Trump, war, the Pentagon and the conservative establishment

Trump and his defense-sector dominated administration are clearly salivating at the thought taking military action against Iran and North Korea (at the very least) while the mainstream media foments and reinforces this sentiment through its unremitting anti-Russian hysteria and by showering the Trump administration with praise and flattery every time it even hints at intervention or takes military action. Remember this?


The Pentagon has already bombed Syria, sent almost 4,000 additional troops to Afghanistan (with additional plans in the works to send even more troops in and give the Pentagon far broader authority to conduct operations in Afghanistan), lobbied for the creation of a “Space Corps” (reminiscent of Reagan-era SDI schemes) and more recently been dreaming up proposals to supply Ukraine with antitank missiles and other high-end weapons, which would take the US-Russia proxy war in Ukraine to a new level. However, at least in the short-term, these seem to be relatively minor agenda items compared to Iran and North Korea.

Only two months into the Trump administration, neoconservative NatSec booster and former Kissinger and Weinberger aide, K.T. McFarland (who was at that time Deputy National Security Adviser), convened a meeting of national security experts and officials to discuss potentially taking military action against North Korea – a drastic departure from previous administrations’ North Korea strategy. Despite the fact that the more diplomatically inclined H.R. McMaster and Dina Powell have replaced Flynn and McFarland at the National Security Council, the tone on North Korea hasn’t changed in the slightest and the NSC and Pentagon continue to prepare military options against North Korea and, as far as anyone knows, has not pushed back against the president or any of his cabinet members’ inflammatory pro-war intimations. Of course, the media is complicit with North Korea and the White House in this escalation, as it has hyped the North Korean threat by obsessively and ceaselessly theorizing and speculating as to which American cities North Korea can hit with ICBMs.

On the Iran front, things don’t appear to be any better despite the fact that the media has not been giving it as much attention as Korea. Iran has long been a target of the West due to 1) the fact that it’s the only Middle Eastern country with any semblance of a native defense industry that isn’t reliant on the US for parts, maintenance and engineering and 2) Israel’s wish that Iran be wiped off the map since it is the only real long-term cultural, military and economic threat to its intended complete dominance of the Middle East. Trump, McMaster, Tillerson and extreme Iran-hawk Mattis are actively scheming to sabotage the Iran “deal” (which was almost certainly a carefully designed trap from the beginning) by finding a way to declare than Iran is technically in noncompliance with the deal, thereby setting the stage for a military confrontation. This is of course the exact same course of action that the Bush II administration took in the run-up to the Iraq War.


Even absent drastic acts of foreign intervention, the Pentagon will surely remain happy throughout the Trump administration, as it has made it blatantly obvious that it wishes to drastically expand the Department of Defense in regards to both its size and scope by lifting caps on spending and has deliberately sidelined (to the extent it can) the National Security Council and empowered the Pentagon (as well as the CIA) to make national security and military decisions more independently and absent White House meddling. This shift of power from the NSC to the Pentagon and the resulting streamlining of military decisions is perhaps the most consequential and significant aspect of the Trump presidency, yet it hardly receives any coverage at all.

…the presidential candidate who termed our military a “disaster” and insisted that huge spending increases were needed to bring it back up to par. A window into this Trump’s thinking can be found in a speech he gave in Philadelphia in early September. Drawing heavily on a military spending blueprint created by Washington’s right-wing Heritage Foundation, Trump called for tens of thousands of additional troops; a Navy of 350 ships (the current goal is 308); a significantly larger Air Force; an anti-missile, space-based Star Wars-style program of Reaganesque proportions; and an acceleration of the Pentagon’s $1 trillion “modernization” program for the nuclear arsenal (now considered a three-decade-long project).

Todd Harrison of the Center for Strategic and International Studies estimates that, if Trump faithfully follows the Heritage Foundation’s proposal, he could add more than $900 billion to the Pentagon’s budget over the next decade. Trump asserts that he would counterbalance this spending splurge with corresponding cuts in government waste but has as yet offered no credible plan for doing so (because, of course, there isn’t one).

You won’t be surprised to learn, then, that the defense industry, always sensitive to the vibes of presidential candidates, has been popping the champagne corks in the wake of Trump’s victory. The prospects are clear: A new Pentagon spending binge is on the horizon. – Mother Jones

This is without a doubt the reason why the largely Pentagon and CIA based conservative national security-booster establishment thrust Trump into office. The primary architect of this putsch was likely former CIA director James Woolsey, the most connected neoconservative Zionist in the world who features prominently on many NGO advisory boards (including many run by the liberal diplomatic establishment), has served on the board of nearly every major defense company under the sun and has remained a consummate Pentagon insider his entire career. Woolsey likely accomplished this through using renegade boyscout Michael Flynn as his proxy. Woolsey developed a close relationship with Flynn throughout the 2016 election season and into Flynn’s tenure as National Security Advisor – Woolsey served as an advisor to the Trump presidential campaign as well as a board member of Flynn Intel Group, attended a meeting alongside Flynn with Turkish government officials about covertly capturing Fethullah Gulen and sending him back to Turkey and was even offered the position of CIA director (again) by Flynn.

James Woolsey (center) with Allied military intelligence officer Victor Jones (left) and French Spy Jeannie de Clarens (right).

Other hawk establishment mainstays within the Trump orbit are John Bolton (who Trump desperately wanted to install in either the State Department or NSC), Center for Security Policy head and Reagan Pentagon official Frank Gaffney, Palantir owner Peter Thiel, the Mercers (GOP donors behind Cambridge Analytica), Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Edwin Meese, Frank Keating and a collection of lower profile national security officials from past Republican administrations (particularly Reagan and Bush II’s).[1][2]

Flynn has already halfway fulfilled his role as a fall guy for the Woolsey, Trump and friends’ maneuverings – he was forced to resign as national security adviser and is currently being investigated by two grand juries in Virginia and Washington, D.C. The entire media is reeling over the Russian election interference and related investigations. The altmedia (a national security state vassal at this point) is claiming that the investigations are witch-hunts headed by “deep state” Democrat operatives intent on destroying Donald Trump while the mainstream media and various left-wing outlets assert that they will inevitably lead to the president’s impeachment. Neither of these narratives are accurate. The investigation will likely go the way of Iran Contra, Scooter Libby, the many Clinton-era scandals, etc. – only fall guys, dupes and patsies (look to surrogates such as Flynn, Manafort, Carter Page, etc. to fill this role) will go down, leaving the core of the administration and its deep state elements in place. Even if Donald Trump himself goes down, he still will have served his purpose as an enabler of the more hawkish elements of the deep state and his Pentagon-boosting legacy and neoconservative foreign policy are not going to be undone by Mike Pence.


[1] Here’s Why the Defense Industry Is Ecstatic About a President Trump

[2] Deep State misappropriation and the cryptocratic clique behind Trump


2 thoughts on “Trump, war, the Pentagon and the conservative establishment”

  1. I read with great interest your piece on Richard Spencer, et. al.
    I may have been guilty of “double-think”, (?) in that all the while knowing that the Deep State has been cooking ALL the books — running all 6 sides of the box that we are all in, so that every exit is covered — no way out! — I actually started to be hopeful that we were making some ground on moving people to tear down the corrupt rotten to the core “system” that has the world in it’s death grip.
    BUt the antifa are not the salvation, not when I see no one, nowhere with the slightest clue about COINTELPRO, for example.
    Thank you for snapping me back to my senses so that I won’t forget that I am living in The Fourth Reich and that I will get out when my body calls it quits and I can fly away to where ever it is we come from.
    But until that day, I will continue to resist.



  2. R. James Woolsey is the key to understanding a lot of what Trump is. Woolsey was Clinton’s CIA director and the sole “neo-conservative” that Clinton appointed. Clinton’s Jews were far more tilted toward Israeli Labor, and Woolsey didn’t last very long at all. Woolsey is on record saying that he had “no relationship” with Clinton and that they never even met one-on-one. Woolsey was a sop to the neo-conservative political network that Clinton’s network was generally in opposition to.

    The change came under the Obama Presidency. Trump’s background – pre-Obama – is as essentially a liberal Democrat. Trump’s business ties have always been the heavily Jewish networks of NYC, Atlantic City casinos, Florida – West Palm Beach even. Also, of course, the media, both in NYC and Hollywood. None of those networks can be described as “conservative” or “right wing” or “Republican” – and certainly not “fundamentalist Christian” for that matter. During the Reagan administration, Trump’s public persona was the “socially liberal” version of the 1980s era CEO.

    During the Bush administration, Trump often attacked Bush as a proxy for the Democrats. He was famously pro-choice, supported health care, and more than once said that he was “closer to the Democrats” on most issues.

    Then Obama became President, and the tensions with the Likud party and Netanyahu went ballistic. “J-Street” – the “liberal, dovish” Zionist lobby – was created specifically to cater to Obama, who hated (and was hated by) AIPAC. That is when Trump started using Twitter to talk about Obama being a “secret Muslim” with a “fake birth certificate.” Trump literally did TV commercials for Netanyahu and was pipelining the “birther” conspiracies directly from Israeli propagandist Orly Taitz. Trump acted as a proxy for Netanyahu to attack Obama to prevent Obama from putting pressure on Likud over the settlements and a two-state solution.

    It was about this time that the trio of New York Jews – two of them Democrats, see ICAreview’s work – started Trump’s campaign, about the time of Obama’s re-election.

    Trump has never been part of the GOP political establishment. He’s disliked by the leaders of Christian conservatives, he’s viewed with great suspicion by the conservative business establishment like the Koch brothers and the libertarian/WSJ/CATO Institute types, and he’s hated by the Bush family. Trump’s entire personal, business, and political networks have always been liberal Democrats, and specifically, liberal Jews in the North East, Florida, and Hollywood.

    Trump – with Woolsey’s help like you say – essentially forced a hostile coup on the GOP establishment. The Democratic party had to be taken out of power because the Democrats under Obama did not get along with the Likud faction. The Democrats nearly put a pro-Palestinian Muslim as DNC chair last year.

    Pence was the sop to the GOP establishment, and of course the Defense establishment, as well as the Likud neo-cons, are going to be heavily funded. Trump’s economic policy has been openly military Keynesian since the beginning.

    That explains why “liberal” Zionist Jews like NBC’s Jeff Tucker – while playing “political enemy” of Trump – gave him so much coverage anyway.

    Also see ICAReview’s articles for the long history of Trump working as, essentially, a money launderer for the CIA.

    It’s completely unclear to me how any of these people can be described as “conservative” and as far as “right wing” – sure, but it’s a right wing working for Likud, not the GOP. Although of course the Pentagon and the Defense companies are going to get their piece of the pie.

    The “Alt Right” founder, the Persian-American Jason Jorjani, recently wrote about how his faction was muscled out by the neo-cons. Jorjani and others like Waleed Farah wanted a regime change in Persia and replace it with a secular, modernizing state. Netanyahu and the neo-cons want Iran reduced to a pile of rubble. We can see which side won.

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