as I write this engaged in a campaign of genocide against the indigenous people of Palestine.

    All so you could slander White Americans as … “racist.”

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    1. The notion that the CIA and US government are covertly controlled by communists and leftists is among the most laughable that’s ever been trotted out by the pedo-blackmail network operating closet homosexual John Birchers, right up there with “Barry HUSSEIN Soetoro” is a secret muslim communist agent for the Iran lobby” and “George Soros runs all the voting machines.” Clearly the communists and SJWs and leftists have never had as much of a handle on the CIA as they’ve wanted given its slavish devotion to bolstering and protecting corporate interests, lifelong history of overthrowing and sabotaging communist governments when it’s convenient, laundering money through right-wing NGOs like the Olin Foundation, association and history with hard right natsec-booster groups like the Council for National Policy, Center for Security Policy, American Security Council and Heritage Foundation, spawning people like James Woolsey, William Colby, Ted Shackley, Angleton, Irving Kristol (oh yeah they were all just heroic conservative infiltrators), funding right-wing publishing houses and propaganda outlets with people like Richard Mellon Scaife, literally creating a gigantic infrastructure of anti-communist propaganda through Radio Free Europe/Asia, orchestrating “perception management” campaigns to promote Reagan foreign policy, etc. etc. – the list goes on forever.

      The intelligence community is 1) highly factionalized and not monolithic in the slightest; 2) always plays both sides; 3) an operational arm, not an ideological one (that’s what NGOs are for) and 4) above all else exists to establish Anglo-American (and now Israeli) dominance across the globe and undermine anyone and anything that threatens or resists that dominance and stability, be it Nazi Germany/extreme right-wingers or the Soviet Union/extreme left-wingers or Iran (although, yes, it does also build its enemies up, co-opt them and compromise them through covertly supplying weapons, technology, financing, etc.). Right and left and all these colorful ideologies are all ultimately secondary to this, just as they’re secondary to the Chinese “Communist” Party, which is very obviously concerned not with communist interests but the interests of the Chinese elite, who just incidentally as a result of historical noise happen to be called communists.

      Finally, I’ve mentioned the liberal-diplomatic establishment anchored by the Rockefellers and state department many times, I just happen to focus more on right-wing Zionist natsec boosting putsch faction at this moment in time because their guy is in the White House. Yeah sure, the SPLC is a Zionist front organization, but all the specifics it puts out are generally true and your ilk circulates all kinds of crap from Zionist & defense sector collaborators and front groups like Breitbart and Wikileaks, which, in all honesty, put out stuff far more factually questionable than anything the SPLC puts out.

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  6. The idea that FDR’s OSS/CIA was “right wing” is indeed absurd. The FDR administration was, of course, pro Soviet. The early days of the Soviet Union were subsidized by the United States and the United Kingdom and of course the USSR was the Eastern from of the Allies in World War II. American WWII war propaganda literally showed USSR soldiers in Communist regalia as labeled them “friends of freedom.”

    The FDR administration was heavy with left wing pro-Soviet sympathizers, and the original OSS was drawn from the same elite socialists that were the establishment of Britain at the time. The United States and the Soviet Union only become antagonistic after the war. It was in fact Stalin’s turn to rather nationalistic policies and his social conservatism, not to mention his purge of Jewish Bolsheviks and Zionists, that eventually earned him the opposition of the OSS/CIA.

    This isn’t particularly controversial history.

    Throughout the entire Cold War, the OSS/CIA funded a panalopy of non-Soviet left wing causes, through the Congress of Cultural Freedom, NOW, Playboy magazine, etc., hardly “right wing” institutions.

    Considering that the entire history of “the left” from the French Revolution, to the 20th Century Communist movement, has been ultra-militarized, engaged in constant warfare and genocides, and were characterized by the most technologically advanced police states that the world had ever seen, the idea that militarized societies are inherently “righ wing” – as opposed to “left wing” – is simply an ideological construction of leftist/Communist propaganda.

    Left wing communists may have spun fantasies about peaceful, classless societies “after the revolution” but the facts on the ground speak otherwise – the entire history of the 20th Century communist world shows it to be far more militarized than any social system in the history of mankind.

    As to the topic of this thread: the opposition to Spencer has been spearheaded by “Antifa” – literally a militian started by the Communist party of Germany. In the recent attacks in Charlottesville, Antifa was the instigator of the violence and attacked peaceful protestors with bats, chemical weapons, and this group have been engaged in an openly violent campaign against regular Trump voters since 2016.

    The Antifa is not only openly associated and friendly with Democratic local governments, the Antifa has been allowed to operate without the slightest interferences of law enforcement for years. The Democratic governor of Virginia gave the police force a “stand down” order and the police stood by as Antifa attacked.

    Are we going to simply change the meanings of common words, like something out of 1984, and suggest that Antifa is “really right wing?” Or are we to suggest that Antifa – an armed terrorist group with the tacit and sometimes open support of the state – is actually some sort of “anti-establishment” group?

    Consider that in the recent attacks, Antifa has been defended by: the Demoratic party, most of the Republican party, and an increasing number of corporate CEOs – are we really going to pretend that the USA is run by some sort of “right wing oligarchy?”

    A “right wing oligarchy” that openly supports violence against groups like NPI using the left-wing terrorist group Antifa?

    It’s absurd and intellectually dishonest to pretend that Spencer and NPI represent “the establishment” while Antifa – a left wing group – is somehow opposing the establishment.

    The internet corporations allow Antifa to openly coordinate terrorism using their platforms, meanwhile, corporations like have shutdown rather moderate “Alt Right” blogs by the likes of Colin Liddel and Andy Nowicki – utterly moderate voices that have never engaged in or promoted violence of any kind.

    The fact could not be more clear as to which “side” the establishment is supporting, and it ain’t the “Alt Right.”

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    1. Are you even listening? I acknowledged that the Roosevelt administration bolstered the Soviets, but it was merely incidental; an accident of history. The Soviets were merely a proxy for opposition to Nazi Germany, which was threatening Anglo-American dominance of the European continent and the OSS and proto-CIA groups only funded all these communist resistance groups across Asia because they were opposed to the Axis powers which were occupying their homeland. They didn’t do it because they were ideologically devoted to communism or because they were crypto-Soviets. You’re literally just flagrantly cherry picking little historical tidbits – your theory fails to predict (and in fact predicts the opposite of) what the American intelligence community did undermining (and co-opting, of course) the Soviet Union and communists at every corner throughout the postwar era when it became a threat to Anglo-American dominance, which is exactly what happened with Nazi Germany, which was covertly financed and backchanneled with through wartime intelligence/OSS and the same Eastern and British Establishments you label communist. Is the intelligence community also Nazi and Muslim because they’ve funded Nazis and Muslims in the past?

      Your theory falls apart when any piece of information that isn’t a John Bircher cherry picked propaganda point is introduced. And I’m not going to sit here and waste my time rebutting every single little factoid you throw out (typically without context) and every ad hoc rationalization you make for the hundreds of blatant contradictions of your theory that could be pointed to, because it should be obvious to anyone who has a holistic knowledge of the entire history of the Anglo-American establishment and intelligence community reading this thread that Allen Dulles and Edgar Hoover and John Singlaub and Schlesinger and Ted Shackley and Edward Teller and Woolsey and Jay Lovestone/Angleton and Will Colby and the largely right-wing OSS Society and AFIO and everyone else I could point to aren’t secret crypto radical leftist Antifa communist Fabian Society members and neither is the deep state as a whole (and I would be remiss not noting that Bernard Shaw and William Harcourt explicitly crafted their economic policy prescriptions as a way of, at the time, bolstering British imperialism, nothing more and nothing less). I find it quite hilarious that you mention the CCF and call it merely a “non-Soviet” left wing organization, as its stated purpose was to eliminate liberal westerners’ sympathies towards the USSR, and the CIA used it for this reason and this reason only.

      “The entire Fortune 500 of the USA and Europe is in *lockstep* with the liberal left: they promote mass immigration, are anti-nationalist, anti-borders, and globalist, promoting free trade, open borders, and population transfers.”

      Your paranoid leftist communist theory also runs into tremendous problems here too. Firstly, free trade (particularly), open borders and population transfers have been championed by members of the left and right and both right and left wing groups are involved in pushing and funding these causes at various points in time. If you want to play the little semantic word games you obscurantist alt righters do and come up with all these ludicrous reasons as to why anyone who isn’t a radical exterminationist hyper nationalist fascist autarkist is a leftist and spout lines from Mussolini and Julius Evola like they’re scripture, then fine, but I’m not going to be sucked into it and no one else other than your incestuous circle of sycophantic followers is buying it. Secondly, you don’t have to invoke ideological leftism to explain why sectors of the elite in NGOs and the corporate world promote free trade, feminism and open borders.

      The pursuit of profitability and the desire to increase the rate of trade and open markets (which the west will dominate – oh and also please explain to me how all this squares with communism or leftist egalitarianism) much better predicts this kind of behavior and at the same time does not contradict (as your theory does) the deep state and intelligence community’s history of anticommunism (when it’s convenient), funding and buttressing of right-wing NGOs and military circles and support for hard-right foreign and economic policies. Increased immigration introduces more labor competition and labor mobility, free trade opens markets and opens channels by which the west can exercise soft power (soft power is typically done by the “liberals”, whereas hard power is usually through the “conservatives”) and increases capital mobility, racial integration eliminates barriers to trade and increases labor mobility, feminism and pro-gay activism (something the corporate world only began embracing in the 90s-00s) gets women and people who would otherwise be social outcasts into the labor market (thus driving down labor costs) and adds them to the consumer base, etc. etc. This is literally all in pursuit of Anglo-American hegemony through tearing down barriers to trade and the expansion of the corporate apparatus.

      Additionally, support for these causes is extremely cheap positive PR and growth in corporate support for these types of causes tends to be a response to the median person’s social views drifting more liberal. NGO support tends to precede changes in public opinion, suggesting they are the real operational arm (I think the most underlooked factor here is liberal NGOs’ push for urbanism, which predicts support for socially liberal agenda items better than anything else and has greatly reinforced western economic dominance). Again, you seem to be completely incapable of recognizing incidental connections and fabricate patterns by cherry picking facts. The Eastern Establishment is not about leftism or communism or cultural Marxism, it’s about advancing the interests of the US and UK and the expansion of their influence by whichever means necessary, even if that means rubbing shoulders with people (on the right and left) who would blow the entire Western capitalist infrastructure to smithereens if they had the chance. If it really is “anti-American” and “anti-European” as you claim, it’s literally so incompetent that for the last century it’s somehow accidentally undermined its own cause every chance it gets.

      I should note here too that your inane absurd attack on me is totally misguided. In this article I never say that the CIA and deep state are entirely right-wing or entirely pro-Trump. I present facts, the most prominent of which is that Regnery, whose family is one of (through the ASC and CSP) the right-wing’s connections to the CIA and deep state (which, yes have left wing connections too), is clearly in bed with Richard Spencer and that they pushed Trump very hard. It’s one thing to know that something is happening and a totally different thing to determine why – that’s highly speculative territory, a place that you decided to go (quite poorly, as your theory predicts only about half of what the deep state does) by introducing all this highly speculative ideologically-motivated theorizing and baggage.

      I never said that the whole of the deep state or intel community are right wing, nor do I give some exact reason as to why there are so many deep state connections to Trump and the alt right and why elements of the deep state support them – could be playing both sides, could be making way for another era of western hard power (which has already been partially accomplished through the administration overseeing a shift in power from the NSC to the Pentagon in various decision making processes), could be a way of building up a right-wing contemporary analog to the SDS/weathermen of the 60s/70s to run right-wing color revolutions, could be a set up to denigrate the right, a combination of these, could be giving leftist agendas right-cover, could have been an actual partial putsch by the covert ops NatSec and Israel boosting Pentagon faction, etc. etc. We won’t get a better idea of why until after the fact, if even then. And of course you also pretend to have a comprehensive knowledge of all the things I’ve written on this blog and accuse me of being some person covering for the left when in my seminal article about the deep state connection’s to Trump I also in the very beginning of the article point out deep state support and backing for Bill Clinton and Obama.

      But what is completely clear is that the alt right is for some reason supported and connected to elements of the deep state. How many trendy alt right goons have to be discredited and exposed for the digital marketing deep state cavorting frauds they are before you people wake up? Richard Spencer in bed with a John Birch-ASC-CIA scion, Mike Cernovich doubling down with Alan Dershowitz to cover daddy Trump’s involvement with Epstein, Alex Jones taking his talking points from admitted and flagrant disinformation operative Roger Stone, David Seaman a rabid Zionist, Tucker Carlson the son of a USIA director, the White House inventing stories about Seth Rich in concert with Fox News, Frank Gaffney and the CSP feeding the altmedia all its talking points, Robert Mercer and the CNP in league with Thiel and Aggregate IQ and Cambridge Analytica underwriting and engineering traffic to every alt right disinfo website under the sun, and now Jack Posobiec exposed as a recent “former” Naval intelligence spook with a top secret clearance. And of course there’s daddy Donald’s mile long list of deep state ties and his having Goldmanites run his economic policy (overseeing shift from multi lateral trade agreements to bilateral trade tactics, which is a mainstay GOP policy) and crazed unhinged Zionist NatSec boosting defense industry/Pentagon people run military operations and allowing in many of the same liberal diplomatic establishment people you so detest into “his” administration.

      As for Charlottesville/Antifa and media screeching about the altright and Trump and all this, what has it all accomplished in the long run? Literally all it’s done is garnered free media and publicity for the oh so threatening alt right and been a boon for the mainstream media, whose revenue and viewership is through the roof right about now. Just like with daddy – do you really think something that’s such a huge threat to the entire global infrastructure not involved in some kind of deep state intrigue would be gifted full control of the news cycle as opposed to marginalized and blacked out in the press? I would also be a lot more careful in the future about taking what public leaders and politicians say in public at face value – we’ve seen first hand how many establishment Republicans and other assorted establishment figures publicly criticize Trump (literally the only reasonable PR move there is) while simoultaneously backing his and his administration’s mostly mainstream templatized GOP core proposed policies (which are always masked quite well by a veneer of messianic anti-establishment bluster) 110% behind the scenes.
      “Are we going to simply change the meanings of common words, like something out of 1984, and suggest that Antifa is “really right wing?” Or are we to suggest that Antifa – an armed terrorist group with the tacit and sometimes open support of the state – is actually some sort of “anti-establishment” group?”

      The average member of both the alt right and antifa is anti establishment, but both are used for various reasons by the establishment. This comment also really encapsulates the dilemma the alt fraud media is presented with when “their” guy is propelled into the White House – the alt right is tacitly and often explicitly backed and condoned in the media by the literal president as well as by others in the White House, the CEO of Wal-Mart, etc., so seriously stop making little cute quips about how Antifa is pro establishment.

      At this point I have to conclude that most of you people are arguing in bad faith and anyone with a kernel of intelligence or discernment should have washed their hands of you and your toxic lot at least by the beginning of 2017, and I don’t know if you’re being dishonest because you’re all knowing or unknowing shills or merely pawns of the clique of maniacs who run alt-media trying to keep the ad revenue goldmine of anti-establishment politics flowing. I really don’t know how you people have continued to snooker your gullible virulent meth head base into falling for your noxious rhetoric while daddy has literally nothing to show for his first half year in office other than dogwhistling, spineless executive orders and grandstanding (oh and don’t forget all the advisement from Murdoch, Kissinger, Schwarzman, Thiel, etc etc). Guess it just goes to show the effectiveness of all the Pentagon and CIA-connected analytics firms you people have on retainer.

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  7. slavish devotion to bolstering and protecting corporate interests

    Liberal capitalism – what your types laughably call “corporatism” because of your inability to translate Mussolini’s Italian correctly – has always been “left wing” compared to anything except for Communism.

    The entire Fortune 500 of the USA and Europe is in *lockstep* with the liberal left: they promote mass immigration, are anti-nationalist, anti-borders, and globalist, promoting free trade, open borders, and population transfers.

    The entire Fortune 500 of the USA and Europe is “anti-racist” – meaning, anti-European. Every single Fortune 500 corporation has an “anti-discrimination” policy that could have been cribbed from any “SJW” radical leftist campus group.

    The entire Fortune 500 of the USA and Europe promote socially left wing causes. A Christian pizza shop owner in Indiana cannot politely decline to cater a gay wedding without the entire force of Corporate America and the left-wing media attacking them.

    The conservatives in North Carolina cannot pass a law suggesting that biological males cannot use the woman’s restrooms without CEOs from America’s largest corporations, everything from Apple to the sport’s leagues, boycotting their states.

    Is that “right wing?”

    Why is it that the “Communist Manifesto of the 21st Century” by “post-Marxist philosophers Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri” reads like the global strategy plan for Goldman Sachs, complete with destruction of nations and borders, mass population transfers, and – not coincidentally – labor policies that would have been called “scab labor” by any self respecting union man of the last century?

    Even more honest leftists like Noam Chomsky have pointed out that global corporations are anti-nationalist – that means “left wing” – and that ethnocentrism – i.e., racially homogenous communities – are an impediment to “free markets” and are attacked by corporate power.

    It’s astonishing how the so-called “left” and Corporate Power work in lockstep against anything nationalist and socially conservative – yet left-wingers still want to pretend they are anything BUT the shock troops of global capitalism.

    Pepsi Corporation makes commercials referecing left wing “protest” groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter … *as the good guys* … and the left still wants to pretend that the corporations are secretly a bunch of “Nazis” and the corporate power is not aligned with the global left.

    You have to dishonestly change the meaning of words and ignore 100 years of history to continue that fantasy tripe.

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  8. The Soviets were merely a proxy for opposition to Nazi Germany

    Kerensky was an agent of British influence, the Bolsheviks agents of German influence. The Russian revolution was the “color revolution” of its day, the Russian Empire being a major competitor of the British and the Germans. The Anglo-American support of the Communists began LONG BEFORE the Nazis and WWII. (See Master and Margarita, for instance.) The headquarters of Communism was London and NYC, not Moscow. The Anglo-American establishment only turned against Communism when Stalin consolidated his power.

    hey didn’t do it because they were ideologically devoted to communism or because they were crypto-Soviets.

    The Communists themselves were not “ideologically devoted to communism” – and it’s you cherry-picking historical trivia and ignoring the actual trends to prop up a silly narrative that “nice white liberals” are somehow “against war.”

    The Anglo-American establishment works in the interests of the Anglo-American establishment? Well, obviously, glad we could agree.

    The theory that “the left” is some grassroots opposition against “authoritarianism” or that there is a daylight’s worth of difference between the liberal Jewish establishment and “bad evil Zionists” is absurd. It’s also absurd to believe that the American Republican party is somehow “far-right” or even “theocratic” or that the US Defense establishment is “right wing” – the only people who say such nonsense are Berniebros that think that the liberal capitalists – and their silly SJW proxies – are really “for peace” or whatever.

    You aren’t reading what I’m posting – you’ve pigeon holed me as your bogeyman, a Bircher, which is absurd. Your narrative is just as comical as anything that used to come from the Birchers. I’m into Realpolitik, of the realist school, not ideology.

    the CCF and call it merely a “non-Soviet” left wing organization, as its stated purpose was to eliminate liberal westerners’ sympathies towards the USSR, and the CIA used it for this reason and this reason only.

    That is exactly what I said – that is when the Anglo-American establishment lost control of the Communist movement and Stalin (and later Mao) took it over.

    a radical exterminationist hyper nationalist fascist

    Oh come on, why not just scream “RACIST HITLER NAZI KKK FASCIST CHRISTIAN THEOCRAT” and be done with it? You’re arguing with your own strawman here.

    Your pseudo-Noam Chomsky/Howard Zinn analysis is hardly more credible than the Evola-spouting geeks you oppose.

    hard-right foreign and economic policies.

    “Hard right” = bad and militaristic, “hard right” = open borders and free trade, and “hard left” = what, sunshine and lollypops?

    It’s a shame that your otherwise decent analysis of the intel community is flawed by this weird Bernie-bro “right vs. left” nonsense.

    The liberal capitalists of the Rockefeller axis despised the anti-communism of Joe McCarthy and the like, and the collaboration between various parts of the Rockefeller liberal capitalists and the Soviet Union – even during the Cold War – is a fact of history, well documented. There were actual Soviet agents, on the payroll, in State during the Cold War – and the Anglo-America establishment knew it.

    What the Birchers always got wrong is that the Soviets were always the *junior partners* – it was never “Soviet sympathizers” secretly running things – the Rockefeller establishment ALWAYS had far more sway on the Soviets than the other way around.

    But the fact of the matter is that the OSS/CIA has always been “left wing” – socially left wing, certainly, and dedicated to liberal capitalism – open borders, free trade, scab labor – they were never “hard right” unless you define “hard right” as “anyone to the right of Howard Zinn.”

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  9. Increased immigration introduces more labor competition and labor mobility,

    And the *entire* liberal-left, from Hillary Clinton, to Bernie Sanders, to the “far left” Antifa, to the “post-Marxist” neo-communists – ALSO support increased immigration and more labor competition – i.e., scab labor.

    Which proves exactly my contention, unambiguously – the entire “far left” of the Antifa, the neo-communists, the “egalitarian left” (snicker) “just happen” to support the same anti-nationalist, anti-labor policies as the Fortune 500.

    The so-called “radical Antifa” is led by the privileged sons of the political class, like Democratic Senator Tim Kaine’s son Linwood:

    In ANY other country, you would acknowledge this as what it obviously is: a proxy, astroturf militia force with tacit support from the state itself, and the establishment.

    But that completely destroys your Bernie-bro/Howard Zinn “egalitarian left” nonsense. The “SJW” types are the foot soldiers of global capitalism, and the entire Fortune 500 is devoted to socially liberal, anti-theocratic policies. The Republican party, far from being “Christian theocrats” (another snicker) barely bother to pay lip service to their fundie suckers that show up to vote for them.

    The New York Times, the Washington Post, and the new internet media like Vox have – for a year now – published puff piece after puff piece, defending the Antifa for their violent attacks on not just people like Richard Spencer, but average joe white dudes wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

    And you want to pretend that the Fortune 500 and the mainstream corporate media is actually “far right” or that the Bernie-bro/”anarcho-left” groups like Antifa are really anti-establishment?

    If a Putin aligned legislator in Russia had his son “fighting in the streets” against Putin’s enemies, you wouldn’t hesitate to call that what it it – but it goes against your narrative that the Fortune 500 and the US establishment – including the CIA – is “hard right.”

    There’s no need to cherry pick anything – the facts are very clear, all right out in the open.

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  10. How many trendy alt right goons have to be discredited and exposed for the digital marketing deep state cavorting frauds they are before you people wake up?

    I’ve been exposing them on my blog for longer than you’ve been blogging, as a matter of fact – and it was ME, personally, that exposed Matt Heimbach as SPLC/FBI. In fact, I frankly could take credit for having him expelled from the NPI conference in 2015, although Spencer likely wouldn’t acknowledge it.

    I’ve also been exposing Spencer’s ties since before you’ve ever even heard of him. Regnery’s CIA ties were exposed on my blogs long before anywhere else – it’s one of the reasons I’m not particular welcome in the astro-turf faction of the “Alt Right.”

    Second of all, everything you’ve posted about Trump, we’ve posted on AryanSkyet since the day he announced – we’re infamous, as a matter of fact, for exposing Trump’s Deep State ties – another reason why we’re the bete noir of the “official Alt Right” (even though they read us.)

    You’re arguing with a straw man.

    The major difference betwee you and I is that I’m not anti-white nor do I believe that white people are “nazis” for taking their own side when slandered.

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    1. “Kerensky was an agent of British influence, the Bolsheviks agents of German influence. The Russian revolution was the “color revolution” of its day, the Russian Empire being a major competitor of the British and the Germans. The Anglo-American support of the Communists began LONG BEFORE the Nazis and WWII. (See Master and Margarita, for instance.) The headquarters of Communism was London and NYC, not Moscow. The Anglo-American establishment only turned against Communism when Stalin consolidated his power.”

      Yes, exactly. Communism and later Russia under communist rule was literally used by the west as a vassal against the Russian Empire and early 20th century Germany (which was clearly a much greater threat by the time the Nazi-Soviet pact was broken) and anything that threatened British dominance, then thrown out like a moldy dishrag pretty much immediately after Germany was neutralized (not after Stalin rose to power – FDR told his aids at Yalta he would give Stalin everything he wanted) and ruthlessly persecuted, virulently stamped out and near eradicated in an almost all-encompassing obsessive effort that lasted decades (not at all a transient effort related only to Stalin) when it was convenient, of course using people like Roy Cohn, who wasn’t some renegade anti-globalist hero hated by the troo establishment (as you bizarrely make Angleton out to be), but protected and fostered by Allen Dulles all throughout his career of anticommunist agitation. Yes, the Rockefellers were (nominally) against many of the efforts. But guess what – the Rockefellers aren’t the end all be all to the deep state, as the altmedia would have you believe. Every single anticommunist (and anti-nuclear and anti-war protester) action taken by the CIA and FBI were signed off by the national security advisors (many of whom were more of the liberal diplomatic type) of the postwar era and engineered by the American Security Council, which was at the time the most powerful NGO in the world with deep ties to military, intelligence, diplomacy, economics, scientific-defense-technology sectors, etc.

      This decades long postwar pattern alone completely and utterly demolishes your insane ideologically informed myopic communist non-contextual coincidence spinning. You can try to rationalize it all you want and throw around these dumb vague ideologically charged terms like “global left wing capitalism” and subtly imply that it’s leftist communism that’s also paradoxically profit-seeking and completely subservient to the interests of capital/financialization, but it simply isn’t to any other observer other than you and other brainwashed Birchers. As for Lenin, Kerensky and Trotsky, they all had wealthy donors and facilitators out of New York, London and Frankfurt (Trotsky was clearly not only supported by the Germany-Schiff clique, as his American passport was personally granted by Wilson), indicating that, predictably, everyone was pretty much playing all sides, which makes way more sense than any crazed long term communist sedition being cooked up.

      I’m sorry if I find it hard to believe given this 180 degree shift in attitude post-WWII that there’s in reality a covert monolithic conspiracy to implement global communism, especially given the fact that (as you very well know, just choose not to mention) the intelligence community was always throughout the west’s temporary support for communists running sophisticated counterintelligence operations aimed at keeping tabs on what the communists were doing, as evidenced by US-UK signal intelligence’s complete interception of all Soviet communications w/ US-UK, Duncan Lee (who was, along with many other “communist spies” a double agent handling Soviets for the US who later rose in intelligence and represented CIA front companies in Hong Kong against communist China) tipping Eliza Bentley off to counter-Soviet OSS activity, etc etc.
      Again, you literally are just completely ignoring the fact that your communist conspiracy conjecture can’t account for every other thing the Anglo Establishment has ever done or literally the entire postwar era. And you keep trying to weave this grand narrative that’s right maybe 50% of the time and ascribe secret communist leftist leanings to the elite by merely pointing out they were used in the early 20th century and simoultaneously in a mealymouthed manner admit it’s all in the name of Anglo-American global capitalist hegemony – which is it?

      Last time I checked, the global elite weren’t pushing for an increased share of global wealth going to labor or public ownership of global resources or the elimination of trade w/ currency, and if they are, as I pointed out last time, they’ve only managed to sabotage themselves for the past two centuries. None of what you say makes sense in its totality or in the context of the entire history of the Anglo-American establishment. Support for communism was literally exclusively an instrument of foreign policy at a particular period in time, and FDR was far from a communist – if he were a communist, he wouldn’t have resisted totally to nationalizing the banks after the depression (because businessmen pressured him to do so), wouldn’t have so aggressively opposed the ’39 non-aggression pact, etc. But at this point I’m not going to keep playing the factoid game with you over textbook Bircher WWI/WWII conspiracy theories, because what you’re saying as a whole doesn’t make even the remotest bit of sense, so it’s really not worth my time.

      “I’m into Realpolitik, of the realist school, not ideology.”

      It’s really really obvious that you’re not. I’m not the one who went on some frantic demented tangential tirade on a rather muted blog post and muddied the water and inserted nonsensical ideologically-motivated schemes into the mix and I’m not the one ignoring the perfectly rational practical explanations for all the Bircher tidbits you try to braid and contrive into turbo leftist conspiracies whereby the liberal capitalist west conspired to undermine western liberal capitalism by putting Bolsheviks in power. I’m not the one who’s playing the word game trend-right ideologues love to play where they label anything they don’t like “leftist” or an instrument of “leftist global capitalism”. You’re the one using an obscure and completely useless ideologically informed system of right/left classification where anyone who doesn’t publicly trash vanilla social liberal causes is a socialist leftist, not me. Center-right figures are called that for a reason. But, you know, it really doesn’t matter at this point. If you want to just call everything leftist to the point that “leftist” becomes a meaningless descriptor, fine, but that’s your prerogative. And by the way, I’m not a Howard Zinn/Noam Chomsky leftist socialist. I have never mouthed a word in defense of your little pet issue, Antifa, nor have I claimed it’s the last bastion of anti-establishmentarianism. I mean jesus all your waxing poetic about the struggle of labor and unions and how the hyper-leftist communist elites hate them so much makes you sound like way more of a jewish Philadelphia leftist than me.

      “I’ve been exposing them on my blog for longer than you’ve been blogging, as a matter of fact – and it was ME, personally, that exposed Matt Heimbach as SPLC/FBI. In fact, I frankly could take credit for having him expelled from the NPI conference in 2015, although Spencer likely wouldn’t acknowledge it.

      I’ve also been exposing Spencer’s ties since before you’ve ever even heard of him. Regnery’s CIA ties were exposed on my blogs long before anywhere else – it’s one of the reasons I’m not particular welcome in the astro-turf faction of the “Alt Right.””

      This is literally a flat-out lie. “Your” blog (you conveniently leave out the fact that the vast majority of the damning posts on daddy are by “icareviews”, not you) does not cover everything I cover, but there is considerable overlap, which – congrats – makes “your” blog automatically better than 99.9% of all the other ones. Your Spencer post doesn’t go into nearly as much depth as mine or mention the ASC or Alfred Regnery or anything – you pretty much vaguely beat around the bush about the CIA and make references to altright circlejerk issues. Although I do see that a commenter by the name of “McZog” posted a graphic in the comments section which features the ASC – this is one of the only references to it I’ve seen as it relates to Spencer/Regnery that came before my blog on the topic. I really hope you’re not engaging in this drawn out fruitless debate as a way of vicariously arguing with your commenters (who largely seem to disagree with you) so you don’t alienate them.

      Anyways, this was a really stupid, conceited and presumptuous thing to say on your part. Many outlets have covered Trump’s deep state ties (particularly as it relates to Epstein, Jews, Israel/Zionists, etc.) before you or me ever did and no one here (I hope) is pretending to conduct original investigative research – that’s literally all come from people like Michael C. Piper and the mainstream press and sometimes Buzzfeed of all places.

      “The major difference betwee you and I is that I’m not anti-white nor do I believe that white people are “nazis” for taking their own side when slandered.”

      Keep throwing out all your cute little catch-all digital marketing firm invented phrases like “anti-white”, I really don’t care. One of the great misfortunes of the altmedia is how it forces reasonable people to associate with every noxious firebrand fanatic that happens to be the flavor of the day.


  11. That was an amazing fight you put up with that strawman in your head.

    leftist communism that’s also paradoxically profit-seeking and completely subservient to the interests of capital/financialization

    To believe that the USSR “really believed in communism” is about as stupid as thinking that the USA “really believed in capitalism.” As if those ideological systems are anything but words on paper. FDR’s NRA was an attempt to bureaucratize industry in a way that many people thought of as “communism.” The USSR called it “the Ministry of Agriculture” and the USA called it “Archer Daniels Midland, supermarket to the world.” Both are nominally owned by the public, both are in reality bureaucracies run in the way all bureaucracies are run. The USA was always more advanced economically than Russia, of course.

    It’s you coming up with weird and bizarre conspiracy theories – as if the “communists” were really good hearted and nice people – not just typical, self-interested people working in the own interests just like everyone else was. You are some kind of religious nut.

    You’ve also utterly misunderstood my point about Angelton, since you have decided anyone who doesn’t agree with you is a NAZI GENOCIDAL BIRCHER. What Angelton discovered is that the FDR crowd – that founded the OSS/CIA – had direct and friendly ties to various Communist crowds in America, the UK, Europe, and in fact Russia. To a Cold Warrior like Angleton that looks a lot like “Commies running the CIA” now doesn’t it?

    But you want to dismiss all that because the wealthy powerful Anglo-American establishment just happened to agree with YOU ideologically – they wanted a form of communism/socialism (capitalism in name only) they prided themselves on their feigned concern for the poor, they hated conservative religious people and conservative religious social institutions.

    They were – just like today’s Bernie Bros, just like today’s “progressive Democrats,” just like Noam Chomsky’s upper class academic “liberal Zionist” crowd – champange socialists. They did not fear any competition from the masses, the proles – they feared competition from the bougies, the middle class.

    It’s the exactly same in America today – the facts on the ground don’t change just because you dress it up in ideological language like “progress.”

    ascribe secret communist leftist leanings to the elite

    This is either a purposefully dishonest reading of my point – or it’s truly an astonishing bit of naivete about human nature.

    Here’s an easy example for you: the CEO of Starbucks has come out strong against “hate” and has specifically started denouncing the “Alt Right. The CEO of Starbucks “just happens” to be a fanatical Zionist that supports ethno-nationalism in Israel – he has zero issue with “racism” if it’s directed against Palestinians by Israelis, but he’s VERY concerned with “racist white males” in America.

    Do you actually think that Howard Schultz really believes his own bullshit? Do you really believe that he is a well meaning guy with just maybe an understandable blind spot when it “just happens” to come to the racism of “his own people?”

    Do you think the CEO of Northrop Grumman “really believes” in capitalism, considering that essentially his only customer is the US government, the taxpayer? In an ideological sense, Northrop Grumman is nothing BUT “the Soviet Ministry of Defense” but just with a fig leaf of “private ownership.”

    Now the CEO of Northrop Grumman is perfectly aware that his only customer is the government, which is why he spends so much money on lobbyists. But of course he still considers himself to be a “capitalist” now doesn’t he?

    Apparently, you simply cannot deal with the fact that your own self-image – presumably that of a progressive Democrat who thinks that “Hillary Clinton is really right wing!” is just another permutation of establishment, Anglo-American ideology.

    You are morally no different than Richard Spencer – your writings are far angrier and hateful than his are, that’s for sure – but your side is praised by Corporate America and the Fortune 500, while Spencer is the designated bad guy.

    Your side is out in the streets with the tacit approval of the state committing terrorism against peaceful demonstrators and throwing acid in people’s faces – and given positive coverage by the corporate press.

    It’s your side that is 100% approved by the powers-that-be – the Fortune 500, Wall Street, the elites – which goes against your entire self-image.

    Hey, the witch burners though they were just doing God’s work too. The new moral arbiters of America – liberal capitalists – are on your side, and you are on their side. They are the new priests, and they have declared you, Akamaitree, to be a righteous one fighting evil:

    After Charlottesville, CEOs have become our public conscience. Here’s what that says about capitalism in America.

    Bernie bros are shockingly un-self-aware. Their “anti-establishment” guy has been in office for like 30 years, he has provided a reliable vote for a foreign apartheid state engaged in some of the most brutal racist oppression in the contemporary world – yet Sanders, this ruthless behind the scenes political operator – is treated by the corporate media as if he is just “too nice” – he’s just “too idealistic!”

    Sanders spent the Cold War running interference for some of the worst communist regimes, and ALSO the ethno-nationalist, racially supremacist Jewish state in Palestine – but we’re supposed to believe this guy is really just a “dreamer” – he means well but maybe just “not realistic enough.”

    And the Bernie-bros – when they are not out in the street with the sons of the political elites throwing acid in people’s faces – we’re supposed to believe these frothing-at-the-mouth ideological nutjobs who openly call for violence against “white males” – working class whites who voted for Trump – we’re supposed to believe these fanatics are actually “misguided idealists.”

    You know, as opposed to what they look like – a hate group.

    It is not a coincidence that YOUR ideology “just happens” to be the official ideology of the Anglo-American establishment you pretend to oppose.

    Noam Chomksy has tenure at MIT and is a huge celebrity on the left.

    Kevin MacDonald had the entire weight of the SPLC, his own university, the state government against him and he was barely able to retire with his pension intact.

    And you want to pretend that you’re not just a lackey of that same Anglo-American establishment you pretend to oppose?

    It’s an astonishing lack of self-awareness.

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  12. the global elite weren’t pushing for an increased share of global wealth going to labor or public ownership of global resources or the elimination of trade w/ currency,

    They aren’t pushing for Free Candy for everyone either. Obviously, the global elite are not going to cater to children who believe in Santa Clause either.

    But that is ok, because the same people that pretend they are for “an increased share of global wealth going to labor or public ownership of global resources” WILL, in fact, put all that aside and work WITH the global elite to promote mass immigration and scab labor.

    It’s obvious what the global elites get out of that – but what do the supposedly “idealist” leftists get out of it?

    Nothing but the ability to call the white working class “racist” when they object to being replaced.

    I mean, it’s your side that is showing up at rallies with signs saying “This Jew Will Replace You.” No – that isn’t a “nazi white sooopremacist conspiracy theory” – that is your side, the progressive left, in action. Openly taunted the white working class with the loss of their jobs – and gloating about it – replacing them with a new people.

    And you think that you are “moral” for teaming up with the Wall Street Elite to attacking the indigenous working class.

    Again, this a lack of self-awareness once might expect of a pre-teen, not educated adults. But that’s what ideologies does to people.

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  13. “Hipster Racist” is here to run damage control against the revelation that the “white nationalist” movement is a 100% creation of the U.S. National Security state.


    1. Don’t be silly, when that’s EXACTLY what HR is saying:

      Quote: “The 14/88 culture is 100% complete shit – half of it is literally Jew and FBI agents, and the other half of it are mentally ill people.”

      Nobody is more aware and wary of this factor, he is constantly harping on how the various clown shows set the pro white movement back 50 years and to not fall for it.

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      1. Hey Charles, how would you like being arrested for your online abuse ansd possible thinly veiled threat, psychopathic fascist racist lickspittle? Your IP address tells me that you are either in Chicago, Illinois or Lansing, Michigan ( Have fun talking with the fuzz. Hoohoohoo!


  14. akamaitree,

    You might be interested to know that “Hipster Racist” comes from a family of U.S. Dept. of Defense career employees and is also related to C.I.A. officers.


      1. How do I know this? Because “Hipster Racist” has admitted it on multiple occasions. It’s amazing what these “white nationalist” INTEL spooks will admit to when they think that the person they’re talking to is as stupid and ignorant as their cult followers:

        But I’ll give you one better than that. I worked next to a guy that worked for SAIC – just look up SAIC, huge defense contractor, very spooky, likely CIA ties.

        Even better: my friendship/family links are as close to the CIA’s as the Boston Bombers and Omar Mahteen – closer even. And if you think the DOD is somehow the center of this conspiracy – you got me. My old dad worked his entire life for DOD.

        And don’t even get me started on NSA – I’m virtually certain that I’ve had paychecks signed by NSA contractors.


      1. I haven’t read anything about that. Richard Spencer’s dad is an ophthalmologist. The Pioneer Fund is one of those old eugenics organizations, from what I remember. I think it donated money to the National Policy Institute.

        Does the Pioneer Fund have I.C. connections?


      2. If it’s true, he probably volunteered part time for them in some capacity or was peripherally involved in some other way. He wouldn’t have worked for the Fund full time. But it is something I’ve heard alt righters say from time to time. I haven’t been able to find any corroboration for this though


  15. This is the most comprehensive article written on William Regnery II to date. Of course, it makes no mention of the Regnery family’s co-founding of the American Security Council and ties to the C.I.A.

    The Money Man Behind the Alt-Right
    He Spent Almost 20 Years Funding The Racist Right. It Finally Paid Off.

    William Regnery II, a man who inherited millions but struggled in business, tried for 15 years to ignite a racist political movement — and failed. Then an unforeseen phenomenon named Donald Trump gave legitimacy to what Regnery had seeded long before: the alt-right. Now, the press-shy white separatist breaks his silence.

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  16. There were two particular things about that Buzzfeed article that made me take notice:

    1.) William Regnery II’s near cult worship of Barry Goldwater:

    One reason he didn’t graduate, he told BuzzFeed News, was politics: He became impressed with the conservative icon of the moment, Barry Goldwater, the Republican senator from Arizona who memorably voted against the Civil Rights Act. Rather than finish his schoolwork, he said he joined “Citizens for Goldwater Miller” during the 1964 presidential campaign.

    His most memorable effort, he claimed, was a convoluted scheme called Operation Dewdrop, intended to suppress Democratic voters in Philadelphia. At the time, he explained, the theory was that Democrats voted less in the rain. So on election day, he said, he tried to seed rain clouds by using dry ice and a twin-engine airplane. It didn’t rain, he recalled, but he burned his fingers from the dry ice canisters, a detail that helps add a ring of authenticity. Goldwater lost to Lyndon Johnson in a landslide.

    As for Regnery, Trump inspired him to cast a ballot for the first time in a half century. “I tell people I voted twice for president,” Regnery said. “The first time for Barry Goldwater and the second time for Donald Trump.”

    2.) Kevin MacDonald calls the Charles Martel Society a “secret society” and says that its members all have to sign non-disclosure agreements:

    People affiliated with the Charles Martel Society instantly clam up about it when asked. Taylor initially said, “I don’t know about the Charles Martel Society.” Later, when reminded that he is listed on the organization’s paperwork as a founding member, he said, “My association with it is so old I don’t think I can talk about it.”

    Richard Spencer, asked about it over lunch, abruptly changed the subject: “Excellent meal,” he exclaimed.

    “It’s a secret society,” explained Kevin MacDonald, the only member who would discuss it. Only the board is public, as required by law, he said. … The Charles Martel Society members, he said, are bound by nondisclosure agreements: “You have to sign a paper saying you will not divulge any information. If you did it, you’d be thwarted by a lawsuit.”

    Liked by 1 person

  17. A superlative and informative exchange between “Akmaitree” and “Hipster Racist,” I must say. Bravo! We’re WASPY CIA founders Chord Meyer and C.D. Jackson crypto Jews? I ran across a reference to this possibility vis a vis C.D. Jackson in Steven Birmingham’s LIFE AT THE DAKOTA, but general geneological information on them appears to have been scrubbed.


    1. Cord Meyer Jr. was a crypto-Jew (as was James Jesus Angleton). C.D. Jackson was Irish (as were William Donovan and the Dulles brothers).

      Jews and Irish. I’m one of the very few people who have noticed this pervasive pattern within the upper ranks of American society.


  18. akamaitree, I just ran across this information. It turns out that Richard Spencer’s parents are lying about not being connected to white nationalism and Richard’s political activities:

    Spencer’s Parents Both Attended White Nationalist Conference

    And don’t buy Sherry Spencer’s crocodile tears. She is asking for pity for having come to be perceived as connected to her son’s racist activity. But that’s because her hands are far from clean. She has for many years housed the headquarters of the National Policy Institute, her son’s white supremacist group, at her home, and still does. Her home address is listed as the group’s headquarters and her live-at-home son did many radio broadcasts from that house. She is also in business with her son, very recently having partnered with him to build commercial real estate.

    Worse, Mrs. Spencer has attended at least one White Nationalist conference (and probably more, if I had to guess) with Richard and her husband Rand Spencer, an eye surgeon from Texas. They attended not as chaperones but as active participants. She was at the Mencken Club Conference, a White Nationalist gathering, and here are the photos of Richard and his parents Sherry and Rand Spencer at that event with all of them proudly displaying their conference badges. This is a conference at which Richard Spencer has spoken. These photos were caught before Mrs. Spencer quickly deactivated her Facebook account after the Hail Trump incident involving her son. Who knows what else she used to post.

    So while Mr. and Mrs. Spencer try to act as if they should be pitied for having given birth to a bad seed with whom they make no common cause, it turns out that they apparently share their son’s political ideas and patronize the same causes and groups, and have only considered pulling away from it since it has become bad for Mrs. Spencer’s business.


  19. Stephen Paddock attended college, his family said, and worked for a predecessor company to Lockheed Martin, the aerospace contracting company, from 1985 to 1988. Lockheed Martin confirmed his employment but did not identify the company for which Mr. Paddock worked.

    Eric Paddock said that his brother was a wealthy man who gambled for fun. The two brothers had shared a real estate business for decades, refurbishing properties, the sale of which had left his brother with what he estimated was $2 million. “He’s a multimillionaire,” he said. “He helped me become affluent, he made me wealthy.”

    “Where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background or anything like that,” the brother said. “When you find out about him, like I said, he’s a guy who lived in a house in Mesquite and drove down and gambled in Las Vegas.”

    Eric Paddock told reporters in Florida that his brother “had nothing to do with any political organization, religious organization, no white supremacist, nothing, as far as I know. And I’ve only known him for 57 years.”

    Mr. Paddock had a private pilot’s license, according to Federal Aviation Administration, and had two small planes registered in his name.


  20. What do you make of the Lockheed Martin thing, akamaitree? Lockheed Martin is one of the spookiest companies there is.


    1. Idk to be honest. There isn’t much specific information there other than how long he worked for the company/subsidiary. Three years isn’t very long (it’s not as if he had a career in defense as far as we know) and Lockheed Martin being a gargantuan conglomerate isn’t staffed even in its majority by spooks (although yeah if you’ve ever worked there you’re more likely to be connected to the spook world than the average person). There could be something there, but at this point I don’t think it’s a critical evidence, could be entirely spurious.


      1. One of Stephen Paddock’s brothers attended the Air Force Academy, and their father was ex-military too:

        Stephen Paddock was the oldest of four boys. Eric, eight years his junior, was the youngest, with two in between: Bruce and Patrick.

        Their father died a few years ago, but Eric Paddock grew up thinking their father was already dead. He found out otherwise when Patrick went to the Air Force Academy and was told his father was a decorated veteran and still alive.


      2. He was an internal auditor / accountant at Lockheed Martin…

        I just realized that this doesn’t make any sense, because Stephen Haddock didn’t go to college. I’m not sure how a person could be an accountant or auditor without having an accounting college degree or at least having completed a lot of college level course work in accounting.


      3. I thought Paddock did go to college.

        You’re right. It’s in the very first NYT link I posted. I misread or forgot.


    1. One thing I’ve been wondering is how he ever could’ve gotten a clearance for a government job or even passed the initial background check screening given who his father was. It’s my understanding that having a family with a criminal history is just as toxic as having one yourself for government jobs


  21. Stephen Haddock’s father lived on a V.A. pension, according to the last girlfriend whom he lived with in Florida. That means Stephen Haddock’s father had to have been in the U.S. military for 20 years, correct?


  22. U.S. Treasury Dept.? “Other government agencies”? Getting warmer.

    His work history is unclear; his brother has described him as a wealthy retiree. He worked for the Treasury Department in the late 1970s, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation, who cited a government review of employment records, but it was not clear for how long.

    He applied for several jobs with other government agencies, for which he submitted fingerprints along with job applications dating back several decades, the person said. He also worked in the 1980s for one of the companies that later combined to form Lockheed Martin, the aerospace contractor.


    1. The fact that he was an internal auditor at the Lockheed predecessor is kind of interesting. That would put him in a position to potentially oversee covering up and obfuscating finances for black budget/deniable programs. And yeah the fact that he was Treasury is suspicious too, but only that – suspicious. He’s more likely to have been connected to covert machinations than the average person but I wouldn’t necessarily hang anything on it.

      I’m personally waiting until more comes out on this because most of the stuff on this has been really weak (except for the fact that the police were operating under the assumption that there were multiple shooters).

      I’m particularly interested to see what “odd electronic devices” the police found in his home, what comes of the wife and if an explanation will ever be given for why he was wearing gloves. Usually a lot of illuminating stuff comes out in the police reports of all things – just read the Sandy Hook and Columbine police reports. There are more impossible to account for oddities in there than ever comes out in the alt media or news coverage


  23. Finally, there’s a Dept. of Defense connection. I knew there would be.

    From 1976 to 1985, Paddock worked federal government jobs: as a letter carrier for the Postal Service, an agent for the IRS and an auditor for U.S. government’s Defense Contract Audit Agency, according to the Office of Personnel Management.


  24. I found a major discrepancy in the reporting on Stephen Paddock’s father Benjamin Paddock. The New York Times just reported that Stephen Paddock’s father was only in the U.S. Navy for a “few months.” Yet the Eugene Register-Guard reported in 1998 that Stephen Paddock’s father’s last girlfriend said that he lived on a Veterans Administration pension/retirement. These two things cannot both be true. Either Stephen Paddock’s father’s girlfriend was lying back then or the New York Times is lying now.

    He quit high school almost as soon as he started, then joined the Navy at age 15, but was discharged a few months later, he said, when the Navy figured out, “I wasn’t going to do what they wanted me to.”,2238858&hl=en

    Bruce spent his final 10 years in Texas with Laurel Paulson, a woman he’d met in Eugene. She said he lived quietly on a VA pension, helping her run a machine shop.


  25. “Anonymous” is of course McZOG, who trolls our site occasionally. He’s a liar – I have no family in the CIA. McZOG likes to invent fanciful tales. The truth is my father worked for DoD – as did probably 20% of white college educated men in the DC area. I had a friend – in 9th grade – whose dad worked for the CIA (and I think he was serious, not lying or bragging.) I met his father once – expensive house in a rich area of DC.

    If anything I’m far more of a partisan of the NSA than the CIA. I hate the CIA but I’ve admittedly always idolized the NSA because I see them as cool computer hackers and stuff.

    The fact that someone related to one of the Regnerys may – or may not – have been in the OSS is hardly a smoking gun. McZOG doesn’t seem to fully comprehend that Defense is one of America’s biggest employers. If you play 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon you can “connect” virtually everyone in America to the military – something like 10% of the population is military or related to the military. Why do you think they call it the “Military Industrial Complex?”

    The entire “White Nationalist” movement is basically an $PLC front group with very very few serious people – the vast majority of “neo-Nazis” that have gotten media attention in the last 50 years have been either Jewish themselves or being paid by Jewish groups to scare the public.

    Richard Spencer may very well be CIA, he certainly has the background for it. But what McZOG can never answer is what is the point?

    If you believe the left-wing lunacy that the CIA is somehow the arm of White Supremacy, chances are you’re a left wing Jew that has a huge blind spot when it comes to the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine – i.e., a complete hypocrite.

    I suspect the reality is that McZOG himself is Jewish, playing online “anti-seeeemite” – a favorite past time of Jews – and adds in his bizarre notion that the Irish and the Jews are in some sort of league to control the country. Ignoring the fact that Irish is literally the largest (partial) ethnicity in America. It is to be expected that the Irish are proportionally represented in American society – unlike Ashkenazi Jews, the Irish are not vastly, vastly over represented in the halls of power.

    McZOG is a weird one, but I’m generally flattered that he greatly overplays my tiny connections to the intel world.

    I got involved in writing about the CIA because of a) 9/11 (an inside job) and b) my research into LSD experiments.

    If I was offered a job at any of the spy agencies or a major defense contractors I’d take it in a heartbeat.


  26. My Sept. 24th response to Anonymous’ post that Akmai Tree tore Hipster Racist a new one,” Yes, I noticed. I was trying to be polite.” should be interpreted to mean I was trying to be polite to Akmai Tree not the other way around. I think Hipster Racist is better informed about Richard Spenser and the political mileu he is (or is not) representing than Akmai Tree. My only beef with Hipster Racist is that he thinks the history of Freemasonic skullduggery is all just a Catholic conspiracy theory. BTW I just knew that preppy New Federalist f***k Cord Meyer was a mischling, or a crypto. I’ll betcha C.D. Jackson was too.


    1. This is so absurd. No obscure niche bloggers such as ourselves are super secret elders of Zion Jewish CIA agent Pentagon operatives jesus christ.

      Every white supremacist / neo-Nazi leader in American history has been closely connected to either the U.S. Dept. of Defense or the Central Intelligence Agency or their various contractor corporations. And that’s a documented historical fact.


    2. “Hipster Racist” constantly pushes the asinine idea that mass shootings and terror attacks are “faked events” using “crisis actors.” This specific type of conspiracy theory is only propagated by intelligence operatives and mentally ill people. “Hipster Racist” doesn’t seem all that mentally ill to me, so that leaves only one possibility.


  27. “Hipster Racist” constantly pushes the asinine idea that mass shootings and terror attacks are “faked events” using “crisis actors.”

    “Anonymous” – i.e., “McZOG” – is once again simply lying here.


    1. EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Richard Spencer Confirmed as Deep State Plant – New Right News …”The Alt-Right uses violent, inflammatory rhetoric to incite crowds,
      then, when the shooting starts, they run and hide behind police, as
      Jason Kessler demonstrated in the wake of Charlottesville. If the crowds
      do attack, they attempt to sue the police and whine for donations on
      Twitter about how their “civil rights” were violated.”
      A perfect example of media Jewjitsu, the exact opposite of reality. The Left has been attacking the Right first since street battles between the browns and reds in Weimar Germany and the Battle of Cable Street in London.


  28. Someone on 4chan/pol/ posted this information on October 3rd. The person claims that Marilou Danley was a political activist and local elected politician (mayor) in the Philippines in the late 1970’s and mid 1980’s who was involved with some sort of USAID/CIA covert pro-America propaganda campaign directed against Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos. The person also claims that when Marilou Danley immigrated to the United States in 1986, one of her character references in her immigration documents was written by a CIA/US Dept. of Defense intelligence officer named Carl W. Ford, Jr.

    If this information is accurate, then this is smoking gun evidence that Marilou Danley was/is a covert CIA and/or US Dept. of Defense intelligence operative, which necessarily means that Stephen haddock was as well.


  29. akamai, what do you think about the idea that the entire American alternative/conspiracy/right-wing/patriot/white-nationalist media complex is a creation of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)?

    You’ve hinted at this being the case in your previous writings, but I wanted to ask you the question in explicit terms.


    1. USSOCOM…How about a link, or a paper, about some other psy ops this agency has undertaken? The “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” connections for Richard Spenser being an intelligence asset isn’t that convincing. William Regenery II providing him with his “robotic speaking factor” media que card talking points is a fever dream. You can find him improvising in his interviews, debates and podcasts all over You Tube. He’s handsome, rich and smart and anyone who can’t deal with his Western Civilization Emergency Broadcast System Message must be a jealous Jew , an economic immigrant from a “shithole” country, or the pissed off product of a hippy mixed marriage.


      1. Oh, shut up, Charles Krafft, you crazy old coot. Go make some more Hitler teapots.

        You regularly attend meetings of the Northwest Forum with effeminate homosexual “white nationalist leader” Greg Johnson and you obviously have some sort of man crush on effeminate closeted homosexual Richard Spencer, so your opinion on these topics is completely worthless.

        And stop parroting the stupid disinformation talking points of CIA/SOCOM intelligence operative “Hipster Racist” such as the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” lie. One degree of separation is not six degrees of separation, or do you and CIA/SOCOM spook “Hipster Racist” have trouble with simple arithmetic?

        If you believe that any single one of your “white nationalist leaders” is authentic in any way, then you’re either senile or an intelligence agent yourself.


      2. I fail to see how this qualifies as a “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” connection. It’s not as if Spencer and Regnery are indirectly connected through mutual membership in various groups or other individuals (which wouldn’t be terribly significant in itself) – there is a direct and explicit connection between Spencer and Regnery, i.e., zero degrees of separation (there are no nodes separating Spencer and Regnery). Now while it is true that there is only an indirect connection between deep state institutions (such as the ASC) and Spencer, there’s still only one degree of separation – Regnery.

        Additionally, the direct connection between Spencer and Regnery is certainly not trivial. It’s actually very significant given the topic of discussion – Spencer takes direction from and is heavily influenced by Regnery and the organization Spencer represents is effectively controlled by Regnery from Virginia and Florida.

        Obviously Spencer isn’t literally programmed by Regnery like an unthinking drone and can independently function to an extent, but that isnt the standard for being handled or used. You merely have to be subtly manipulated, impressed upon and induced through various means by someone.


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