Hidden Agendas Part Two: Wikileaks and the Trump propaganda infrastructure

This article is part of a two-part series. Read Part One covering Edward Snowden and the Pentagon-spawned internet privacy movement here. Wikileaks and its odd frontman Julian Assange are part of the constellation of knowing and unknowing propagandists making up the Trump media complex, which miraculously succeeded in parlaying a deep state auxiliary into the… Continue reading Hidden Agendas Part Two: Wikileaks and the Trump propaganda infrastructure


Wikileaks and Assange

Originally published at Akamai Tree blogspot on 10/24/16 http://akamaitree.blogspot.com/2016/10/wikileaks-and-assange.html Wikileaks' with their continual publication of Clinton/Democrat camp has become an increasingly important component of the Trump media complex, which, as I've explained in previous posts, is intimately connected to numerous high impact right-wing political circles (such as the CNP, John Birch Society proteges) and, in… Continue reading Wikileaks and Assange